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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 3 Recap

Li Chengcheng had never seen her father since she was a child. When she was a child, she played a monster playing gourd baby on stage when she participated in the Children’s Day performance. The teacher called Li Qingtong to tell her not to mislead her children. Li Qingtong came to Li Jiaoqi, but Li Jiaoqi said that his father was a monster and a bad monster. Li Jincheng rushed out, pulled Li Qingtong and Fan Shuishui and ran away. Chen Junhe and the others hadn’t reacted yet. When the two attendants chased them out, the three of them had disappeared.

Li Qingtong called Wang Xiaomin and the others, saying that they were the third middle school, but as soon as Wang Xiaomin heard that he had offended Chen Junhe, he ran away without saying a word. Li Qingtong really didn’t understand why Li Chenggong went to provoke Chen Junhe, and Li Chenggong couldn’t say anything, but just perfunctory. The more Li Qingtong thinks about it, the more afraid he becomes. Although she doesn’t know Chen Junhe, the whole school is afraid of him. Li Qingtong told Li Jincheng to hide at home and don’t go out. Why should Chen Jun forget it in a few days.

Li Chengcheng told Li Qingtong not to contact Chen Junhe, and wanted to go to school with her to prevent them from developing. Li Qingtong went to see Teacher Wu, and Teacher Wu said that parents should come to do it. Wang Xiaomin came to Li Qingtong and the others had misheard. He heard that Li Chengjin wanted to transfer school and said that it would be done in two days. Wang Xiaomin brought a fake transfer certificate, Li Qingtong and the others saw the flaw at a glance, it was too fake. Li Qingtong has no legal status here, so he can only find the uncle who sells candied haws, but no one in that place has seen him. Li progressed to the public phone and waited, trying to see if he could wait for the call.

Duan Xiao happened to pass by. Seeing Li progressed, he went home and took a blanket to accompany her to wait. The two people waited for a long time and didn’t wait for the phone call, Duan Xiao was still sick with cold. Li Chengcheng received a registered letter, which contained the admission notice from the third middle school, a passbook, and a slip of paper, stating that the passbook was for living expenses. Li Qingtong is very strange, Li Chengcheng lied that his mother did it. Li Qingtong was very happy and brought out a new schoolbag and new stationery to Li progress.

Li progressed to school, and Li Qingtong and the others were in the same class. Li Qingtong is very happy and can go to school with Li Jincheng in the future. Wang Xiaomin also transferred to their class. Teacher Wu called Wang Xiaomin over to let him settle down. His former head teacher was still in the hospital to lower his blood pressure. Wang Xiaomin smiled hippiely and said he was absolutely obedient. Li Chengcheng’s deskmate, Wu Zhixun, is a high school student. He just returned from the Olympiad and won the gold medal. Li Jincheng greeted him, but Wu Zhixun ignored her. Li Jincheng discovered that Duan Xiao hadn’t come, and called him when he learned that he was sick.

Duan Xiao heard that she had transferred to another school, and said happily that she would go to class tomorrow. Chen Junhe stayed at the door for a few days and couldn’t find anyone for a certain day. Today, he finally saw Fan Shuishui and chased her to the classroom. Chen Jun he troubled Li Jincheng, and Li Qingtong protected Li Jincheng and prevented her from going out. Just when Duan Xiao came back, he was right with Chen Jun

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