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Fake Princess 冒牌太子妃 Episode 4 Recap

Changle came to the casino and thought that the fish had come to the ocean and had fun. Li Che doesn’t know how to gamble money, and the casino owner is losing money, and the drunkard’s intention is not to drink. Li Che thinks that Changle can’t stand this kind of black smoke. Losing his temper, Li Che lost all his money at once and didn’t want to lose it all at once. Chang Le couldn’t bear to be bullied by Li Che. He gambled to win back all the losses he had lost before and made Li Che look at her impressed.

Gongsun Mo took the shadow to the Antique Pavilion, where the five princes Li Heng and the seven princes Li Lu came here by accident. Li Heng wanted to go up and debate, but when he saw Gongsun Mo, he didn’t dare to reveal his whereabouts and asked Li Lu to debate. Seeing that Li Lu was about to succeed in the debate, somebody suddenly came to a younger lady, Zhu Yan, who was tied up with Li Heng. Zhu Yan had a lot of opinions on calligraphy and painting, and won applause. Li Lu was speechless. Li Heng was intoxicated by Zhu Yan’s beauty below.

The casino boss refused to accept the defeat and would continue to bet with Changle. Changle agreed to the contract, but he made a condition that if the boss loses, he will voluntarily withdraw from the gambling industry and wash his hands. As expected, Changle won again.

Wang Dongjie was imprisoned, and Liu Sheng noticed that Chang Le was secretly smitten, and was going to beat Chang Le by the Lingxi Conference. Li Che secretly asked General Wei to bring the grandfather to the imprisoned grandfather General Shen, and by the way report a safety.

In the early morning of the Rhinoceros Competition, Chang Le tripped over the skirt in the yard and fell in Li Che’s arms. Li Che informed Chang Le that he was going to participate in the Spirit Rhinoceros Competition, and Chang Le was also eager to try, but Li Che had already partnered with Gong Sun Mo and could not go with Chang Le. At this time, the next person came to report, Gongsun Mo Huo could not participate, Changle can go together. Li Heng stared at Zhu Yan’s portrait in the room alone, and was dragged out by Li Lu to participate in the Lingxi Competition.

The Spirit Rhinoceros Contest was established by the mother of Queen Li Che. The process is to win the Spirit Rhinoceros by blindfolding through obstacles and to test the tacit understanding between the two. Li Heng and Li Lu came to the venue and saw Zhu Yan again, Zhu Yan is the daughter of Master Zhu. The two stepped forward to make a conversation, and Zhu Yan told them that their cousin Qing Lan couldn’t come, and he didn’t know what to do. After listening, Li Heng said that he could pretend to be Zhu Yan’s cousin and accompany her to participate in the competition, but he deliberately concealed his identity.

The game started, Li Heng and Zhu Yan led slightly, but reached the finish line almost at the same time as Li Che Changle. In the final shooting session, Li Che and Li Heng reached the same number with the same number of rings. Everyone congratulated Li Heng on his victory. Zhu Yancai discovered that Li Heng was the five princes of the dynasty.

Master Zhu shouted Zhu Yan to a dark place, and brought out the situation and the court of the court. Li Heng and Host Li Che ’s camp are hostile. They advised Zhu Yan not to waste his feelings and think twice.

After the game, Liu Sheng secretly warned Chang Le not to fight against him. Chang Le argued that he was gaining Li Che’s trust, which dispelled Liu Sheng’s doubts.

The emperor hosted a banquet to treat everyone. The emperor asked Li Heng if she had a favorite woman. Li Heng saw that Zhu Yan was a great man of Zhu, and did not want to cause trouble for Zhu Yan. At this time, Yuyao’s mother was eager to think about her daughter, and the blow of Yuyao’s death beforehand became a little silly and broke into the banquet. In order to show her daughter’s style, Master Zhu offered to let Zhu Yan dance. Unfortunately, the musician was unable to accompany his stomach because of the broken son. Yuyao’s mother shouted that Yuyao could play music and can play musical instruments, but Changle knew nothing about the temperament.

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