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The King: The Eternal Monarch 더 킹: 영원의 군주 Episode 8 Recap

Zheng Taiyi looked at her ID photo and wondered if the other world really didn’t have herself, but also thought of the person Li Gong said was similar to her. Li Lin also got a photo of Zheng Taiyi. His men said that it was a girl in a slum called Luna. Li Lin sent someone to find her and planned to exchange her with Zheng Taiyi. Qi Ruilian found Luna, but Luna said she had n’t seen her, Luna wanted to leave, and Qi Ruilian pulled her, asked if she had never seen herself, and asked if she had twin sisters, but Lu Na denied it, and left.

A pregnant woman listened to the recording. The recording was all about Gu Ruili. She touched her belly and said that her child would soon have an aunt. She is the person Li Lin chose to exchange. Xia Enmei’s autopsy report came out, and she was killed after sleeping under a sleeping pill. Jiang Xinzhi and Zheng Taiyi felt that her boyfriend Park Zheng Jiu had not had enough time to commit the murder, and the suspect was transferred to her roommate Zhang Yanzhi.

Li Gong took Cao Ying out for dinner, but met the person who fought with Zheng Taiyi last time. He asked Cao Ying to clean them up, but the person under the hat was indeed Cao Yinxie. He let Cao Yinxie hide, and Cao Yinxie ran directly. Li Gang fights with others for a while and Cao Ying appears to overthrow them.

Suddenly, two criminal police officers appeared, both of whom knew Cao Yinxie. There was no way Cao Ying could only pretend to be Cao Yinxie. A few people said a few words, Cao Ying said to take Li Gun to dinner, and then left.

Li Gang moved to six o’clock. Zheng Taiyi wanted to pass by and asked him to come down to meet him. Zheng Taiyi asked him if he would like him if he didn’t help him when he first came to this world. Li Gong said yes. Zheng Taiyi said he was going to ambush soon, and asked him if he had an accident today. Li Gang said no. Zheng Taiyi planned to leave. Before leaving, he also told Li Gong that I love you.

Cao Ying met Ming Nali after going out, not only counted Cao Ying’s meal, but also wiped off the mole painted by Li Gong on his face. After that, Cao Ying went to Cao Yinxie and said what Ming Nali told him to do.

Jiang Xianzhi went to the police station to bail his mother and took her to dinner, telling her that she was very happy to be his son, asking her if she was happy after waking up, and then finished hoping she would not fall down, his mother Apologies to him.

Someone who looked the same as Salina’s mother came to the bookstore and took out an envelope from a book. The photos were all Salvia’s photos. She looked at the photos and cried. Zheng Taiyi They are interrogating Park Jeong Jiu and Zhang Yanzhi calls and says she wants to surrender.

Li gang brought Cao Ying to dinner again, but the owner of the shop recognized who he was. Li gang took Cao Ying out and said that the boss was not a person in this world, and asked Cao Ying to grab him.

Gu Ruili’s mother had been thinking about who the man who came to her house for the umbrella that day was very familiar. Suddenly he ran to the room to get a book introducing the royal family and saw the photo. It was Li Lin.

When Park Jung-jeou was released, he accidentally heard that Zhang Yanzhi had two mobile phones. Zheng Taiyi hurriedly searched Zhang Yanzhi’s room.

Cao Ying brought the boss to Li Gong in front of him. Li Gong asked him where Li Lin was, but he didn’t say that. He also mentioned the death of Li Gang’s father. Li Gang asked Cao Ying to take him back to the Korean Empire.

Someone came to see Zhang Yanzhi and asked her where her cell phone was. She said that she had hidden it. She also asked the man when he could pass and threatened him, but others did not act according to her request.

Zheng Taiyi found Li Gun and showed him the case of Li Shengzai’s death. Li Gun asked him if he had polio. Zheng Taiyi said yes, Li Gang asked if there is any person in this world. Zheng Taiyi told him that he was dead. Then Zheng Taiyi asked Li Gong to accompany her to the home of Li Jing’s mother Song Jinghui in this world.

Salary went to the tomb of Li Zhixun and remembered that he was in the Korean Empire when he was a child. When he returned to the police station, he saw Cao Yinxie holding a mobile phone to see the photos of Cao Ying and Li Gang. Where is Cao Ying himself.

Gu Ruili ’s secretary brought her what she had sent from her hometown, and that was the same newspaper. She called her mother to make sure it was not sent by her mother. Gu Ruili looked at the information in the newspaper, saw another himself, and was startled.

Salary came to the hotel to look over Li Gang’s stuff, saw the sign of the Korean Empire, and remembered the news of the emperor’s death he had seen. Suddenly, Cao Ying came back and the two fought.

Li Gun came back because I kept asking who he was and whether he was Li Gun. Li Gun said that Zheng Taiyi told him his name but the salary was denied, and then Li Gun also knew that he was also a person on his own side.

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