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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 46 Recap

Lu Ping believes that Xi Wu is not for family feuds, but for too many people to live better. It is always right to fight for innocent people, just as Guo Youdao had established the Fengfeng Church for this. It is a pity that Lu Ping woke up too late, and Qin Sang was killed. Lu Ping asked Guo Wushu if he was not worthy of being a disciple of Guo Youdao?

Guo Wushu admits that Lu Ping is not worthy of being a disciple of Guo Youdao, but also thinks that there is still hope. Like him, it is too late to wake up as a brother. Guo Wushu intends to go to Fengfengtang to continue Guo Youdao’s career, and also reminds Lu Ping to go to Jincheng to find Yan Xifan, where is where he really needs him.

Li Yaotian prepared a secret weapon for Lu Ping. This secret weapon is the disciples of the fifth court and Wei Tianqi. Lu Ping “accused” Li Yaotian of his unruly rules, and now the rules are broken. Li Yaotian said with a smile that these people went down the mountain privately, and he saw nothing. Lu Ping praised Li Yaotian for his demeanor. Li Yaotian pointed out that he chose Beidou elite to become a dark walker, hiding in the dark and longing for the light to punish evil and promote the good. In this way, it is not dry politics, but it can save the people and the fire.

Lu Ping led Su Tang and Beidou and his team to leave Beidou and rush to Jincheng. Zhai Rong and others and Shanhailou could not win Jincheng for several days. Zhairong worried that the president of Shanhailou would drive straight into the Central Plains. Too. Yan Xifan has never been able to defeat the Soul Eater, and Liu Yange arrested many innocent people to kill people at the gate of the city, forcing Zhai Rong to show up.

Liu Yange asked Zhai Rong to surrender, otherwise he would kill the people of Shuo. Wen Rui was angry to be rushed to be stopped by Yan Xifan, and the people were about to be brutally slaughtered. Luping dropped the sword from the sky and put it on Liu Yange’s neck. Since Liu Yange is still useful to Liu Song, Yan Jin had to let the people go according to Lu Ping’s request.

Lu Ping originally wanted to play in the army, but unexpectedly was driven away by Yan Xifan. After the emperor knew it, he asked Yan Xifan if he was worried that he killed Lu Ping, so he deliberately walked away. Yan Xifan did not admit it, but instead believed that Lu Ping was untamable and worried that it was not suitable for being in the army, especially when he had assassinated the emperor before, and now he also worried that Lu Ping would do the assassination again. The emperor temporarily believed Yan Xifan’s words, and at the same time worried that if he could not win Jincheng, he would have to succumb to peace talks, and Zhai Rong was unwilling.

Lu Ping did not blame Yan Xifan, but thought that the hatred of his father must be remembered. Although he knew that Yan Qiu ’s final fatal blow was caused by Shan Hai Lou, Lu Ping did not make Shan Hai Lou organic after all. Available. Lu Ping intends to make troubles, since he and the Long Jiejun cannot cooperate, they will do their own thing. Lu Ping looked at the barracks in the distance, and Yan Xifan also looked at Lu Ping’s direction, as if he could communicate with each other.

Liu Yange and others were worried that the cooperation between Lu Ping and Long Jiejun would be detrimental to them. Liu Yange was overjoyed when he heard that Lu Ping was driven away. On the contrary, Yan Jin believes that the thoughts of the two youngsters Lang are not simple and must not be underestimated.

Luping led Su Tang and others to sneak into Jincheng to burn grain and grass, but found that it was like an empty city, but only found a fake granary. Yan Jin seems to have calculated that Lu Ping must come to sneak attack long ago, and he played the piano to urge the soul-eaters to attack Lu Pingren. At the same time, Yan Xifan also led people to the north of Jincheng, the purpose is to create time for Lu Pingren, but did not want to be stopped by Lin Tianyi and Xing Luo. Xing Luo had killed Yan Xifan’s brother before. Yan Xifan had always been terrified of Xing Luo’s heart, but now Yan Xifan has got rid of the demon and fights Xing Luo alone.

Although Lu Pingren has medicine, he can only postpone the actions of the Soul Eater. The Soul Eater keeps chasing Lu Pingren under the impetus of Yan Jin’s piano sound. Those Soul Eaters are all six souls. Find Lu Pingren. Lu Ping itself is a combination of six souls, he has weaknesses, and those people also have weaknesses. Lu Ping has readjusted his strategy and intends to assassinate Yan Jin. Lu Ping used the big clock in the yard to continually struck Yan Ming ’s harp, which disturbed the Soul Eater, and disturbed Yan Jin ’s piano sound. He took advantage of the Soul Eater ’s pain, and suddenly suffered damage to the Soul Eater ’s ear. Strike to kill the Soul Eater.

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