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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 6 Recap

Although Hua Mujin was punished for kneeling by the foreman during the day, he still used the evening time to complete his invention. The next day, Hua Muhibi demonstrated his automatic toilet bowl machine for everyone by the river, and he couldn’t help but attract the crowds of people in the juggernaut. Everyone saw that Hua Muhibin was not only humble and not afraid of being punished, but also developed a tool for everyone, not only had her attitude greatly improved, she changed her shop from the toilet to the second floor, but also unlocked it The previous misunderstanding.

Ms. Lian, because she had not returned from Qing Dynasty, took away Xiying in her hand. She couldn’t help but feel resentful about it and wanted to put it behind. On this day, Yuan Feiqing brought Yuan Feiyan to his Xiying inspection and gave the rook rouge he just got to Yuan Feiyan, but he didn’t want to even move his wife’s hands and feet on the saddle. Yuan Feiyan had just climbed into the saddle. The silver needle hidden under the saddle penetrated the horse ’s back. The horses ran around in pain. As soon as the hair hit, Song Minglei, who had just finished training, stepped forward and saved Yuan Feiyan. Also captured her heart. Yuan Feiyan saw that the relationship between Song Minglei and Yao Biying was very ambiguous. I do n’t know that the two are actually brothers and sisters.

In the evening, Zhang Demao, who had been incarnate as a gardener and was responsible for monitoring Song Minglei from the dark, saw the day. When Song Minglei won the favor of the original non-Qing brothers and sisters, he urged him to use the original non-Qing brothers and sisters to start a revenge plan as soon as possible I do n’t want Song Minglei to abandon his promises for his aunt, and pull Yao Biying into the muddy waters. He does n’t want to take orders from his aunt. It turned out that Song Minglei was the descendant of the Ming family who had escaped luckily. He was arranged to sneak into the original family by his aunt Ming Fengqing when he was young, just to report the genocide of that year!

After the beautiful flowers, seeing the original white, he liked the pastries he made with his own hands, and then brought them snacks again. At this time, Sima Yun, who played the original non-white, left the flower splendid to chat. After hearing that the flower splendid and the flower hibiscus were also twins, Sima Yun couldn’t help but see the shadow of herself and the original non-white from them, but unconsciously , Instead of feeling sorrowful. After seeing the flower splendid being vigil for Rongbaotang every day, Sima Yun was very heartbroken, and ordered him not to send pastries for himself in the future, saving time to make up for it, but the flower splendid insisted on meeting him under the tree. .

On the first day of this month, Xiaowuyi gathered together. Song Minglei not only used the money he won to buy gifts for everyone in Xiaowuyi, but also made an exclusive waist tag for Xiaowuyi. Seeing that everyone’s life is very good now, but after her sister still lives in the miscellaneous workshop, Hua Jinxiu’s heart can’t help but feel a little lost, but helplessly as her own flower hibiscus doesn’t think so.

Emperor Qingnian Qingjiang was in a state of chaos and success, so he gave a reward to Mrs. Lian, thinking that when the flower hibiscus said that the beautiful flower was from Ziqidong, Suzaku returned to his heart and ordered Liu Yansheng to continue to investigate the identity of the two sisters. After ten years of investigation, Liu Yansheng really found out that the Sister Hua was the daughter of Hua Bin. In order to take the two sisters for their own use, Liu Yansheng, with the assistance of Mrs. Lien, defiled the beautiful body of the flower.

Afterwards, Hua Jinxiu originally wanted to use the power of Mrs. Lian to balance Liu Yansheng, but unexpectedly heard from the door of Rongbaotang that Mrs. Lian and Liu Yansheng wanted to collude to harm the original non-Qing. When Liu Yansheng was thinking of it, he thought of the miscellaneous workshop seeking his sister to escape from this cannibalistic garden. However, because of their quiet life at this time, Hua Mujin refused to go to Huajinxiu together because of the life of the two women. Later, Hua Jinxiu saw that the flower hibiscus at this time not only became the new favorite of the miscellaneous workshop, even Yao Biying was comparable to the director of Li Rui Pavilion. After only such a sad reminder of her life, she ran away without looking back.

The original Qingjiang went to the palace to accompany him. Emperor Xuanzhong felt that he was in trouble, and rewarded him with a sword, and ordered him to test the sword on the spot. Fortunately, the original Qingjiang knew how to score. The emperor was very satisfied with this, and he handed over the selection of Wu champion this year to him. Queen Lian, after hearing that her sister’s Xiying was captured, urged the emperor to marry her grandson, Princess Shuqi, to Yuan Feiqing, in exchange for Xiying.

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