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The Chang’an Youth 长安少年行 Episode 22 Recap

In a flash, the graduation exam is here. This exam is different from the past. It allows exchanges and discussions, and allows flipping through books. There was a lot of discussion among the students, and Dr. Wu sent a roll of tips to everyone, but it was a blank piece of paper. Everyone looked at this “examination paper” very at a loss. Yang Zian said that in fact the doctor had already stated the exam questions. What we studied at Shangyi Museum was what the exam was. After everyone listened, Ms. Dunton opened his mouth and responded in writing.

Ji Jiu looked at the students’ answers and found the exam very novel. Li Xinyuan only drew a circle on the paper to describe his growth in Shangyi Museum in the past four years. Tang Jiuhua painted a butterfly with a broken cocoon. At the Shangyi Museum, Tang Jiuhua did grow a lot. From childish to mature, what he needs is not to be protected, but to protect others. Time. Du Gu Muxue wrote a big “wu” on the paper. He has always been alone, came to the Shangyi Museum by chance, and met many friends who lived and died together, and found Xiaorou. Learned to pursue what you think inside. Seeing this, the wine-sacrifice meeting smiled, no wonder they would be called the “five sons of Shangyiguan”.

Then Ji Jiu and Dr. Wu looked at the rolls of the other two of the “five sons of Shang Yi Guan”, but it turned out to be a crumpled white roll. Ji Jiu and Dr. Wu talked to Yiyi and Yang Zi’an respectively. They both felt that life should not be limited to a piece of paper. People were born from a blank sheet, stumbled all the way, experienced a lot, learned to grow, and live The color and taste will be different because of everyone’s own writing.

In the swordsmanship exam, because of the last time I went to the battlefield, the five sons of Shangyiguan were quick and every shot was very powerful. Yang Zi’an was defeated by Yiyi, and Yiyi couldn’t help but cheer. Yi Yi and Yang Zi’an tied for first place, and were able to enter the palace. The emperor was very pleased and asked what the two wanted for a reward, and the two only said that no reward was needed, just wanted the next sentence. Yang Zi’an first asked his father if he had anything to say to the emperor. If he did, then he didn’t need to mention the sentence he asked for. Master Yang didn’t hear his son’s suggestion, and said nothing.

Seeing this, Yang Zi’an suddenly knelt down and asked the emperor to forgive his father’s death. The emperor was confused, and asked Master Yang what was wrong. Yang Zian said that the real murderer behind the manipulative money case and the child trafficking case was his father, Yang Wenyuan. Hearing this, there was a lot of controversy in the hall. Yang Wenyuan heard that his son was reporting himself in public in Chaotang, and he did not falter himself. Instead, he said that he had not been able to tell him about things with his whole heart, which only made him misunderstand. Seeing that his father still did not admit it, Yang Zian asked the emperor to search the house for bad money.

Yang Wenyuan expected that there would be today, and had hidden the clues for a long time. The bodyguard searched Yang Man’s house and found no whereabouts of bad money. Yang Zian admits that the bad money is on him. The reason why he let the guards search Yang House is to give his father a last chance. Yiyi and Yang Zi’an told the emperor the clues they had. The emperor almost believed it was true. Han Shangshu came forward to speak for Master Yang in a timely manner. A single bad money was not enough to show that Yang Wenyuan was the real murderer in these cases.

The emperor asked Yang Zian if there was actual evidence. Yang Zian stepped forward and knelt down to his father, saying he was ashamed of his father ’s nurturing grace, and asked the emperor to punish himself for his father. Yang Zian presented the emperor’s drawing of the bad money to the emperor. The grinding block used on the drawing was the father’s favorite. This grinding block is very rare and only used by his father. The evidence came out one by one, and Yang Wenyuan said nothing, confessing his guilt. Han Shangshu pleaded for Master Yang, and finally the emperor assigned Yang Wenyuan to the frontier.

Yang Zian went to prison to kneel to his father and asked for forgiveness. But my father disagreed, saying that he could finally sleep peacefully. Tomorrow will be the day when Master Yang goes to the frontier, Han Shangshute brought some wine and dishes to see him off. Han Shangshu said that fortunately he paid more attention to it on weekdays, otherwise he would be himself here today. Master Yang felt a lot of emotion and told Han Shangshu that his today is his tomorrow.

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