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The Chang’an Youth 长安少年行 Episode 19 Recap

To determine Yiyi’s identity, Han Shangshu Yiyi met alone and asked her about the origin of Si Nanpei. Yiyi only said that Si Nanpei was a heirloom. Han Shangshu didn’t get any valid information, so he proposed to give his daughter Xu Yiyi. Yiyi quickly waved her hand to refuse, excusing to leave in a hurry.

Yiyi lost his soul and returned to Shangyi Museum, which happened to hit Tang Jiuhua. Yiyi told Tang Jiuhua one by one just now. Han Shangshu was a minister of the DPRK after all. How could he easily distribute his only daughter Xu to an unnamed and unauthorized merchant’s son? Tang Jiuhua asked Yiyi to pay attention to what medicine was sold in the gourd. Tang Jiuhua hurried home to see her grandmother, leaving Yiyi to sit alone and meditate. Yiyi suddenly remembered something that Si Nanpei didn’t see that day, and couldn’t understand it.

It happened that Yang Zi’an passed by, and when he saw Yiyi thinking, he stepped forward to tease her and scared Yiyi almost yelling. Yiyi told Yang Zian that Yang Zian suspected that Han Shangshu knew Yiyi’s daughter and deliberately tried to test her. Yiyi said very confidently that she was hiding very well and would not be discovered. Unexpectedly, Yang Zian laughed when he heard this, and the two took the opportunity to discuss when Yang Zian began to like each other.

As soon as Yang Zian returned home, he asked his father the progress of the Tu Yushi case. Master Yang believed that General Li’s military affairs were busy and he was not in the DPRK all the year round. This Han Shangshu is the most suspected. Yang Zian recalled the information he had investigated before and found that all the clues were related to Ningxiangge. However, this Ningxiang Pavilion is a well-known place in Chang’an. There are countless officials, officials, officials, and people from all over the world. It is difficult to check from the mid-market.

Seeing that Yiyi was alone, Du Gu Muxue went to the Ningxiang Pavilion to find wine for Yiyi. Ningxiang Pavilion’s peach blossoms are only sold for three hundred altars per day. When Du Gu Muxue came, he was swept away. Dugu Muxue left and happened to meet Yang Zi’an. Dugu Muxue said that Ningxiang was very similar to her childhood friend, and that the smell on her body was very similar to that on the assassin of Tuyu Shi. After the two discussed, it was decided to let Dugu Muxue first investigate Ningxiang.

Ningxiang rebuilt a new bad money according to Han Shangshu’s orders, but this did not meet Han Shangshu’s requirements. Han Shangshu asked Ning Xiang to hurry up and create the last batch of bad money, and during this period, he would have to pass the hands of Zhang Yu. This piece of Yu is notoriously honest and clean. Ningxiang feels a little difficult to do. Han Shangshu asked Ningxiang to either let Zhang Yu save money or stay.

Swordsmanship won the first, there is a chance to enter the palace to meet the Holy. In order to be able to pass the exam, enter the palace for Dieyi to find out her life, Yiyi has been practicing swordsmanship for several days. Tang Jiuhua saw this and comforted Yiyi by saying that she was a daughter. She didn’t have to force herself, but Yiyi believed that they could do it themselves. Tang Jiuhua also wanted to comfort Yiyi. Who knows that Grandma ordered someone to come home, maybe he had to ask about Sun’s wife, Tang Jiuhua had a headache. When he happened to meet Han Yuer on the street, Tang Jiuhua had a plan and pulled Han Yuer home. Grandma saw Han Yuer and smiled, and the two were also very close to each other. The family was happy.

Han Shangshu will follow the request, saying that he has written to the Shen family and talked about marriage. Yiyi refused, saying that he already had a sweetheart. In this life, he did not seek glory and wealth, and his wives and concubines were in groups. Han Shangshu suddenly thought that the former prince had said such a sentence at that time, and felt that Yiyi looked like a prince. Yi Yi thought that Han Shangshu was very strange, thinking of finding an opportunity to leave quickly.

After Dugu Muxue’s careful teaching and his hard work, Yiyi’s swordsmanship has made great progress. Yiyi asked what Dugu Muxue meant by saying that the sword was not in his hand but in his heart. Dugu Muxue said this sentence from his master. Master is also his righteous father. Master said that a good boy wants to play in the sand field, and he has strict requirements for him since childhood. Master has been glorious in his life and killed countless enemies, leaving only two apprentices in his life. After Xiaorou disappeared, Master asked her to find her when she died.

Seeing Yiyi desperately training and nearly hurting herself by mistake, Yang Zian hurriedly stopped it. Yang Zi’an didn’t understand why Yiyi, who hadn’t cared about her grades, would want to take the first place this time. Yiyi told him that he could only enter the palace facet after taking the first place. Yang Zi’an continued to ask why Yiyi should face the holy, and according to his left and right, Yang Zian could of course hear that Yiyi was lying, and asked Yiyi if she didn’t trust herself. Yiyi panicked God and said that he didn’t trust him, but that he had a bitter feeling, and then told him the matter. Yang Zi’an sadly concealed himself from Yiyi, and left lonely. Yiyi felt that Yang Zi’an was inexplicable and a little angry.

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