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Antique Bureau Midgame 古董局中局2之鉴墨寻瓷 Episode 13 Recap

Huang Kewu came to the front desk of the hotel and heard that a woman was looking for herself, so he asked the waiter to take him there. What he did not expect was that this person turned out to be Mei Sulan, and the two old people who never met each other in Hong Kong again. meet. Sister Su told him that after suffering, her eyes were already crying blindly. She asked Huang Kewu about the small water bowl that he had promised to give him. Huang Kewulue hesitated to answer a few words, and Mei Sulan got up. Whispering in Huang Kewu’s ear, and then turned away, Huang Kewu was shocked, and murmured in her mouth that she was deceiving herself, and was sent to the hospital with a heart attack.

Wishing and Yanyan are ready to return to Beijing to find clues. He answered Yanyan’s doubts. At that time, Boss Fan couldn’t open the cash in the store. When he found that Boss Zhou wanted to use his antique mortgage in exchange for cash, he took a fancy to the old coin. Must be won. Antiques are not like gold bars or real estate. Its value is difficult to assess and there are many varieties. Therefore, when the silver number is loaned to the antique shop, it will keep a detailed list of goods and collateral on the account book for future inquiry. It is estimated that if the account book of Jinjing Huiyin Bank can be found, the details of Dai Xi’s stickers may be found.

When I wished to call the old party, I accidentally received the news that Huang Kewu was admitted to the hospital with a heart attack. The two could only separate the two. Huang Kewu’s operation was successful, and Yan Yan saw that his grandfather was still unconscious. sad. Wishing met the medicine who had been following him on the train, otherwise Yao told him that the schedule of the Beijing-Hong Kong Cultural Exchange Exhibition had been determined to start next week. Wishing to know that Yao would otherwise be fighting with Liu, otherwise he would not Knowing the counterfeit recipe easily, with Liu’s fighting status, with him in the middle, counterfeit can flow into the market continuously, and the impact is evident.

Returned to Beijing to make a wish to find the library, and wanted to check the Jinjing Association’s silver account books. Because of the shortage of money, he had to accept the help of Yao Wei. At the library, Wishing found the Shanghai semicolon antique mortgage loan record from 1927 to 4-6. The loan manager was Zhou Shunxun, the lender was Fan Huji, whose surname was Fan. Wishing found that boss Fan had I have mortgaged the missing corner of Daqi Tongbao and Dai Xi ’s copybook. It clearly reads that Dai Xi once saw a picture of the true image of Song Huizong and the spring tread, but the style is too bad. I can see it as a fake at a glance, but The Shuanglong Xiaoyin on this fake painting seems to be true. Dai Xi didn’t want to understand why, until he went to the palace and saw the Qingming Shanghe Map collected by Shiqu Baojili.

He speculated that the Qingming Shanghe Map was almost missing by three thirds. The length of one, including the signature of Huizong and Shuanglong Xiaoyin, is missing. It is likely that the Qingming Shanghe Tu was cut by a third before this, and that third was cut into several pieces, respectively Patched into more than a dozen other fakes, and the Spring Treads are just one of them. The Qingming Shanghetu is a collection of the emperor, and because the imperial power did not dare to say much, Dai Xi had to write on the copybook and wait for future generations to verify it. This evidence awoke to make a wish. To unlock.

He told Chairman Liu what Dai Xi said. Chairman Liu believed that this situation was common in antique fraud. Qingming Shanghetu has the Forbidden City version and the Breilian version. One of the fakes must be Huang Biao ’s fake, Moreover, his fakes used the silk paintings of the Song Dynasty, so that carbon 14 could not be compared. Theoretically, as long as all the fake paintings patched by Huang Biao are aligned, a complete picture of Qingming Shanghe can be pieced together, but unfortunately it is impossible to know which paintings have the genes of Qingming Shanghe, and only the one who knows the name A picture of Ssangyong with a small seal and a picture of a spring tread, and this picture was already torn apart in a dispute between Henan and Shaanxi in the five veins after the end of the Anti-Japanese War. After taking a poison vow to keep a secret, no one knows where the fragments of Chuntahuatu are flowing, and the only one who knows the inside story is Huang Kewu is still unconscious.

Made a wish to guess that the person who caused the heart attack of Huang Kewu must be Mei Sulan, which is another poison of Bai Ruilian, but the evil is not overwhelming, even if the fragments cannot be found, the five veins may not lose. In order to find out the truth, I wished to find Dai Haiyan again. After inquiries, I learned that Dai Hexuan and his family left Qiantang very early. They went to Henan first and then went to Beijing. They had an antique business in Henan. Dai Hexuan family of Yushun Lou ’s appreciation fair also participated. It was said that Huang Kewu broke through the obstacles set by them one by one. When they saw that they wanted to win, they invited a mysterious master named Kai Yang from Kaifeng. Defeated Huang Kewu in a battle to determine the world.

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