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The Chang’an Youth 长安少年行 Episode 17 Recap

The spies returned news that they had been attacked by the enemy, and General Li immediately ordered a cavalry team to support. The enemy is about to move, and it seems that a war is inevitable. Yang Zian believes that everyone has been practicing for some time now, it is time to go to the battlefield to test themselves. But General Li refused, saying that this was His Majesty’s will. Upon seeing this, Dr. Wu took the opportunity to inspire General Li that he would not do anything he wanted. Yiyi took the opportunity to continue to persuade General Li that if Her Majesty won the war, Longyan would be happy, and would not blame the General. If they lost, they would fight to the death in the battlefield. General Li thought twice and agreed to the requests of Yiyi and Yang Zi’an.

The war was imminent, and Yiyi discussed the battle plan with General Li. According to Yiyi, this time the Tuosi army came in a hurry, they could use the natural geographical advantages of Feihuyu to use the war drum as a guide to introduce the Tuosi army into the narrow strip of the ancient flying fox road. In the past few days, Yang Zi’an and General Li are studying the fighting style of the Tuosi army. .

The war was on the verge, and both sides stood in line. As the drums burst, the two sides started a duel. As soon as Yang Zi’an saw the time was right, he ordered his troops to be withdrawn, and indeed the Tuo Xi army was aggressively chasing after it. After the enemy entered the canyon, Yang Zi’an motioned to Yiyi to start attacking with gunpowder. The Tuosi army was caught flat-footed and almost wiped out.

Yiyi wanted to go up the mountain to find a secluded place and try his improved fire and thunder dumplings, but unexpectedly rescued a pair of women who were kidnapped by the cottage. The two women fled all the way to the mountain, and the maid was stabbed to protect the young lady. Yiyi was shocked and frightened when she saw this scene. When the thieves left, Yiyi stepped forward to check the maid. The maid gave Yiyi a hairpin and asked her to save her wife.

Yiyi followed up, saw them put on casual clothes, and saw a set of clothes. Yiyi followed her all the way until the night, and the bandits also stopped to rest. The bound wife is Mrs. Xia Meng Guanshou Jiang, who is of Hu ethnic origin, looks very beautiful, and is good at dancing. These thieves are disguised as Tuo Xijun. The Tuosi army rose for a moment, and asked his wife to jump for them. Madam vowed to die, and was humiliated by the Tuo Xi Army. Yiyi appeared in time to attract the attention of the Tuo Xi Army, allowing her to escape.

Yiyi ran all the way, but unexpectedly met General Tuosi. Fortunately, Yang Zian appeared in time and released a flare. Yang Zian originally wanted to exchange Yiyi as the son of his prime minister, but the other party refused. General Tuoxi let Yang Zian decide on his own, and then he considered whether to let Yiyi go. Yang Zi’an really picked up the dagger and scratched his neck. According to the eloquent eloquence, he used the powder to fascinate the general’s eyes. Yang Zi’an took the opportunity to fly the dagger out, and the general died on the spot.

Yang Zi’an was paralyzed, Yiyi hurried up to ask Yang Zi’an why he hurt himself. Yang Zian said that he did not allow others to hurt her, and told Yiyi that she liked her. Although Yiyi is unreasonable and unreasonable, she always finds that she has approached her heart. How much he hoped Yiyi was a woman at that time, but when he knew that Yiyi was indeed a woman, he found that she had a marriage contract with Tang Jiuhua. Yang Zian wanted to forget Yiyi, but he couldn’t do it. At that very moment, Yang Zi’an finally understood that because he likes Yiyi, even if there is a vast abyss ahead, he will not give up. Yiyi was very moved by this confession and couldn’t help but kiss Yang Zi’an.

The next day Yiyi woke up and wanted to visit Yang Zi’an, but was stopped by Dugu Muxue. Yiyi recalled the scene last night, and she couldn’t help but fall into a quilt, laughing. Li Xinyuan and Tang Jiuhua came in to see the situation, worried about what happened to Yiyi, and hurried to find a medical worker. Tang Jiuhua was anxious, saying that as long as Yiyi could wake up, she would forgive her. Yiyi got up unharmed and Tang Jiuhua was angry when she learned that she had been cheated. The two recalled Dieyi. Tang Jiuhua blamed himself for failing to take care of Dieyi and couldn’t help but run down. Yiyi comforts Tang Jiuhua. At the moment, he should help Dieyi find out her life.

The students of Shangyi Museum returned home triumphantly, and their families and people all welcomed them at the gate. The victory of the battle, the emperor Longyan Dayue, held a celebration party for the students in the palace. As soon as he entered the palace, Yiyi returned to the carriage to pick up his Snape. It happened to meet Han Shangshu. Han Shangshu pressed Si Nanpei on Yiyi’s waist and his face suddenly sank.

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