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The King: The Eternal Monarch 더 킹: 영원의 군주 Episode 9 Recap

Zheng Taiyi and Li Gong came to Song Jinghui together, and Li Gong determined that Song Jinghui and Li Lin were together. Zheng Taiyi doesn’t know how to comfort Li Gang. Maybe he doesn’t want to see Song Jinghui. Li Gang knows clearly that even though she has the same face as her mother, it is not her. Zheng Taiyi asked Li Gang how he crossed the two worlds. Li Gong said that he had no comment. Li Gun told Cao Yinxie that from now on he had to become the first sword in the world. Cao Yinxie had to agree. Qi Ruili’s mother came to give her food, and Qi Ruili asked about the newspaper. The mother did not send it, but her mother asked Qi Ruili’s dead Li Lin if she had a child. It’s exactly the same. Gu Ruili didn’t take it seriously, and asked her mother not to say such things. However, looking at the newspaper with his own face, Gu Ruili was still puzzled.

Li Gong asked Jiang Xianzhi whether he could remember anything other than his cry. He could help him, but Jiang Xianzhi refused, and if they wanted to help, they should return to their world. Why did Li Lin bring the young children over? Li Gang thought that what he needed should be the child’s parents, no matter which world. Jiang Xianzhi went to Zheng Taiyi again. It turned out she knew it already. Zheng Taiyi wanted to explain, but Jiang Xianzhi turned around and left. In Jiang’s vague childhood memories, there seem to be many people who should not appear. Cao Yinxie retired, Zheng Taiyi and others helped him celebrate, but Jiang Xinzhi did not show up. At this moment, time was suspended again, and Li Gong clearly felt that time was passing. As soon as Li Lin came back, he learned that a policeman had been to the nursing home. During this time, many things happened.

Li Zongren asked Qi Ruilian to find some time to see President Cui of KU Group. Ju Ruilian didn’t want to go, but agreed tonight. Li Gong has been waiting for the cell phone to ring, and as expected, Li Lin called. Li Lin did not speak, and Li Gun told him that he already knew that Li Lin had been in the Republic of Korea. Gu Ruili came to see President Cui, his ex-husband, and he was still in prison because of eavesdropping. Gu Ruili never concealed her ambitions. She became the anchor, married into the rich, and later became the prime minister, and now wants to become the queen.

Because the queen has no term of office, Qi Ruilian asked President Cui to find 25 Participants of the rebellion that year ago. Zheng Taiyi and Li Gong dated together, and also ordered Li’s favorite food. Today is Thursday, Zheng Taiyi knows that Li Gong will be going back tonight, he gave Li Shangdao the materials to Li Gang, thinking that maybe he can find the answer in that world. Li Gun had seen Li Shangdao, and he wanted to leave Cao Ying here and take Cao Yinxie away, because Li Lin was in the Republic of Korea, and only Cao Ying could shoot Li Lin here. Zheng Taiyi was very reluctant, Li Gong comforted that he would return soon. Cao Ying forced Cao Yinxie to shave his long hair into his own hairstyle, and the two officially exchanged their identities.

Li Gang took Cao Xixie and the boss back to the Korean Empire. Cao Yinxie was very depressed because he had just retired and joined the army again. Li Gang asked Deputy Captain Shi to arrange for someone to be guarded in Zhulin. When he saw the person, he would be arrested, especially the elderly in their 70s. Deputy Captain Shi did not understand why he was asked to arrange instead of Cao Ying. Li Gong embarrassedly said that he had more important tasks. Li Gong went to see Grandma Lu. Grandma Lu didn’t ask anything. Li Gong said that she would tell the truth if she asked herself. Grandma Lu said that she was very clear, Li Gang was chasing her own destiny, right? Li Gong came to the horse farm and found that the staff was Li Shangdao. He imprisoned Li Shangdao.

Jiang Xianzhi asked for a long vacation, and Zheng Taiyi couldn’t find him everywhere, not even answering the phone. Jiang Xianzhi was drinking alone at the moment, and the triad brother wanted to bribe him again. Jiang Xianzhi still refused. Li Gun couldn’t unlock the password of Cao Ying’s computer, Cao Yinxie mocked. Gu Ruili is here to make an annual summary report. Zheng Taiyi told Ming Nali that if Jiang Xianzai had come, she must tell her that Ming Nali thought that Cao Yinxie was very strange recently and that he had a bad hair style. Zheng Taiyi sighed silently. Cao Ying asked her to sell her things. Zheng Taiyi also wanted to borrow a hotel room. She needed a secret base. Cao Yinxie didn’t have a driver’s license, so Cao Ying took his driver’s license, and he was worried whether Cao Yinxie was performing well at the moment.

Gu Ruili and Li Gong are still working through the night, and Cao Xixie stands beside him. When eating supper, Cao Xixie took out the kimchi, and Li Gong was a little flustered. Gu Ruili asked Li Gun if he had ever thought of getting married. Li Gun said that he had asked someone to marry him, and Cao Yinxue was surprised. Jiang Xianzhi went to a psychiatrist, he couldn’t sleep after drinking a lot of wine. Li Gang has not yet cracked Cao Ying’s computer password, let Cao Yinxie try it, and if successful, give him a royal beauty mask. Cao Xixie unfastened it at once, and Li Gun was speechless. There are some monitors in the computer about Zheng Taiyi.

Before leaving, Li Gang hoped that Zheng Taiyi would go with him, but Zheng Taiyi could not let go of his relatives and friends. The two missed each other in different worlds. Li Gang opened another surveillance video. In 2022, Zheng Taiyi crossed the street and there was a little boy playing yo-yo behind him. In an instant, Li Gang was torn again on the shoulder. Seeing the time displayed on the monitor, Li Gang fell into deep doubt again, what is this. Li Lin learned that Jiang Xianzhi was different. He was the wrong chess player himself, and Zheng Taiyi was the chess player he hadn’t played yet. Li Lin asked people to deal with Zhang Yanzhi. Li Lin knew that Li Gong should have noticed.

Li Gang asked people to go to the bookstore under surveillance but couldn’t find it. Li Gun came to the sea to find Li Zongren. He encountered a problem on the way to find the answer. The New Year is coming, and time has stopped again. Li Gong knows that Li Lin is coming to the Korean Empire. On the streets celebrating the New Year, Li Gong appeared on the street. The people rushed up enthusiastically. Li Gong searched Li Lin in the crowd again and again, but did not recognize him. Knowing that Li Gong remembered that there was no time in that world and he would not grow old, which means that Li Lin will not grow old. Li Gun turned around and saw Li Lin, a rebellious thief who was looking for a long time, but now his face was calm.

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