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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 28 Recap

Jin Xiang is very interested in advanced thinking. He Ying agrees with Jin Xiang’s view and hopes everyone can eat delicious pastries. Ye Chong is working out with Miyamoto. Ye Chong sees Junko’s good treatment against Ye Chong. He provokes Ye Chong to compare with him. He has also seen the Qingquan family’s first-class sword skills. Ye Chong and Miyamoto put on a good showdown. After a battle, Miyamoto was obviously not Ye Chong’s opponent, and was defeated by Ye Chong.

Tang Feng hurriedly told Jin Xiang Lanbao to grab people on the street, Jin Xiang impulsively wanted to go to the street to clear the portal, was stopped by Tang Feng, this matter should be discussed with Chi Cheng.

Jin Xiang took the brothers of the Kyowa Association to the Chi Mansion and saw Chi Cheng directly report that he was going to kill the Blue Leopard. Chi Cheng stopped Jin Xiang’s approach, so she should be sensible.

In the evening, Sato feasted Miyamoto and Ye Chong for dinner, and at the same time mentioned that there was another one at night. Sato asked Ye Chong to bring He Ying to the reception. Although Ye Chong was unwilling, he couldn’t help Sato’s request and could only agree to this matter. Tang Feng contacted Xiaozhuang and passed the information. Tang Feng did not know that Xue Ping had monitored his phone. Sato came to Ikegyukan, and Sato greatly appreciated Ikegyukan. Ikei invited Sato to drink this year ’s new tea. Ike Makoto asked Sato what ’s going on?

Miyamoto explained that the future of Hong Kong for mass repatriation requires Chi Cheng ’s cooperation. Chi Cheng took the opportunity to inquire about the repatriation, and Sato said that he was in love with Chi Mansion.

Sato invited Chicheng to participate in the reception at the Matsubara Hotel tomorrow, and told Chicheng to take Jin Xiang with him. Ye Chong came home and saw He Ying read some poems in Japanese. Ye Chong told He Ying that there was nothing else to mess with, and students should not mess with it. Ye Chong proposed to take He Ying to the Songyuan Hotel to attend the reception tomorrow night. He Ying did not agree at first, and finally agreed to Ye Chong.

Miyamoto met Junko and offered to invite her to participate in tomorrow’s reception as her dance partner. Junko asked Miyamoto to call herself Qingquan Shaozuo in the workplace. Junko came to Sato ’s office to report on work. Sato asked what plan he had next to decipher the job. Junko thought it was difficult to decipher the password, so he wanted to search for enemy radio stations.

Chunko proposed to arrange the telecommunication device outside the Military and Political Office, so that eating and living together would greatly improve the efficiency. Sato asked Junko to start work tonight. Does Junko suggest that the dance tonight will be special? Sato explained that this is just an ordinary cocktail party. Chi Cheng sent information to the underground organizations in Guangdong on the way to pick up Jin Xiang. Junko discovered the way Chi Cheng sent the report and found the car model accurately.

Chi Cheng was waiting at the entrance of the Xinghehui, Jin Xiang was very fashionable and beautifully walked out of the door of the Xinghehui. Chi Cheng looked at his very beautiful girlfriend and smiled, helping her open the door. Junko continues to monitor the radio station, and while monitoring, he will go to some places to power off and then resume power transmission, so as to lock the position of the generated telegram.

In the evening, Ye Chong took He Ying to the reception. He Ying’s series of performances greatly appreciated Sato. Ye Chong watched Miyamoto staring at He Ying and took her to drink something. Chi Cheng also came to the reception with Jin Xiang. Jin Xiang didn’t like to see Sato, but said that he didn’t like to go to the side. Ye Chong watched Chicheng talk with Sato and got up to come to Sato. Ikei proposed that he found a large-scale power outage on the way to come. Sato was not clear. Ikei just said that he thought too much.

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