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The King: The Eternal Monarch 더 킹: 영원의 군주 Episode 10 Recap

Jiang Xianzhi eats rice cakes by the road, and Zheng Taiyi finds him. She tells Jiang Xianzhi that Li Shangdao is still alive. He and Zhang Yanzhi both have two mobile phones because there is a sister who has the same appearance as here, and Zheng Taiyi Been there. Even though Jiang Xinzhi escaped a little, Zheng Taiyi still caught him and said that there have been crimes in two worlds. She has no evidence to cover it, and hopes Jiang Xinzhi can help. Jiang Xinzhi said that Zheng Taiyi was fantasizing and told her to be awake. Li Gang accidentally discovered that Li Lin was delaying the passage of time, and he realized that he was running out of time. When Zheng Taiyi came to Zhulin, when he wanted to leave, he suddenly discovered that Li Gong appeared on a horse. Zheng Taiyi cried and ran to Li Gong’s arms. Li Gong couldn’t stay here for long, but missed Tai Tai too much and wanted to hear her voice. The New Year is coming, Li Gong hurried back in time.

Cao Ying handed the hotel room card to Zheng Taiyi, Cao Yinxie’s family was coming, Cao Ying had to rush back to the reception. Cao Ying was forced to put on colorful clothes. Cao Yinxie’s sister seriously told her that this person was not an elder brother, and they were completely different. Cao Yinxie’s younger brother accidentally took out his pistol. Cao Ying quickly hid the gun behind him and said it was a souvenir from his army. The seven groups were forced to be on duty on New Year ’s Eve. Zheng Taiyi was drinking beer to listen to the quarrel between Zhang Michael and Park Wenzhi. Jiang Xinzhi suddenly appeared, and after asking him to calm down, he still asked Zheng Taiyi about his mobile phone. Li Gong attended the New Year’s ceremony, and Gu Ruiliu’s term was only one year left, so she came to ask Grandma Lu how she could directly hit Li Gang’s heart. Grandma Lu didn’t help her. Luna fed cat food to the stray cat on the roadside. Luna was actually the name of the cat, but she didn’t have a name. Li Gang went to investigate Luna’s information and found that she was released from prison earlier because of a terminal illness. Li Gong also checked Li Lin’s men and found that he was already dead in this world.

On New Year’s Eve, time stopped again. Li Gong quickly went to Zhulin to check the situation but was told that no one was passing by. He discovered that the entrance and exit between them was not the same. Li Gun quickly ordered to go to Haeundae, and Ming Shengya quickly received the news and uploaded it to social media. The news that Li Gong was about to come to Haeundae soon spread. When Li Gun appeared on a horse, the people cheered, and Li Gang finally saw the immortal rebel Li Lin. The guards surrounded the scene, and just as Li Gun was about to order, Li Lin’s people also appeared. Li Gang was afraid of hurting the masses and ordered not to shoot. At this time, Cao Xixie blocked Li Gun in front of him and shot Li Lin for him. Li Lin disdainfully took the people away, and Li Gang quickly ordered an aftermath. Gu Ruili was very surprised to learn that Li Lin appeared again. It was even more puzzled to think of what her mother said. What happened to Li Lin spread all over the streets and alleys, and Li Zongren was very surprised to hear these from other populations.

Cao Yinxie wore a bulletproof vest, but only injured muscles and ligaments. He needed to be hospitalized for two weeks. Li Gun blamed himself and thanked Cao Yinxie for protecting him. Li Zongren has been here, but he did not recognize Liu Qingwu, Li Lin still did not care about it, and even began to look forward to the next meeting. Cao Ying came to Jiang Xianzhi’s home. Jiang Xianzhi’s mother called and went home, saying that Song Jinghui, who worked as a nanny in their house, was completely different from her previous mother. Mother also mentioned Song Jinghui’s son Li Zhixun and Jiang Xianzhi at the same age. Cao Ying was in deep contemplation. He had clearly seen Jiang Xianzhi’s mother in the palace. Zheng Taiyi came to the hotel with Jiang Xinzhi and said that he and Cao Ying needed help.

The three of them analyzed the substitutions in the two worlds. Li Gong returned to the palace, and Grandma Lu was relieved to see him safe, but only learned that Li Lin looked exactly the same as 25 years ago. Gu Ruili called to confirm Li Lin ’s magic. Li Gang did not want to cause confusion. He insisted that Li Lin had been shot 25 years ago. Today, only the rebel thief Yu Dang appeared and reminded Qi Ruili not to involve too much.

Zheng Taiyi and Jiang Xinzhi questioned Zhang Yanzhi’s two mobile phones. Zhang Yanzhi pretended to be incomprehensible, but made Zheng Taiyi more confirmed. Jiang Xinzhi found a mysterious car and quickly queried the license plate number information. The matter of the counter-thief made all the MPs come to Li Zongren to ask him to come forward to preside over the overall situation. Li Zhanren was very angry, and he would not participate as a royal clan.

At this time, Li Gong came. Li Zongren hopes he will not misunderstand. Li Gun tells him that Li Lin is still alive and not getting old. He will go out to find the palace in a few days. The place where they meet can no longer be in the Korean Empire. Li Zuren stayed in the palace. Jiang Xinzhi asked Zheng Taiyi to talk about that place. Zheng Taiyi said that the place was called the Korean Empire, and there was no division. She did not find Jiang Xinzhi in that world. After eating, Jiang Xianzai took Zheng Taiyi to Li Zhixun’s grave and told her why she hadn’t seen herself in that world. The name Li Gong has always existed in his memory, although he never knew who he was . Zheng Taiyi is sad, but gratified that Jiang Xinzhi has been here.

Gu Ruili went to President Zheng, asked him to find the magic of the rebel thief Yu Dang, and promised him amnesty in April. Li Zongren saw Li Lin everywhere and was frightened to see that he did not grow old. Li Lin grabbed Li Zongren’s neck and took his life, then put the ring belonging to the emperor on it In the hands of Li Zongren. Zheng Taiyi brought some home-cooked food to Cao Ying, and Cao Ying asked her to take a look at the cell phone left by Li Gong. Zheng Taiyi opened his phone and searched for the love words that Li Gong said. Zheng Taiji was deleted after she was in her heart. Cao Ying asked her if she had to travel between the two worlds if she caught Li Lin. If Zheng Taiyi would become the queen of the Korean Empire, he would stay in this world and always guard the secret .

Li Gang gave away his only relative, Li Zongren. At the moment when she got off the plane, Grandma Lu had passed out. Zheng Taiyi stood by the window to water the flowers, and vaguely saw Li Gong. Zheng Taiyi quickly ran out, Li Gong said that he came from a far away, and gave her a bunch of flowers, he must leave immediately. Zheng Taiyi reluctantly grabbed Li Gong’s hand, Li Gong said with tears that I love you. Zheng Taiyi opened her eyes from the kiss, Li Gong was gone, she cried and hugged the bunch of flowers.

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