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Fake Princess 冒牌太子妃 Episode 2 Recap

Before the wedding ceremony, Master Chen pointed directly at the imperial concubine Liu Yuyao. Liu Sheng committed the crime of bullying the king. The emperor questioned the queen. The queen pretended not to know. In addition, Master Chen said Yuyao had an affair with outsiders, and the prince should not marry an unclean person. Liu Sheng was powerless to refute, Li Che also pretended to return the crown prince innocence, but in desperation, he had to let the grandmother in the palace verify her. Li Chesheng was in charge, thinking that Liu Sheng could be refuted. However, Grandma’s physical examination was completed, calling Changle an innocent body. Li Che was shocked, and the emperor ordered the decapitation of Master Chen. Everyone pleaded with each other, believing that no blood could be seen on the day of the great joy, and this was reissued, degrading Chen to the common people and not being an official for life.

The wedding was held as usual, and Liu Sheng also pretended toast with pretending luggage. Faced with the blessings of everyone, Li Che Xing was nothing. Master Zhu pretended to take Dr. Xie away from the banquet and came to a room. Master Zhu believes that Yuyao’s identity is too dangerous to allow her to marry the prince. As long as there is no cave, the two are not really married. At this time, Master Zhu brought his nephew Qing Lan into the room, preparing to cross the sea to make Qing Lan pretend to be the five prince Li Heng.

Chang Le waited in the room for a long time, and sneaked away and was stopped by the shadows. Thinking over and over again, Chang Le thought that the sacrifice in the same room with the prince was too great, so he designed an institution to protect himself. Qing Lan pretended to be the fifth prince, approaching Changle, and called her cousin, but Qing Lan touched the organ and was fascinated by the anesthetic. Chang Le thought that the five princes were grandsons of Liu Sheng, had a plan, and changed clothes with Qing Lan, preparing to use this to threaten Liu Sheng.

Chang Le was about to threaten Liu Sheng when the queen brought five princes to visit, and the plan fell through, and had to return to the cave.

The queen pretended to congratulate the prince’s wedding, and actually gave the prince a dismountable weapon. Li Che had to bow his head and said that he would treat Yuyao well.

Chang Le took the opportunity to approach the real five princes and successfully knocked Li Heng, but was accidentally discovered by a woman. Chang Le knocked the woman back and tied them together in a kitchen. Chang Le looked for Liu Sheng again for her condition, and was found to be shadowed, and the shadow force was strong, and took Chang Le acupuncture point away.

Thank you for taking the man deep into the cave, and kidnapping Qing Lan in a wedding dress, complacent, thinking that he had ruined Li Che ’s plan to be married.

Five prince Li Heng and the woman were sober and escaped from the kitchen with clever tricks. The woman told him to ask him to keep the matter secret, not to leak it, and damage the innocence of the girl.

Chang Le was taken back to the cave by the shadow, but found that Qing Lan was nowhere to be seen, there was no wedding dress, and I didn’t know what to do. In order to solve the problem, Changle had to undress and lie on the bed. In this case, Li Che, who was drunk and drunk, returned to the cave, thinking that the cave was empty, and did not want to open the door to see the enchanting Changle lying on the bed. . When he came to the room, Li Che blindfolded and dared not watch Changle, saying that he would give her a period of time to adjust to the life of a prince. Chang Le was afraid that Li Che set off his own design institution, pretending not to let Li Che approach, and passed the pillow over, bumping into the room, Chang Le pressed Li Che down again. The overjoyed cave room, sultry posture, the room was instantly filled with ambiguous breath.

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