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Fake Princess 冒牌太子妃 Episode 3 Recap

Chang Le climbed away from Li Che slightly embarrassedly, Li Che also shyly took the pillow and left quickly.

Master Zhu thought that he had caught the wrong person and asked for guilt. Li Che didn’t embarrass him, but regretted that it had affected Master Chen. Li Che left thinking that he could not always see through Liu Sheng’s plan, and sent his grandson Sun Mo to continue the investigation. Liu Yuyao had already married back to the house and could only make plans.

Chang Le was doing nothing in the cave, and accidentally remembered the five princes and the lady who were hiding in the kitchen. When I came to the kitchen, I found that the two had escaped. Chang Leqing was glad that the two hadn’t seen themselves and didn’t have to worry about revealing their identities. Chang Le accidentally stepped on the hatchet and was treated as an assassin by the people. He hurriedly escaped from the kitchen and escaped smoothly under the cover of his maid.

Five prince Li Heng returned to the palace, and was secretly affectionate to the young lady who was tied together in the Prince’s Mansion. The queen found something strange. Li Heng asked what kind of ministers the Queen Li Che had to go to during the big marriage. The queen learned that Li Heng wanted to marry, and felt that the princess Ye Mingguo was very suitable. Li Heng had to pretend to be unwell and left.

Late at night, Wang Jiayao Ye Taohua was raped by Queen Dongjie on the road in the middle of the night. The next day she had to beat the drums and complaint. The government did not know how to deal with it and had to report to Dali Temple.

Chang Le could n’t figure out how Li Che ’s predecessors would have such a big difference: the hall above was aggressive, and the cave was still shy, but Chang Le did n’t think about it, because Liu Sheng would arrange her after three months. Escape from the Prince’s Mansion.

Gongsun Mo reported that Li Che encountered a difficult case in Dali Temple, which required Li Che’s personal review, but also needed to take Liu Yuyao together, which made Li Che puzzled.

Came to Dali Temple and learned the difficulty of the case. Li Che prepared to bring Wang Dongjie and Ye Taohua to the lobby to hear the case. Gongsun Mo also stated the reason for bringing Liu Yuyao: As a relative of Wang Dongjie, Liu Yuyao must help him escape the crime, and at this time, if Li Che could seize the evidence, he could take Liu Yuyao back to the prime minister with misconduct.

Chang Le was drowsy at Dali Temple and was about to leave at first, but he heard that someone had raped the women of the people and was going to teach the gangster.

The case began to be tried. Wang Dongjie was arrogant and unreasonable under the power of the queen and refused to kneel. Ye Taohua went to church because he was threatened by Wang Dongjie with his family’s life. He didn’t dare to identify the murderer in the lobby. After Gongsun Mo ensured his family’s safety, he only recruited Wang Dongjie’s criminal facts. Unexpectedly, Wang Dongjie turned over the confession, saying that Ye Taohua seduce him first. Not only that, Wang Dongjie knew that the law was empty. After three trials, he could not be convicted, and he could be released from prison. This trial was already the second time, and he was still guaranteeing himself as the queen, and he would retreat. Taohua feared the power of the queen and wanted to commit suicide in the court. He was stopped by Gongsun Mo and said that he must be justice. At this time, Chang Le asked Li Che to give her the opportunity of review after washing, and Li Che had to agree.

After leaving the church, Chang Le found Ye Taohua and found that she had a strange fragrance on her body. Ye Taohua said that this fragrance was sold only by one company. It was very rare. She was killed on the way back to buy the incense that night. . After listening, Changle had a plan.

Gongsun Mo was injured in his hand because he blocked Ye Taohua, and he carefully wounded the wound for him, which made the relationship between the two subtle.

Chang Le came to the room where Wang Dongjie was detained, pretended to handle criminal evidence for him, and set out the testimony of Wang Dongjie’s crime. Li Che immediately sent someone to search Wang Dongjie’s house, but found nothing. Chang Le accidentally discovered that there was a box and an organ in the house, which would explode if forcibly opened, but Li Che successfully opened the box and found the evidence.

With all the evidence and evidence, Wang Dongjie had already pleaded not guilty to the painting. Chang Le was angry and stepped forward to swear, which shocked Li Che very much. Even so, Li Che forcibly painted, sentenced Wang Dongjie to 12 years in prison, and returned Wang Dongjie’s calligraphy and paintings to his original owner.

Li Che still couldn’t see through Liu Yuyao’s true face, and was quite upset. Gongsun Mo offered to let Li Che take Liu Yuyao to the casino. In this way, Li Che was not a witness gentleman and would leave on his own. Gongsun Mo was responsible for delaying and making trouble.

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