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Intense Love 韫色过浓 Episode 18 Recap

Xiao Yuansong hopes that this kind of warm time will last longer, especially Wu Di ’s tenderness and care for himself, so he does n’t want to tell Wu Di that he is not sick. The kind Su Beibei felt very sad that Xiao Yuansong would not be around soon, and could not help leaving tears sadly, Zhou Shiyun felt sore about her, and told Xiao Yuansong ’s secret to Su Yuanbei, but persuaded her not to intervene. Their feelings, let them deal with their own affairs. Zhou Shiyun and Su Yunbei walked on the road. A passerby accidentally stained Zhou Shiyun’s clothes. Su Yunbei accompanied him to the mall’s bathroom to clean up. Unexpectedly, she was recognized by the fans. She hurriedly escaped, but she was excited Fans are chasing behind, seeing Su Huang is nowhere to go, the key moment is still Zhou Shiyun pulling her into a corner and putting her black coat on her. Storm.

Xiao Yuansong enjoys Wu Di’s meticulous end-of-life care. He doesn’t need to do anything at home. Wu Di only needs him to enjoy, which makes him both moved and guilty. But there is no chance or willingness to tell the truth. Su Huangbei saw Wu Di’s haggard look in order to take care of Xiao Yuan and Song Lei, and couldn’t help telling her that Xiao Yuan Song was not ill at all. A hot pot of hot water slammed Xiao Yuansong’s feet in and yelled at him. Gradually, Gao Zitong’s popularity rose, so she began to pick and play big names, and consciously targeted Xu Jiawei, but Xu Jiawei was unwilling to directly clash with her to avoid embarrassing the staff.

Zhou Suying looked indignant in his eyes and couldn’t help but succumb to Xu Jiawei, Xu Jiawei was not angry, sitting there playing games, but he made mistakes one after another, Zhou Suying jokes that his technology is too bad, take the past three and five and solve When something went wrong, Xu Jiawei found that Zhou Suying’s technique was very familiar, and it was very similar to the way he worshiped the vacant son, but Zhou Suying did not admit that he was the vacant son. Xiao Yuansong never had the opportunity to tell Wu Di the truth of his illness. Knowing the details, Wu Di used various opportunities to deal with him. She found an acupuncture chart and prepared to use traditional Chinese medicine to physiotherapy him. She also said that Xiao Yuansong should be a hedgehog . Feeling horrified, Xiao Yuansong had to tell Wu Di that he did not have a terminal illness, but he was greedy for Wu Di ’s goodness to himself, so he did not tell Wu Di in time, Wu Di burst into tears, Xiao Yuan Song quickly hugged Wu Dilian and claimed to do it. wrong.

Su Huangbei’s new drama is about to start shooting. Gao Zitong learned of this news and decided to reveal Su Huangbei’s love affair to gossip reporters, so as to destroy Su Huangbei’s image in the hearts of fans, and finally let her new drama go live . Sure enough, the news of Su Guanbei’s love affair triggered an uproar on the Internet. The water surrounding her home was impassable. Zhou Shiyun’s work unit was also fleshed out. Zhou Shiyun was also harassed by many media in the hospital. Everything was in order. It’s a bit confusing. Wu Di kept doing the aftercare work for Su Huangbei. She took Su Huangbei to meet President Yue who signed the contract. President Yue also furious about it. He believed that Su Huangbe did not keep the contract and could not stay within the contract period. Maintaining a single image has caused such a great upheaval that it has caused damage to your business. You have to sit down and talk about it.

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