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The Chang’an Youth 长安少年行 Episode 16 Recap

By the river at night, the breeze is slow and Yiyi and Yang Zi’an stand very close together. Yang Zi’an looked at Yiyi, who was in front of him, and felt that he was unable to control his emotions. He had to turn his head. Yiyi thought that Yang Zi’an was still angry about the game’s loss that night, but Yang Zi’an said he was not angry. Yiyi saw that his temptation had worked, and he continued to ask whether he really wanted to confess to himself. Hearing this, Yang Zi’an could no longer control his liking for Yiyi, and held Yiyi’s arm affectionately, saying if it was true. Yiyi didn’t expect Yangzi Anhui, who had always been elegant and calm, to be so enthusiastic, and she was a little panicked in her heart, so she excused herself and walked away.

On the second day, the crowd continued their journey, and finally came to the barracks to see General Li. Yi Yite ran outside to change his military uniform, and Tang Jiuhua also specially applied for a tent for Yi Yi from General Li. Feihuyu is a natural long and narrow gully with steep terrain, and it has always been a competing place for all countries. The Wind Breath City is about a hundred miles from here, and the surrounding area is plain. It is easy to defend and difficult to attack, and the first army of the Dayu encountered several attacks here. In recent days, the Tuo Xi army retreated into the city, very quiet, I do not know what action they will take. The general thought that at this time, he should stay on the ground and compare his patience with the enemy.

In the past few days when they came to the barracks, the students of Shangyi Museum had not received effective training, so they asked General Li to explain the matter. General Li told the crowd that the confrontation between our army and the enemy, one south and one north, should not move the enemy. Li Xinyuan said that the general was far-sighted, but why not let the students of Shangyi Museum join the drill. General Li smiled and said that everyone is a weak and weak scholar, and this time it is enough to experience the life of the military camp. It is not necessary to actually go to the battlefield. The students of Keshang Art Museum came here to fight against the enemy to defend the home and protect the country. Everyone protested. General Li had a strong determination to see the students killing the enemy. After careful consideration, he decided to organize the students of Shangyi Museum into an independent team to train and deploy by himself, but only if everyone could not leave the team. Yang Zian encouraged everyone to persevere, and the students said they would never leave behind.

Trekking on foot, archery, duel, defense … All kinds of training are all pressed on the students of Shangyi Museum. Although they usually read poetry and books on weekdays, most of them do not have the force value. No one gave up.

The enemy army had just sneaked into Beicheng, which had a light defense, and the army suffered heavy losses. The general was angry and anxious when he learned that he sent troops to the North City to support him. When General Li came to the battlefield with the students, it was a smoky smoke, bloody smell, corpses and crying everywhere. Everyone was timid the cruelty of the Western Army while tidying up the mess.

Seeing the brutality of the war with his own eyes, the students were even more motivated and trained hard. General Li and Dr. Wu also took a close look at the group of scholars. The trainable targets are all dead, and it is difficult to make progress. Therefore, Yiyi proposes that he can use protective measures to fight against real people. At the beginning of the live-action training, the students were divided into two teams. The players of the two sides used the jungle to cover the battle and approached the center of the flag. Try to eliminate the opponents on the way. . The duel was tense, and after a long time, Yi Yi and Yang Zi’an were left on both sides. Finally Yiyi got the banner.

Li Xinyuan exerted his special skills and made a three-dimensional terrain sand table by himself after observing the terrain on the mountain. Yang Zian turned over the military parade today and found some new combat strategies. Dugu Muxue improved the weapon, which can effectively prevent the other cavalry. After the success of the news, General Li was very happy.

The various behaviors of Yiyi today make Tang Jiuhua have to doubt that the butterfly Yi in front of him is not his own. Yiyi also admitted that she was indeed not Shen Dieyi, but Shen Yiyi. Yiyi told Tang Jiuhua everything. Tang Jiuhua didn’t believe that her butterfly Yi had died, and she burst into tears.

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