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Burning 燃烧 Episode 2 Recap

After Lu Nan and Lu Bu escaped from the bandit village of Erlong Mountain, they went forward together. On the southern side of the road, they ridiculed Lu Bu’s national identity and white hair. Attentive Lu Bu found that the leg on the southern side of the road was injured but he did not feel pain at all. Lu Nanbian explained the root cause of his brain injury. He invited Lu Bu and himself to find Li Xiuwen’s team, but Lu Bu refused to travel with Lu Nan.

When the two were about to part ways, suddenly a group of Japanese troops came to chase and the two sides exchanged fire.

In the forest, Qiu Cao and others who had escaped from Qingfeng County were taking a break. Huasao, who was immersed in the pain of her bereavement, asked Qiu Cao to find herself a man in the army.

Autumn was concerned about the two hundred dollars he lost, so he asked Li Xiuwen about the whereabouts of the money. Li Xiuwen informed Qiu Cao that he and Lu Nanbian were on the way to perform their tasks. Lu Nanbian sacrificed to protect themselves, and revealed to Qiu Cao the process of how they obtained the codebook and the task of escorting the codebook.

In the fierce engagement with the Japanese army, the southern side of the road and Lu Bu received a radio message from the bandit “Guansi”, instructing the two to jump the river and get rid of the Japanese pursuit.

Li Xiuwen and others heard gunshots in the distance, and led people to investigate, and found that a charming young woman easily killed several puppet troops and searched for their possessions. The woman named Zhao Yue claimed to be separated from her sister, begging to join Li Xiuwen’s team. Li Xiuwen believed that her unidentified identity would endanger everyone’s safety and refused, but Zhao Yue was left by the enthusiastic autumn grass.

On the south side of the road, Lu Bu met the team of the national army Xie Lao San, and a young woman who separated from her sister. Yi Ruomaru led the Japanese army to chase them again, and others on the south side of the road disguised as pseudo-armies tried to fool around.

The puppet army dressed up by Lu Bu accidentally reveals the stuff, and the south side of the road holds the wing Wakamaru to hold the Japanese army to lay down their weapons to keep everyone safe.

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