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The Chang’an Youth 长安少年行 Episode 18 Recap

Han Shangshu saw Si Nanpei in Yiyi’s waist, and felt that things were not good, so he talked to Yiyi, and then took Yiyi to steal Si Nanpei. After Yiyi left, Han Shangshu carefully observed and found that he really knew Yu Pei, and then he threw Si Nanpei into the carriage.

The feast of the celebration was very lively. Yiyi and Tang Jiuhua discussed the opportunity to find the clue of Si Nanpei. Yi Yi touched and found that Si Nanpei was missing from the waist. Yiyi talked about her encounter with Han Shangshu. Li Xinyuan said that the matter should be considered long. It should not be difficult to find things lost in the palace. After the feast was over, Yiyi found Si Nanpei on the carriage. Tang Jiuhua was angry that Yiyi lost everything and lost Diyi’s most important Si Nanpei, but Ke Yiyi said that he did indeed retrieve Si Nanpei. Yang Zi’an thought about it, and felt that things were a little strange. Seeing Yiyi and Tang Jiuhua would quarrel, Dugu Muxue hurriedly dissuaded him and said that he would return to the school and discuss the matter again.

Sacrifice wine is a student who enrolled the army and specially approved their three-day vacation. Dr. Wu was worried that they had not studied their homework for too long, so he proposed to hold a quiz contest after the holiday to make everyone wake up. Yiyi felt that Tang Jiuhua was still angry with herself, so she took the initiative to show her favors and invited him to go to the market. However, Tang Jiuhua said that he still had something to do, and he couldn’t refuse. Seeing Tang Jiuhua’s attitude like this, Yiyi sincerely apologized and said that Dieyi’s piece of Si Nanpei was more important than life. Tang Jiuhua expressed his belief in Yiyi’s words.

Han Shangshu asked Ningxiang to investigate the origin of Yiyi. Due to the tight schedule, Ningxiang only checked the family registration of Shen’s family. Han Shangshu was a little angry, and cursing Ningxiang was useless. Then he said that this matter should be checked by others. Han Shangshu asked Ning Xiang to find a way to find someone else to make a set of bad money. Although Ning Xiang had many questions, he still led his life to obey.

The three-day holiday was especially precious. Yang Zi’an was still reading and Yiyi stepped forward to tease him. Yang Zi’an asked Yiyi, how was the Q & A meeting prepared, and Yiyi’s tone was perfunctory, and he proposed to succeed Yang Yang’s idiom. However, Yang Zi’an confessed to Yiyi through the idiom Solitaire, making Yiyi, who was originally angry, smile. The two played and played, and the closer and closer, an ambiguous atmosphere rose, and the two couldn’t help but kiss. Unexpectedly, Xiaobai broke in, and the three were embarrassed. Xiaobai subconsciously wanted to leave, and then turned his head to tell Yi Yi and Yang Zi’an that Tang Jiuhua had asked them to meet.

Tang Jiuhua thought that when she was a child, she made an appointment with Dieyi and used Rainbow as a gift to welcome her. Han Yuer passed by at this time, and Tang Jiuhua started to play tricks. Tang Jiuhua grabbed Han Yu’er’s crystal and held it high, and Shi Jing gave off a rainbow of light under the sun’s refraction. Han Yu’er put this “rainbow” in the hands of Tang Jiuhua, and Tang Jiuhua realized that the rainbow was always in his own hands. He couldn’t help but hug Han Yuer.

Dugu Muxue went to the winery to buy wine, but the store told him that the wine was bought by Ningxiangge. The girl in Ningxiangge accidentally slipped her hands, almost breaking the wine jar in her hand. Dugu Muxue saw it and caught it in time. Ningxiang subconsciously competed with Dugu Muxue for the wine jar and accidentally exposed her martial arts skills. Dugu Muxue asked where Ningxiang came from. The other party only said that his kung fu were all subtleties, and he did not apprentice.

Five people from Shangyi Museum went out for a picnic and happened to meet a shooting star. In four years, they flicked their fingers, and in a blink of an eye, they were about to graduate, and everyone felt a bit sad. The last time the dormitory was divided, Li Xinyuan and Yiyi were still divided into a dormitory.

At the Q & A meeting, everyone actively raised their hands to answer questions, and the atmosphere was very harmonious. In the end, Yiyi and Yang Zian got the same number of eggs. Whoever wins the last egg in the hands of Dr. Wu is the winner today. Wu Bosi’s last question, two hands shot at the same time, is the left hand pain or right hand pain. Everyone heard this problem confused, Yi Yi and Yang Zian thought about it for a moment, and they all got up and shook hands. Sacrifice wine came out and concluded that this of course hurt his hand. Today’s game is not to win or lose, but to strengthen the will of the students. Fighting hard and fighting may hurt both sides. Peace of mind is the most important thing.

Han Shangshu found out that Shen Dieyi was not the birth of the Shen family, and many years ago, the Shen family held a funeral for a woman according to the northern burial ceremony. The woman seemed to be Shen Dieyi’s biological mother. Combining various clues, Han Shangshu suspected that Shen Dieyi was the real flesh of the former prince. The former prince was gentle and resourceful, and had a good relationship with Han Shangshu. But it was not thought that he was finally calculated by his own brother, that is, the emperor of the dynasty, to deal with the crime of rebellion. Han Shangshu vowed to reverse the case for the prince and found the prince’s orphan.

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