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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 2 Recap

Li Chenggong stopped Li Qingtong, but Li Qingtong didn’t know her. Li Chenggong said that her father’s name was Li Wusi and her mother’s name was Liu Fengxia, which surprised Li Qingtong even more. Li Qingtong’s good friend Fan Shuishui rushed over to help, but he slipped to the point of knocking Li Qingtong down. Li Chengcheng recognized her as his godmother who was too excited, but Fan Shuishui didn’t recognize her either. Li Qingtong suspected it was a trafficker, and pulled Fan Shuishui to leave. Li Chenggong remembered that Li Qingtong had said that when he was a child, he followed his parents to Shenzhen, and then he hadn’t seen him again, so he faked the big flower.

Li Qingtong believed it all at once, and was too happy to hold Li Chenggong. Li Qingtong took Li Jincheng home and introduced Dahua to her mother. She was very happy to entertain her warmly. Li Chenggong was also very excited. He didn’t expect to see his grandma. Li Qingtong brought Li Jincheng to her room. Li Jincheng was very unbalanced. She had her own separate bedroom, but she didn’t have any. She usually sleeps in the living room and Li Qingtong sleeps in the bedroom. Li Qingtong heard that she had come back by herself and asked her to move in, and Mama Li made dumplings for them to eat.

Li Wusi came back from get off work and bought a Happy Paradise meal for Li Qingtong, which made Li Qingtong very happy. Li Qingtong introduced Li Chengjin to Li Wusi, saying that it was a big flower that he moved away when he was a child. Liu Fengxia saw that Li Wusi had to clean up after drinking. Li Wusi hurriedly begged for mercy and let her not care about having guests. Duan Xiao waited for Li Jincheng to return at the hotel. Li Jincheng called and said that he was staying at Li Qingtong’s house, which made Duan Xiao very disappointed.

Li Chenggong chatted with them, Li Wusi asked her name, Li Chenggong blurted out the name, and could only lie that his parents divorced and his mother’s last name. Liu Fengxia was very surprised. Her parents were well-known model couples. Li Chengjin talked about his parents’ problems and talked about his dissatisfaction with his mother. Li Qingtong was very surprised and said that she would definitely not be like this when she became a mother. Liu Fengxia asked Li Jincheng to stay and called her best friend Yufen to talk about the divorce of Dahua’s parents.

Li Wusi hung up the phone quickly and blamed her for saying this in front of the child. Duan Xiao and Li Qingtong inquired about Li Jincheng. Fan Shuishui is planning for the New Year’s Eve. This is the millennium, and it will only happen once in a lifetime. When Duan Xiao heard Fan Shuishui’s words about the gift, his heart moved and said that he wanted to buy a gift. Fan Shuishui thought that Duan Xiao was going to buy her, and was very excited. Li Chenggong couldn’t adapt to the weather here and caught a cold. Li Qingtong invited her to join the New Year’s Eve together and met friends.

Li Chenggong agreed. Duan Xiao came to Li Qingtong’s house, deliberately delaying time, eating at her house and watching TV, made Li Qingtong very strange. Duan Xiao couldn’t drag it any longer and wanted to go back. Li Jiao came out to pour the water, and Duan Xiao immediately leaned forward to show his courtesy, which stunned both of them. Duan Xiao asked Li Qingtong to go out first and apologized to Li Jincheng, saying that she had previously mistakenly identified her as a thief and that she was ill. Two people shake hands and make peace, paragraph Xiao gave her a scarf, saying it was a millennial gift.

On New Year’s Eve, a few people came out to celebrate. Wang Xiaomin is also with them. He is a small partner who grew up with Li Qingtong, and the relationship is very good. Several people went to buy candied haws, and the boss gave them a lucky bag, and asked them to go home and dismantle it. It would not work for others to see it. A few people went to eat. Fan Shuishui wanted to give Duan Xiao a pen. Duan Xiao thought it was too expensive. Fan Shuishui asked him to take out a gift, but Duan Xiao didn’t prepare it for her. Only then did Fan Shuishui know that the gift she said that day was not for her, and that the pen could not be given out.

Li Chenggong remembered that the boss’s voice was the voice on the phone, and opened the lucky bag, which said that Li Chenggong could think about what he could do. Li Jincheng felt that changing Li Qingtong would let her study hard, and they would not be so hard in the future, so they decided to urge Li Qingtong to study. Li Qingtong complained repeatedly, but Li Jincheng remained indifferent, and Liu Fengxia was also very supportive, letting Li Qingtong study hard. Li Jincheng came to the school to monitor Li Qingtong’s studies, but he quickly slipped away after being spotted by the teacher. Chen Junhe was teaching people in the toilet. Li Chenggong heard Chen Junhe’s name and thought that he had been indifferent to him for seventeen years. He broke in and kicked Chen Junhe in the face. Everyone was shocked.

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