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The Chang’an Youth 长安少年行 Episode 20 Recap

That day, the Book Pavilion caught fire and Yang Zian found a note with the name on it, and then put the note in his book. Unexpectedly, Yiyi was inadvertently put back into the library, Yang Zi’an went to the library and found it carefully. There was a name of Master Zhang on it. But why there is Master Zhang’s name on this paper, Yang Zi’an is puzzled. He wanted to go home to discuss this matter with his father. He accidentally saw his father appearing mysteriously in the study and opened the secret cell inside. After his father left, Yang Zian went into the house to check and found a new bad money.

Han Shangshu called Master Yang, and now Master Yang is pursuing the pursuit of evil money behind the scenes, but Han Shangshu knows that it is Master Yang himself who is making money. Now that the wind is too tight, Master Yang will shut down all the workshops that make bad money. But Han Shangshu held Master Yang in his hand, trying to threaten him to reopen the evil money workshop. At that time, Master Yang was instructed to chase down the former prince’s Yu Dang. In order to please the new master, he did not leave room for decisiveness, but he gave birth to the child in the belly of the prince’s belly and released the prince. Once the current emperor learned that he had not cut the grass and roots, he would certainly pursue the Yang family.

The previous bad money has been completely destroyed. The bad money in his father’s secret cell is obviously new, but how can he get it? Yang Zi’an couldn’t help but suspect that his father had also received the emperor’s will and investigated secretly. But when he asked his father where he had just been, his father concealed. Yang Zi’an thought of his father’s misbehaving behaviors, and he doubted that his father was involved in it.

Yang Zi’an suddenly took a leave, and the students were talking, and Yiyi was also very worried. In class, Yiyi and Tang Jiuhua discussed the matter, but they were accidentally caught by Assistant Professor Yang. Assistant Professor Yang asked Tang Jiuhua what he had just said. Du Gu Muxue deliberately showed him a poem describing the love of male and female love. Assistant Professor Yang listened to Tang Jiuhua’s answer and hurriedly shut him up.

Yang Zian went home to test his father. In order not to frighten the snake, Yang Zian first asked his father if he had found anything in the Ningxiang Pavilion. His father Gu Zhuo said that he was very perfunctory and seemed to be very worried. Yang Zian carefully asked his father that he was very cautious in this life, but whether there was a time when sex was wrong. Father thought about it for a moment and said that there was indeed, that is, there was less concern for the children. Yang Zian hinted that his father would repent in time if he did something wrong. But his father said with a long heart, even if he really did something wrong, it is too late to repent. Back at the school, Yang Zi’an locked himself in the room and no one was there. He had noticed that his father had a strong relationship with the bad money case, but in his heart, his father was a good and clean official, and he has always been his role model. The Anti-Japanese has now committed such crimes. Know how to face it.

Ningxiang was instructed to assassinate Zhang Yu, but she didn’t expect the other party to go to death and did not want to join in with her. Ningxiang couldn’t help shaking her heart. Dugu Muxue saw a woman in black on the eaves of Ningxiang Pavilion. During the fight between the two, Dugu Muxue saw the birthmark on Ningxiang’s hand and was sure that Ningxiang was Xiaorou. However, Ningxiang said that Xiaorou was dead. Since she was taken away that day, she could never go back to the past. Dugu Muxue was in a lot of thoughts and let Ningxiang escape.

Yi Yi saw that Yang Zi’an was in a bad mood recently, thinking that it was the last time they quarreled and quarreled with each other, so they went to the kitchen to cook some food for Yang Zi’an. Yang Zian explained that he did not care about Yiyi, nor was he angry about that matter. Yiyi also thought that Yang Zi’an was mad at herself and told him that he had no father and no mother. It was really lucky that he could meet them here. Yang Zi’an came to his mind and asked Yiyi what was going on, and Yiyi gave his whole life out. Yang Zian finally knew why Yiyi insisted on entering the palace.

Han Shangshu told the prince that the second prince was about to graduate from Shangyi Museum, and he also had a group of friends with hidden dragons and tigers. It is best to solve them before they graduate. Ningxiang heard outside the door, her hand shaking slightly on the chessboard. Although she didn’t want to recognize Dugu Muxue, he was still the most important person in his heart. This time he will not let Han Shangshu hurt Dugu Muxue.

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