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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 7 Recap

After hearing that the emperor not only allowed the marriage between the royal family and the original family, but also pushed away the lunch that had been set with him, he couldn’t help crying. As the concubine’s conspiracy, Chuan Yonghou Zhang Shixian and Dou Yinghua took the opportunity to encourage the concubine to help the two seize the right to exercise power.

Lian Queen negotiates with the former Qingjiang about the selection of martial arts, and wants to exchange the marriage to Yuan Feiqing, and to return to Xiying for Mrs. Lien and the children in her belly, but does not want everything to be within the emperor’s plan.

Since the automatic toilet brush developed by Hua Hibiscus has been recognized by everyone, Hua Hibiscus devotes himself to the development of new tools. After seeing it, Liu Yansheng made up his mind to take the Huai sisters under his command and serve the children in Mrs. Lien’s belly.

Yuan Fei’s personal bodyguard saw Xie Suhui seeing the slingshot of Flower Hibiscus. After returning to the West Maple Court, he practiced with the original Fei Bai’s slingshot. When Yuan Fei saw him, he ordered him to steal the Flower Hibiscus The slingshot, and then determine that the flower Hibiscus was his life-saving benefactor.

Ming Fengqing saw Song Minglei’s dedication to the small five righteousness, and did not want to avenge his family, he ordered Zhang Demao to approach Yao Biying, but was seen by Song Minglei, and ran away.

Hua Jinxiu wanted to go to Xifengyuan to seek the protection of Yuan Feibai, but Yuan Feibai, who had already exchanged her identity with Sima Yun at this time, did not know what happened between Sima Yun and Hua Jinxiu, but chose to ignore it. . Later, the disheartened flower splendid had to plot to murder Yuan Feiqing with Mrs. Lien and Liu Yansheng, and sought protection from Yuan Feiyan, but at this time, Yuan Feiyan was unwilling to offend him before she was unsure of her loyalty The head lady and his wife, even ordered him to go back for a while, and then consider it. On the way back, Hua Jinxiu once again met Liu Yansheng, who was brave enough to see her again. Seeing that Liu Yansheng once again wanted to misbehave herself, Hua Jinxiu had no choice but to attack her, but Xiangqin spoke out in time to scare Liu Yansheng. run. Later, Xiangqin took out the original non-smoke Yuci Yupei, and ordered Huaxi Splendid to use this to drive Yao Biying away from Li Rui Pavilion.

Four sons of the original family, Yuan Feiyu, came to Xifeng Garden again today to find the original non-Bai Wuwu. Everyone in the garden heard about the coming of the Magic World Demon King, and they all fled, but they did not forget to gamble on the results of the two brothers ’secret contests. After a fierce competition, Yuan Feibai won the competition despite the inconvenience of her legs, and Yuan Feiyu, under the coax of Xie Sanniang, left with a snack.

Yu Pei, who was given to the original non-smoke by the emperor, was lost. The guards traversed the entire Li Rui Pavilion, but no trace of Yu Pei was found, but finally found in Yao Biying’s room. Yuan Feiyan originally remembered that Yao Biying and Song Minglei acted ambiguously. This time, he took the opportunity to kill him. However, until Yao Biying was stunned, she still refused to recognize the theft. It was Song Minglei ’s sister-in-law and saved Yao Biying ’s life at the last minute, but Miss Erfei was not allowed to heal anyone.

Severely injured Yao Biying was dispatched to the miscellaneous workshop. The foreman remembered her righteous sister Hua Muqin, so she specially created a hut for the two and let Hua Muqin concentrate on taking care of her. The flower splendid on the side was guilty because he framed Yao Biying, and he vowed to revenge for her when he became stronger in the future.

In the evening, Hua Jinxiu came to the tree he and Sima Yun met unconsciously. When he saw Sima Yun at that time, Hua Jinxiu thought he was the original white that he had not seen him that day, and gave him a big gift. This couldn’t help but hurt Sima Yun’s heart.

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