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Burning 燃烧 Episode 4 Recap

When the nightmare woke up, South Road and Li Xiuwen leaned against the tree to chat. Qiu Cao came together and said a serious meeting with the two to discuss the task of escorting the codebook. Eight tongues quarreled.

On the other side, Lu Bu, who was sleeping with a gun, dreamed that he was being biochemically experimented by the Japanese army. Zhao Yue, who was on the side, came up to wipe Lu Khan intimately and was blocked by Lu Bu. Hoshino Sho Headquarters, the superiors ordered to retrieve the whereabouts of the codebook anyway.

It was just dawning, Li Xiuwen sneaked behind the tree and copied the codebook, and suddenly appeared on the south side of the road. Li Xiuwen explained with humility that he was writing to the organization. The south side of the road pretended to inadvertently jam the paper that Li Xiuwen copied. Eat in your mouth.

The people woke up in the morning and found their belongings were missing. They pulled a gun on the south side of the road to the “Guan Si” who stole everyone’s belongings. In order to clarify the true identity of “Guansi”, Huyou “Guansi” on the south side of the road said that his mask was a real relic of iron and wood.

Believed that “Guan Si” took off the mask, and it was recognized by the aquatic that the man behind the mask was not a bandit Guan Si. When Lu Nan pulled with him, a necklace of photos was dropped, and Zhao Yue recognized her sister’s belongings. Lu Nanbian kept his promise and promised to take Zhao Yue to look for her sister Zhao Ping, but she was nowhere to be seen where she once met Zhao Ping.

Following the escape of large forces, Liu Carpenter saw the chaos of the situation and secretly carved a card for himself. Lu Nanbian and Zhao Yue were mistakenly arrested by the village head of Huangcun who was dressed as a traitor on the way to find Zhao Ping. After the two sides showed their identities to each other, they met a group of villagers protected by the village head.

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