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The Chang’an Youth 长安少年行 Episode 21 Recap

After leaving the school, Yiyi stopped Yang Zi’an. Yang Zi’an turned his head without answering. He walked straight to Yiyi’s side and leaned over to say a quiet whisper in Yiyi’s ear. Yi Yi froze in place for a while. Yang Zi’an walked away and Yi Yi responded. Yang Zi An told her, thanking her for telling him the truth, Yi Yi jumped up happily.

The graduation exam is approaching, and the students are struggling to review their homework, and Yang Zi’an always walks alone and has a heavy heart. Yiyi couldn’t figure out why Yang Zi’an was so unhappy, didn’t everyone say anything? Walking around, Yang Zi’an’s copper coins fell to the ground, and Yi Yishun picked it up, but unexpectedly he was scolded by Yang Zi’an. Yiyi was also full of grievances and boredom, and was angry when Yang Zian shouted so much. Yang Zian called Yiyi and apologized to her. Yang Zi’an called himself Yiyi instead of Dieyi, and Yiyi was in a good mood. Yang Zian didn’t know whether to tell Yi Yi his troubles, hesitating again and again, he handed the copper money in his hand to Yi Yi. Yiyi looked closely for a moment and exclaimed that this was new bad money, which was affirmed by Yang Zi’an.

Yang Zian told Yiyi about her suspicion of her father. Yiyi thought that maybe Yang was secretly investigating the matter, but it was a matter of great importance. He did not want Yangzian to be involved in danger. Although this makes sense, he went home a few days ago. His father said that he and Han Shangshu went to inspect the military department, but his soles were covered with red mud. Only the west of Changan had red mud. Seeing Yang Zi’an still frowning, Yiyi stepped forward to hug him as a consolation, but was hit by Xiaobai who came back. To avoid embarrassment, Xiaobai quickly pretended not to see Yiyi.

Tang Jiuhua invites everyone to drink at the restaurant. Graduation is approaching, and everyone should plan for the future. Everyone toasted the blessing and the atmosphere was very harmonious. After leaving the restaurant, several people saw paper money on the street. Tang Jiuhua told everyone that Zhang Yu died in the recent court, and he heard that a box of bad money was found in Zhang ’s house. Rumor was that he committed suicide in fear of crime. Yang Zian thought that the note he had found, and felt that the matter must be strange, discussed it with Du Gu Mu Xue.

Dugu Muxue thought of seeing Xiaorou at the gate of Zhangfu that day, worried that she might be involved in telling the story, so she went to the restaurant alone to investigate. Dugu Muxue opened the door and asked Ning Xiang who was behind her master. Ning Xiang didn’t want him to keep asking, so he said he would rather remove the birthmark from his hand. Dugu Muxue grabbed the knife in Ningxiang’s hand and accidentally scratched himself. Ningxiang changed her indifference and hurriedly asked if Du Gu Muxue had any problems. Du Gu Muxue told Ning Xiang that if they were to leave again one day, Ning Xiang must come to him.

Because the ancient money and the bad money of the previous dynasty were very similar, Yiyi let Li Xinyuan go to the palace to get the ancient money. Yiyi handed over the ancient money to Yang Zi’an, saying that he could use this ancient money to test whether Master Yang had anything to do with the evil money case. If Master Yang had a ghost in his heart, he would definitely ask him where the copper money came from.

Seeing that Yi Yi had been carrying Si Nanpei all over her body, Han Yuer decided to let Yi Yi choose some styles so that she could create a template of that pattern. Yi Yi suddenly froze, let Yang Zian go home to find if there is a bad money template, if you find the template, it is equivalent to finding evidence.

Yiyi and Yang Zi’an came to Chang’an City’s most skilled engraving master, saying that their fine jade was carved by this shop, and noisy and shouted to let the boss come out to solve it. The shopkeeper worried that this would affect the business, so he called out all the masters of engraving, and Yang Zian also took the opportunity to mix in to find the template drawings, but he had an unexpected gain. After Yang Zian came out, Yiyi asked him if he had found a template. Who would have told him mysteriously and told her that he would do a more important thing next time-please enter the urn.

Tang Jiuhua and Han Yu’er went out to eat noodles. They clamored on the street without eating, and the two hurried forward to check. The hound that turned out to be a prince bite a child. The parents of the child didn’t know that the evil dog was the prince and killed it. When the prince knew it, he blamed the children on the street. The prince was about to have an attack, and his men ran to his ear and said something. Then the prince compensated the children and let them go. It happened that Li Xinyuan was also there. He knew the prince and thought it would not be so simple. The three followed, and they saw the prince besieging the children’s family. Li Xinyuan came forward in time, scolded the prince and gave some money to the children.

Yang Zian came home and saw a sneaky bodyguard, and he followed, but was found to be lost. The guard told Master Yang about this, which surprised him. Thinking of the last time Zian asked himself, Master Yang could not help but suspect Zian found his secret. He hurriedly opened the secret grid, and really found that there was a copper coin missing.

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