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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 4 Recap

Xiao Li progressed to go to other people’s homes to play, the hostess gave food and brought them back. Li Qingtong was very angry and told her not to take other people’s things. When Wang Xiaomin was about to come, he was stopped by his follower Niu Xiaohuo. Several people pushed him up and the scene was very chaotic. Chen Junhe was rushed in by Director Yang and taken away. Director Yang heard that Chen Junhe said that Li Chenggong kicked him first. Chen Junhe was famous in the school. Director Yang asked him to settle down, or he would take his second uncle. Call. Li Progressive was called by Teacher Wu. Li Progressive said that she had misunderstood and apologized.

Teacher Wu didn’t believe it, and asked her to stay away from Chen Jun in the future, and then write a three-thousand-word review to Director Yang. Li Qingtong went back and asked her not to be afraid. Why would Chen Jun find her? Li Chengcheng would not allow her to intervene and let her stay away from Chen Jun. Niu Xiaohuo and the others vented Li Cheng’s bike to vent their anger to Chen Junhe, but they didn’t know which car was the one, so they vented all the air. Chen Junhe was very speechless, and asked them to quickly get angry. Duan Xiao came to Chen Junhe and asked him to find himself if he had something to do. Chen Junhe said he would apologize for who made a mistake.

Li Qingtong found that the bicycle was flat after school, and quarreled with Chen Junhe. Li Qingtong called the teachers and classmates, and Mrs. Wu also came, so that Chen Junhe quickly got angry. Li Qingtong’s schoolbag fell to the ground during the dispute and was picked up by Chen Junhe. Li Qingtong went back to tell Li Jincheng about her heroic deeds, only to find that her schoolbag was missing, and she was very depressed. Chen Junhe’s second uncle is Chen Jiankang, the owner of the bathhouse. He sneaked back because he was afraid that his second uncle would be angry, but he was still caught.

The second uncle asked him why he had a girl’s schoolbag, and Chen Jun ran away after a few words. Chen Junhe felt sorry for his second uncle’s waist and helped him to clean the pool. The waiter in the bathhouse helped him to make him less angry than his second uncle. The next day, Chen Junhe returned his schoolbag to Li Qingtong, with the words “big ugly and ugly” written on it, which made Li Qingtong very angry. Duan Xiao came back and saw that he knew what Chen Jun had done and went to him. He didn’t expect Director Yang to just come over, and the two of them could only pretend to be good brothers.

Li Jincheng went to submit a review, and saw Chen Junhe’s review book, and painted Director Yang as an old witch on it. Li Jincheng told Li Qingtong and the others that he felt that Chen Jun would not be able to eat. Director Yang was very angry. Chen Jun said he didn’t paint it herself, and she didn’t believe it either. Why did Chen Jun come to Wang Xiaomin and frightened him a lot, and Wang Xiaomin was so frightened that he said everything. Teacher Wu was very angry and asked her to call her parents tomorrow. Li Chengcheng had to call Liu Fengxia, and Teacher Wu criticized her and asked her to apologize. Li Chengcheng said that he would not apologize for anything.

Director Yang brought Chen Junhe over and said that this was a bad behavior that framed his classmates. Liu Fengxia go back After educating Li Chenggong, Li Chenggong still said that he didn’t apologize for anything. Li Wusi and Li Qingtong kept saying good things for Li Chenggong, which made Liu Fengxia very angry and stopped cooking for them. Li Chenggong quickly apologized, but Liu Fengxia still did not calm down. For the first time, Li Progressive felt that Li Qingtong was good.

It would be fine to sleep after cursing, especially not holding grudges. Li Jincheng wrote a review, Director Yang asked her to study in two classes, but Li Jincheng refused to go. Li Qingtong persuaded Li Jincheng to apologize, and she didn’t know what their contradiction was. Li Jincheng refused to say or go. Li Qingtong and the others went home and still had no food to eat. Li Wusi took out private money to take them out to eat. Duan Xiao and Wang Xiaomin asked about their conflicts, but Wang Xiaomin didn’t know at all. Director Yang pulled Li Jincheng to apologize.

Li Jincheng read the review book, but still did not apologize, saying why Chen Jun deserved it. Why did Chen Jun come to Li Jincheng and asked her to wait, but they didn’t play with each other. Li Qingtong came to Chen Junhe and asked him what he wanted to do. Chen Junhe said that this was something he had progressed with Li. Li Qingtong was about to come to Chen Junhe’s shoes and slapped him twice in the face, trying to pay for Li Jincheng, and Chen Junhe was stunned.

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