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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 4 Recap

Yuan Fu ’s brother Cheng Chengli was extremely dangerous, and Chen Yujiao was worried that he would damage the Sixth Son of the Nation, but the original Qingjiang was trying to identify who was the Sixth Son of the Nation, but he did n’t want to be pregnant. Eliminate aliens.

On the day of the ceremony, Liu Yansheng announced the rules of ceremony to everyone, and the soldiers were divided into six groups by lot, and they entered the fortress from six different gates. After this lottery, except for Hua Mujin and Yao Biying, they were not in the same group. Before entering the battlefield of the Pantheon in this competition, Hua Muqiun gave the original hosta to him It was worn on the head of Flower Splendid, hoping to bless her sister to return safely.

After entering the Pantheon, although the institutions are all over and there are many crises, the small Wuyis still use their superb martial arts and ingenuity to lead their team members to break through many levels and have entered the core of the Pantheon successively. Just waiting for the dead here to meet. Different from the past, in order to put these soldiers to death, Liu Yansheng not only ordered the dead soldiers to remove the soldiers without any means, but also used steel needles to control the dead soldiers, so that they were not afraid of pain and death. Hua Mujin accidentally discovered that the previous chess score on the wall could make the dead have a headache. After temporarily losing his fighting power, Yao Biying, who was good at the rhythm, played this song, but did not want the string of this piano to be very determined. In desperation, the flower hibiscus and the flower splendid had to use the iron rune that was taken from the sword of the dead to straighten the strings again. Afterwards, Hua Mujin remembered that his father had told him the technique of controlling people by gold. He guessed that as long as the steel needle was removed from the head of the deceased, the deceased could regain consciousness and ordered everyone to immediately remove all the heads of the dead Steel needle.

After the deceased regained consciousness, Hua Mujin saw that it was about to reach the prescribed time. If the prescribed time had passed and they had not been able to walk out of the Pantheon Cave, then the Pantheon Cave collapsed, and everyone had only one way to die. Guarantee, convince the dead leader to cooperate with himself. Then the soldiers cuffed their hands and exchanged the last piece of gold for the dead man’s hand. When Hua Mujin inserted it over the gate of the Pantheon, the Pantheon began to collapse unexpectedly.

As Liu Yansheng stopped Chen Yujiao from organizing the rescue of the children and soldiers in the Pantheon Cave, everyone in the Pantheon Cave cooperated with each other, and under the organization of the flower hibiscus, they exploded.

On the other side, in order to help his brother to collect all the talents selected by this ceremony, Yuan Feiyan sent someone to move the carriage of Yuan Feibai, trying to prevent Yuan Feibai, who is the master of Dongying, from being reached Ceremony scene. But he didn’t want Han Xiuzhu not only persuaded the original Fei Bai, who didn’t want to go, but also quickly found Lin Shenyi’s carriage after the accident of the carriage, and rushed to the Panchen Cave in time.

After seeing the people escaping from the Pantheon, the deceased wanted to regain their freedom. Liu Yansheng couldn’t help but rebel, and wanted to kill the deceased before the original Qingjiang arrived. Seeing the flower, Hibiscus stood up and pleaded for them, but no matter how they persuaded, Liu Yansheng was determined to kill the dead. In a hurry, Hua Muqiun had to ask Yuan Feiqing and Yuan Feibai to save him, but they didn’t get a reply from them. In his anger, Hua Muqin was unobstructed, and the export abused the family style of the original family, and was caught by Liu Yansheng. If you don’t let go, you will kill it.

The others in Xiaowuyi saw that Hua Mujin was in danger, and they stepped forward to stop, but Liu Yansheng was going to be pulled out and killed. At this moment, the original family’s son gave Liu Yansheng’s delusion of taking the opportunity to kill all his soldiers.

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