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Don’t Want to be Friends with You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 Episode 1 Recap

Duan Xiao came to the bathhouse to take a bath, and as soon as the foam was applied, the girl Li Jincheng rushed in, saw him screaming, and asked him why he entered the women’s bathhouse. Duan Xiao is very inexplicable, this is obviously a male bathhouse. Li Chengjin ran away, but he didn’t expect to see all men. Everyone was surprised. Li Chengcheng finally found the door. The boss was shocked when she saw her, and blamed her for entering the men’s bath and frightening the guests and ruining his business. Li Chengcheng was surprised when he suddenly heard on TV that it is 1999 and the millennium will soon be ushered in. Li Chengcheng grew up in a single-parent family and lives with his mother Li Qingtong. Today was the school’s annual parent meeting.

Li Chengjin knew that her mother would shame her every time she came, so he didn’t tell her. I didn’t expect that Teacher Wang would have notified Li Qingtong long ago. Li Chengjin was shocked when he saw his mother at school. Up. Li Qingtong deliberately dressed up and gave an impassioned speech on the podium, saying that Li Chenggong’s grades were cultivated by her. She graduated from Fudan University, but she said the wrong school motto and made parents laugh. Teacher Wang said that he had also graduated from Fudan University, and proposed to wait to gather with a few alumni. Li Qingtong was afraid of being gangsters, so he quickly found an excuse to leave.

Li Chengcheng blamed Li Qingtong for bragging and embarrassing herself. Li Qingtong was very dissatisfied. She was all for her, and she didn’t appreciate it. The two had a big quarrel and broke up. When Li Jincheng came home, Li Qingtong was not at home, and she had no food at home. She could only go outside to eat. When she was about to pay, WeChat couldn’t open her WeChat account. The screen went blank all of a sudden, and she could only say no. When Li Jincheng came home, he saw Li Qingtong coming back from socializing, drunkly at the door, and helped her in.

Li Qingtong came to Teacher Wang and said that he had lied, hoping that it would not affect Li’s progress and make people laugh at her. Teacher Wang promised that there would not be such a thing, but Li Jincheng sent a message to her today, saying that he hoped that the school would expel her, and that she would never reply to the message. He should find someone first. Li Qingtong found Li Jiancheng on the street. Li Jiancheng took out a divorce certificate and asked her whether Chen Jun was a father who had never appeared before, and asked them the reason for their divorce. Li Qingtong didn’t want to say that the two quarreled. Li Chengcheng wanted a stable life. She moved from childhood to most of her house. Without a father, her mother even embarrassed herself.

Li Qingtong was also very dissatisfied. She worked hard to see the faces of her clients and bosses, all for Li Jincheng, and she had a bad life since she gave birth. The two broke up again. Li Chengjin had nowhere to go, so she could only spend the night in the hall of the steaming room. She was so exhausted by the heat that she opened the door and saw Duan Xiao who was taking a bath. She was called out by her boss, only to realize that she had arrived in Cheorwon in 1999. She asked the boss for clothes and mobile phone, but the boss didn’t get them either. He found clothes for her and asked her to leave quickly. Li Jincheng doesn’t know where to go, it’s all on the road Something you don’t know.

She passed a telephone booth, heard the phone ringing inside, and bit the bullet to pick it up. A strange man called her name and instructed her to find a red bicycle and go to the Peony Hotel. The boss would arrange a place for her. Li Chengcheng was confused and had to do it first. Li Chenggong found the bike, but the car was locked. Li Chenggong pushed the car to the Peony Hotel. Unexpectedly, the boss’s son was Duan Xiao. He felt that Li Chenggong had stolen the car and had to call the police. The two were arguing. Duan Xiao’s mother, Peony, came out, thanked Li Jincheng for returning the car and gave her some money. Li Chengjin wanted to stay for one night, but the room was full and he could only live in the utility room.

On the second day, Duan Xiao came to give Li Jincheng some toiletries. Li Jincheng had discussed with him, and nothing happened. Li Chenggong borrowed clothes from Duan Xiao. Duan Xiao saw Li Chenggong who had changed his clothes and swallowed. He was frightened and ran away quickly. Li Jincheng went back to the bathhouse to look for clues. The boss looked at her crazy. A big girl insisted on entering the men’s bathhouse and said to call the police. Li Progress could only come out, but he couldn’t find the way back. Li Jincheng called Duan Xiao and asked him to pick him up.

Li Chengzheng hung up the phone and saw that it was a charge. He could only make Duan Xiao pay for it. Duan Xiao made a mess for her, and Li Chengjin asked him about Li Qingtong, but he didn’t expect that there was a Li Qingtong in their class. The next day Li Jincheng followed Duan Xiao to school, and when he saw Li Qingtong getting off the bus, he was caught in the door. This is Li Qingtong. The next day Li Jincheng followed Duan Xiao to school, and when he saw Li Qingtong getting off the bus, he was caught in the door. This is Li Qingtong. The next day Li Jincheng followed Duan Xiao to school, and when he saw Li Qingtong getting off the bus, he was caught in the door.

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