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The Twin Flower Legend 长相守 Episode 3 Recap

Chen Yujiao took the small Wuyi people and rushed back to the majestic and magnificent Ziqi Mountain Villa, thinking of the resurrection of the original Zichen Pavilion where Qingjiang lived. But I do n’t want to be in the Purple Garden at this time, Houye Qingjiang was deeply saddened by the death of Xie Meixiang and the paralysis of the original non-white legs poisoning, and he did n’t care about others, so he handed over the big purple garden to the current Queen ’s sister, the main room Even Mrs. is in charge. Immediately, under the guidance of Mrs. Lian’s close friend and counselor Liu Yansheng, everyone came to the Rongbao Hall where Mrs. Lian lived.

Mrs. Lian saw a pair of purple pupils in the beautiful flower, and she was determined to be an unknown person. She ordered the staff to blame and rushed out of Ziyuan. Several other people in the Xiaowuyi saw that they came forward to block it, but they didn’t want to make the move even more irritating Mrs. Lien, who was just in power. After seeing the other four children shouting to be blamed for Huajinxiu, Mrs. Lian wanted to blast all five of them out of Ziyuan. When Huajinxiu heard about it, she wanted to die on her own in exchange for the safety of the four brothers and sisters. Fortunately, Chen Yujiao On the side, the name of Qingjiang was moved out to plead for the five, and even the talent of Lien Fu ordered only to punish Huajinxiu alone. The flower hibiscus on the side was in a hurry, and on the ground of the auspicious words coming from Ziqidong and Suzaku’s heart, he tried to ask Madam Lian to let the splendor go.

At this time, San Gongzi was not white. He was unable to walk normally due to paralysis of his legs, coupled with the sudden death of his mother, and he was depressed and unwilling to speak. Seeing this, the aides Han Xiuzhu wanted to push him into the courtyard to relax, but he didn’t want to happen to meet Mrs. Lien’s anger at Xiaowuyi. Originally sitting in a wheelchair was touched by the pure qualities between Xiaowuyi, and he sent Han Xiuzhu to rescue them. Hearing the sound of Yuan Feibai, Hua Muqin decided to be familiar, but because of the distance, he failed to recognize that Yuan Feibai was the little boy he saved that day. The reason why Liu Yansheng is willing to stand up at the last minute to plead for the five Wuyi is because he suspects that the original Qingjiang has learned the answer to the thirty-two-character mantra, and the Huajia sisters are the descendants of Huabin. At this time, Mrs. Lian wanted to give birth to a son-in-law and inherit the original cause.

In the capital of the southern country, the emperor Duan Guangyi listened to the shaman’s remarks, because the three-year drought in the southern country was due to the disaster caused by Duan Yuerong’s natural purple pupil, regardless of the hard and pleading of the king Yu Yu, or ordered his nephew who was only ten years old Fire torture was used. Fortunately, everything was as Hua Hibiscus said on the same day. The southern country really rained heavily when Duan Yuerong was about to be executed. This not only saved Duan Yuerong from the torture, the emperor was deeply guilty for what he had done before, and he also raised Duan Yuerong Beside the sound.

Xiao Wuyi experienced the training and training of his soldiers in Yuanfu, and he grew up in a blink of an eye. However, after three years of treatment, San Gongzi ’s original non-white leg disease still showed no improvement. Han Xiuzhu heard that the medical doctor Lin Biyan could not only treat the original non-white body. After the poison has been eliminated, he can also open up the veins of his legs so that he can stand up again, and then invite him to the Xifeng Court where the former Fei Bai lived.

Yuan Qingjiang, the eldest son who had been hostage in Biancheng for ten years, was not picked up by Yuan Qing, but he did not want to enter the government and ate Liu Yansheng’s dismounted horse. Too much punishment, but just after entering the government, he left Yuan Feiqing aside and went straight to Xifengyuan to visit his most cherished Yuan Feibai, which caused the envy of Mrs. Lien and Yuan Feiqing.

Yuan Feiyan saw that his brother Yuan Feiqing had stepped back from Biancheng for ten years, and finally returned. After transferring his mother ’s relics to his brother, he saw that his brother had lost faith in his future for a long time, and then regarded himself as his brother for many years. Tell your brother about everything planned. Although the original non-clear seeing sister was a female actress, she still felt very moved after operating so hard for herself, and she also revived her confidence in regaining Yuan Fu.

Chen Yujiao handed over the original Qingjiang account to Liu Qingsheng for deduction of corruption, and heard that someone pretended to be the original non-white and sued Liu Yansheng for defrauding corruption. The two immediately guessed the person behind the scene, and the original Qingjiang thought it was time for Fuzhong’s young soldiers to make a gift.

Mrs. Lian saw her husband who had longed for her thoughts and finally returned to the house, so she went to visit with a gift prepared by her meditation, but it did not happen for a long time that the original Qingjiang still ignored her. In desperation, even his wife had to get up and say goodbye, but she did not want Yuan Qingjiang to return to the jurisdiction of Xiying in order to help Yuan Feiqing stay in the house. Early the next morning, Mrs. Lien returned to her Rongbaotang, and she was deprived of Xiying jurisdiction, and the original Qingjiang asked Liu Yansheng to host the soldiers as a gift, and ordered Shi Qingpei to take over the two duties of Liu Yansheng. Informed Liu Yansheng, and blamed Liu Yansheng’s recent pride and arrogance, which was too arrogant, but unexpectedly Liu Yansheng at this time dared to bite himself, but was immediately stopped by Mrs. Lian.

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