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Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 Episode 25 Recap

Miyamoto and Sato were talking about sandalwood. Sato learned about sandalwood in the 7th year of the Showa era. Several assassinations were caused by sandalwood. Sato vowed to grab this sandalwood, and later went to Shanghai to meet with himself again. As a result, sandalwood died in his own hands. Sato told him to do a good job of catching Qiu Chan, and gave Miyamoto sandalwood materials to help him catch Qiu Chan.

After Yu Zhongping was rebelled, he told Miyamoto that he was just a teacher, and he didn’t know much. Miyamoto asked Qiu Chan. Yu Zhongping didn’t know who Qiu Chan was. He only knew that if Qiu Chan was sent by Sandalwood, he might know him. Yu Zhongping said that he once saw a young man in the sandalwood place. This man is elegantly dressed, fashionable, about one meter eighty-five, and is thin.

According to Yu Zhongping’s description, Miyamoto flashed suspicious objects in his mind. Yu Zhongping continued to recall that he heard a piano sound in Sandalwood’s room, but he remembered that Sandalwood did not play the piano. Miyamoto asked Yu Zhongping to identify Autumn cicada. Ye Chong discussed with Xiaozhuang that Yu Zhongping was very capable at Songyuan Hotel.

Wu Qifei proposed to go home to arrange the family affairs first. Miyamoto agreed, but asked to send someone to follow him. Wu Qifei came to find his brother Li Gongde and was caught by Tang Feng’s people as soon as he entered.

Tang Feng asked Wu Qifei about Yu Zhongping. Wu Qifei could not resist the threat of Tang Feng, and simply reported Yu Zhongping’s position. Wu Qifei faithfully restored Yu Zhongping’s words, and Li Gongde took the gun and killed Wu Qifei. Kojima learned of Wu Qifei’s death and reported to Miyamoto. Miyamoto asked why Kojima didn’t do his homework before. Now that Wu Qifei’s death is a signal, he must arrange for Qiu Chan and Yu Zhongping to meet as soon as possible.

Miyamoto came to Ye Chong’s office and told him that Qiu Chan was not dead. By the way, let Ye Chong look at the materials of the interrogation Yu Zhongping, and ensure that he has full assurance that Qiu Chan is in the Military and Political Office.

Miyamoto called the people of the Military and Political Department to let Yu Zhongping identify Qiu Chan in the Songyuan Hotel. Ye Chong decided to take risks in order to find Yu Zhongping’s position. Yu Zhongping recognized people one by one, and when they arrived at Ye Chong, both of them recognized each other. Just in time, Xue Ping fired a shot, disrupting the rhythm of identifying the scene.

Old Liu went to the fourth floor and hit the explosive. When Miyamoto led someone to escape, he was ambushed in explosives. When Yu Zhongping was taken away, Yu Zhongping looked back at Ye Chong who was walking behind. The explosives sounded, and Ye Chong rescued Yu Zhongping from the chaos. After some confusion, Yu Zhongping was killed by the island and died in front of Ye Chong.

Ye rushed out and looked at the island. Miyamoto came here and saw Yu Zhongping who was dead slap the island. Lao Wei got the news of Yu Zhongping’s death and told Chi Cheng. Ye Chong and Miyamoto came to Sato. Ye Chong accused Miyamoto of not knowing what he was doing. Miyamoto excused the island because he shot Yu Zhongping because of self-defense.

Sato questioned, is the marksmanship so bad, it needs a headshot. Miyamoto accused Ye Chong of being at the scene, why he could still let a scholar with no power to escape. Sato mentioned that he did not see any flaws in Ye Chong’s report, and asked Miyamoto to suspend observation of Kojima and asked him to rectify the operation office. Chicheng was very sad to learn that so many people had died. Old Wei asked who is the person lurking in the Japanese in the mouth of Xiangjiang, is it the Qiu Chan who has been looking for?

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