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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 16 Recap

In order to make the wish to help Bai Ruilian to complete the purpose of defeating Wumai, Chen Dazhi forced Li to lure the wish, saying that Wumai had already collapsed in the mainland, and many places were found to be buying and selling fakes. If he joined Bailian, he would gain fame and fortune. But the wish was firmly rejected. A person who delivered food came to the place where the wish was detained. He saw that the wish was imprisoned inside. This person was sent by medicine.

Otherwise, Yao knew that the wish had been kidnapped. He decided to go to the rescue. Although he saved the wish, he was chased by the other party when he fled. Because of the large number of the other party, it is very difficult for the two to retreat. For medicine, let Wishing leave first, and rush back to the Convention and Exhibition Center to participate in the appraisal and presentation of Qingming Shanghetu, but he blocks the people who are chasing. At this time, Wishing only saw that Medicine would really save himself, with the help of Medicine. , The wish finally escaped the Kowloon Walled City.

Huang Yanyan has been guarding in front of Grandpa’s hospital bed. Huang Kewu finally opened his eyes. He still remembers the fact that Qingming Shanghe is true and false. When everyone learned that the wish was found, they were very happy. . The appraisal meeting is about to begin, and the wish to prepare in the background took out the original fragments from the pocket of the clothes and compared it with two copies of the Qingming Shanghetu. The Qingming Shanghetu was stolen and the Huizong Ssangyong seal was patched to On the picture of the spring flower, and this picture has experienced ups and downs, and ultimately it will not escape the fate of being destroyed. Fortunately, the Ssangyong Xiaoyin of Huizong survived, as long as the fragments are compared with the Imperial Palace version and the Bai Ruilian version of the Qingming Shanghe map. Differences can tell the true and false sides.

I made a detailed comparison and found that the gambler’s mouth on the Qingming Shanghe map is round in both paintings. It seems that the counterfeiters have made up for this flaw. The counterfeiters also noticed the incomplete problem and deliberately took The fake is cut to the same length as the original, and the two paintings are almost identical. Therefore, the comparison of these two paintings alone is incomparable. At this time, the importance of the fragment is revealed. The fragment comes from the original, only to find the coincidence between it and the version of the Forbidden City or to find it and Breline The violation between counterfeit products is even successful.

The Forbidden City version has been re-mounted many times, and the original features except for the painting heart have been destroyed. According to Bairuilian ’s version, the Baiminglian version of the Qingming River Picture has fallen into the hands of Wang Shizhen ’s younger brother. It did not appear in the world, so there are no postscripts and imprints after the Jiajing Dynasty on it, and the mounting traces are older than the Forbidden City version. The frame of the Forbidden City version has a few traces of ink on the edges, and the fragments are except for the Shuanglong small seal of Song Huizong. I also brought some very light and very thin ink traces, like a few traces of the pen so far, the two look very similar. Song Huizong, as a master of calligraphy, had a characteristic when he signed. He likes to leave the four characters “the next person in the world” and the font has a personal style characteristic to show the honorable identity of his emperor. Although the Qichunta flower picture is a counterfeit, the Ssangyong small seal on it is true. Inferred from the common sense, the Huizong imprisonment on the small seal should also be true, and the debris and the Imperial Palace version of the Qingming Shanghe map are consistent. This shows that the Imperial Palace version of the Qingming Shanghe map should be authentic.

The Beijing-Hong Kong Cultural Exchange Exhibition was held as scheduled, and the crowd made a wish to walk onto the stage and tell the audience the bumpy story of the Qingming Shanghetu. Then the scene began to use fragments to compare the authenticity of the two Qingming Shanghetu, but he carefully checked Later, it was found that the Qingming Shanghe Tu in the Forbidden City was suspicious, which made the wish fall into a dilemma. On the other side, the old man rescued the wounded medicine. Otherwise, he persuaded the medicine not to return to the old Chaofeng, but the medicine insisted to go back to find clues and continue to be undercover until all the truth came out.

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