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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 14 Recap

Wishing to talk to Dai Hexuan on the phone and inquire about the person with Yin and Yang Eyes, and heard that he can understand everything on Huangquan Road, but Dai Hexuan told him that Yin and Yang Eyes are a kind of folk superstition in Henan, one eye is big and one eye is small , In medicine, it is called congenital small eye crack. Wishing thought about it carefully. It turned out that he had made a big circle and returned to the original point. The person he wanted to find was the big-eyed thief who had captured the tomb robber he had helped the public security organ.

In order to get clues from the big-eyed thief, he made a wish to ask Lao Fang for help. Lao Fang told him that tomorrow the Forbidden City will open a library to bring out the Qingming Shanghetu and other exhibits to join the boxing, and President Liu personally led the team to Hong Kong. As a security supervisor, he will also go to help first, make a wish to resolve the matter of the big-eyed thief, and then go to Hong Kong to solve the authenticity of the Qingming Shanghetu. Wishing to find the big-eyed thief, and asked him about the Yin-Yang eyes. It turned out that the Yin-Yang eyes were the second grandfather of the Big-eyed thieves. The Yin Yang Eye is really named Liao Ding. He is an abnormal number of the Liao family. The generations of the Liao family are all fortune-telling fortune-telling for generations.

Only Liao Ding does not engage in this set. A crook, a swindler who used his yin and yang eyes to make a living in the northern provinces and engaged in superstition activities, once accidentally cheated a senior man, but the expert did not expose him in person, and he also rescued the one who was stunned because of thousands. Liao Ding, who taught him some methods of appraisal of antiques, also gave him an ancient painting of the Song Dynasty, and asked him to return to his hometown for some money to do some legitimate business. The deeply moved Liao Ding only reinvented himself.

An expert in antique appraisal, he knows that all this is thanks to that expert, and this is the grandfather Xu Yicheng who made a wish. Xu Yicheng was shot dead because he was mistaken for a traitor, and Liao Ding was deeply hit. From then on, he closed the shop and closed his hands. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, one day he was asked to go to Yushunlou for emergency. To avenge the teacher Xu Yicheng.

Liao Ding made up his mind to overcome the five veins, so he took the paintings sent by Xu Yicheng at that time, and proposed to gamble a sword and fire. The two closed the door to prevent others from watching the battle. After the end, Liao Ding’s paintings became fragments. He soon He died afterwards, and the painting was a picture of a spring flower. Liao Ding left his last words and said that the fragments of the painting must be buried with him, so the family packed the fragments and ashes in a box. , And the burial place is next to Xu Yicheng’s execution ground, at the foot of Lingshan Mountain in Yanjiao.

Yanjiao belongs to Sanhe City. The Ming and Qing Dynasties have been regarded as the land of Gyeonggi Province. It is known as the imperial palace at the feet of the emperor. After the Republic of China moved to Nanjing, Sanhe was classified as Hebei, but in the hearts of the people, it was always regarded as a part of the extension of Beijing. Liao Ding was the decisive person who resolved the authenticity of the Shanghetu in Qingming. Wishing and medicine found his tomb. They decided to dig graves to find clues. Finally they found the golden box that the big-eyed thief said. There are fragments of the remaining Suilong Shuanglong Seal of Song Huizong, which is the remnant of the Qinghe Shanghe Tu.

Kungfu does not pay attention to people, it seems that President Liu said very well, people can appreciate ancient artifacts, ancient artifacts can also discern people. Wishing to hurriedly tell President Liu this good news, intending to take the scraps to Hong Kong to participate in the Beijing-Hong Kong Cultural Exchange Exhibition, intending to make comparisons at the exhibition, to verify the authenticity of the Qingming Shanghe Tu. At this time, Chen Dazhi found the wish and wanted to arrange a wind banquet for him, but was refused by the wish in person. In fact, Chen Dazhi’s drunkard did not mean to drink, he got the fragments for the wish. Wishing to come to the hospital to visit Huang Kewu in a coma, Chen Dazhi sent a killer to kidnap the wish, Zhong Aihua then appeared and persuaded the wish to hand over the fragments so that he could save his life.

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