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Burning 燃烧 Episode 3 Recap

Yi Ruomaru took advantage of the south side of the road to get rid of his hold, and the two sides exchanged fire again. In the forest, Li Xiuwen planned to leave Huasao, aquatic and others, and take Qiucao to Kaiping. Qiucao, out of gratitude for his life-saving grace, did not agree to leave them.

Li Xiuwen, Zhao Yue and others suddenly heard intense gunfire from a short distance away. In order to confirm the whereabouts of his sister, Zhao Yue went to see the situation accompanied by Aquatic and Wang Er.

On the south side of the road, when Lu Bu’s ammunition ran out, the bandit “Guan Si” drove a truck full of ammunition at the right time and rescued two people again. Japanese Command, Hoshino Sho’s Musashi Seven Kills and Sanada Tiger sneered at Yi Ruo Maru’s defeat, and Yi Ruo Wan blamed himself.

Lin Zili, Lu Nan blamed the “Guan Si” for being a traitor. Zhao Yue and others who heard the news watched the two of them huddled together. Lv Bu shouted to the south of the road, Zhao Yue fell in love with the cold and handsome Lv Bu at first sight, invited three people to join Li Xiuwen’s escape team, and also found an extra guarantee for himself.

Huasao and others saw that the people brought back by Zhao Yue had the bandit “Guansi” of Erlong Mountain as their head. The identity of the Eight Roads on the south of the road pacified the people. Li Xiuwen persuaded Qiu Cao to go to Kaiping together. Qiu Cao still didn’t agree to drop some people.

Seeing the south side of the road again, Qiu Cao held the tombstone carved for him and asked him for the two hundred dollars he had lost. Lu Nanbian knew that he was justified. Although he was illiterate, he also signed a so-called debt. Hoshino Sho expressed concern about Yiruomaru’s broken finger, and in order to show his determination, Yiruomaru vowed to punish the crime.

In the middle of the night, Qiu Cao and others rested in the forest. Suddenly there was a devil shouting on the south side of the road. Everyone woke up and found that it was a nightmare on the south side of the road.

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