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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 26 Recap

Ye Chong asks why Miyamoto always follows himself, or don’t ask for trouble. Seeing Ye Chong leave, Miyamoto chose to leave. Xue Ping came to Xinghe Huitang with his luggage, and Tang Feng settled Xue Ping. Xue Ping cried and said that he could not see hope in the military, and that he had to give up his personal emotions for the sake of the country.

Xue Ping said that he was wrong, that the party country he aspires to now can become his comrade-in-arms. Tao Zongbo had already turned to the Japanese, and he let himself rescue Yu Zhongping so that he could be the bargaining chip for No. 76. Ye Chong came to the Military and Political Office and found many cars in the Governor’s Mansion. Ye Chong had no clue, and when he returned to the office, he saw Sato personally send a Japanese senior to leave.

Tang Feng and Chi Cheng talked about Yu Zhongping’s death. Tang Feng said that Yu Zhongping was killed by the island. Tang Feng also mentioned the matter of Xue Ping, saying that she had left the military uniform and now lives in Xinghehui. Kojima will list all the meetings tomorrow, and Ye Chong ’s name is not on the list. Kojima raised an objection, but Miyamoto believed that Ye Chong was still in his doubts.

Ye Chong talked with Xiaozhuang about the latest things about Miyamoto. Ye Chong mentioned that Sato had let Miyamoto’s guess out of himself. Xiaozhuang believes that Ye Chong is now dangerous, but danger is inevitable for them. Ye Chong must reverse the situation in front of him. Ye Chong intentionally splashed water on Miyamoto’s body. Miyamoto was very angry because Ye Chong splashed the water. Sato saw the two making a noise and reprimanded the two for a meeting soon. What was still making noise.

Sato knew that Ye Chong had not gone to the meeting, reprimanded Miyamoto, and took Ye Chong to the meeting. The focus of the discussion was to conduct a major cleanup of Hong Kong, and the work was handed over to Miyamoto. Miyamoto mentioned that this major cleanup was to control the number of people in Hong Kong, keeping the number of people in Hong Kong at 700,000. After the meeting, Sato brought Ye Chong to see Qingquan Junzi. As a telecommunications expert, Qingquan Junzi showed his genius in telecommunications.

This Qingquan Junzi is Ye Chong ’s adoptive father ’s daughter. Ye Chong recalls that he and Junzi were awkward about coming to Shanghai. Ye Chong replied to why the newcomer from Sato Telecommunications had not told himself. Sato explained that he called Junko to share work with Ye Chong. Ye Chong confronted her righteous sister who grew up and asked her what she was doing in Hong Kong, and she didn’t like her very much.

Chunko said that it was his father’s wishes that he came here, and asked Ye Chong to bring himself to meet Xiaozhuang. Ye Chong recalled the things of his childhood in the office, and Qingquan Ueno came to his house to take him away. Kiyomizu Ueno took himself to Tokyo to see Junko, who was as big as himself, and she grew very attached to herself. Ye Chong took Junzi to the horse farm to find Xiaozhuang. Xiaozhuang enthusiastically introduced Junzi to the horse to solve Junpai’s trouble for Ye Chong.

Tang Feng took Xue Ping to go shopping. Xue Ping found that someone was following him, so he stopped playing with Tang Feng. While Tang Feng was buying osmanthus cake, Tao Zongbo walked to Xue Ping and silently bought a osmanthus cake. Ye Chong thought about the reason for Junzi’s arrival. Xiaozhuang brought happy Junzi to Ye Chong. Ye Chong decided to invite Junzi to dinner at night.

Three people came to the Military and Political Office to accompany Junko to change clothes. Ye Chong handed over the list of repatriated persons to Xiaozhuang when Junko changed clothes. Ye Chong wondered why the base camp would send Junko at this time. Apparently Ye Chong was already overhead. Ye Chong analyzed that there was no change in her righteous sister, and she didn’t know how to deal with her.

Xiaozhuang mentioned that Chunzi likes Ye Chong. When eating at night, Junzi dislikes Ye Chong and is very angry about ignoring him. Junko learns that Ye Chong is not in a relationship and laughs happily again. Ye Chong rejected Chunzi’s proposal to come to his home, causing Chunzi to be unhappy. Junzi secretly came to Ye Chong’s house and opened the door to admire Ye Chong’s house. He was wondering why Ye Chong had a lot of flowers in his house. He Ying walked in and met Chunzi.

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