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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 45 Recap

Su Tang came to Qin Sang to tell Qin Sang about Liang Yihua, and also told Qin Sang about Chu Min’s amnesia. Su Tang believed that Lu Ping could be saved by finding Liang Yihua. Qin Sang remembered that Lu Ping came back and gave Liangyi flowers to her, and Lu Ping laid down his life to save her again. Qin Sang did not explain this matter, but asked Su Tang to promise Lu Ping a few days of peaceful life. Lu Ping recently lived a life of indifference, and the two also just married.

Qin Sang left Beidou in a hurry and sat in the woods crying. She knew that only her blood could save Lu Ping. One of the two must die, and Qin Sang was not afraid of life and death but could not bear Lu Ping. Su Tang noticed that Qin Sang had followed him and saw that Qin Sang was crying and heard her self-talk. Su Tang couldn’t help crying.

Qin Sang went back to Luping and found that Lu Ping was not in the room and scared Qin Sang to find it at the market. Lu Ping is teaching the children to practice the soul. The children like Lu Ping very much, and Qin Sang is very happy to see such a Lu Ping. Qin Sang told Lu Ping that Su Tang had returned and took Lu Ping to Bei Dou to find Su Tang.

As soon as he saw Qin Sang, Wei Tianqi couldn’t help stepping forward to call him Sang Sang. Lu Ping held Su Qin’s hand in one arm and suspiciously told Wei Tianqi to call his sister-in-law in the future. Don’t hear someone call Sansang.

Lu Ping didn’t know that Chu Min had lost his memory. When he saw Chu Min rushing up excitedly, he was knocked down to the ground by Chu Min, and also said that Lu Ping was so weak. Guo Wushu took the pulse for Lu Ping and learned that Lu Ping still had three days to go. Qin Sang asked Lu Ping what he would do if God gave him a chance? Lu Ping said that the wrong way would be taken again, but unfortunately there is no turning back in the world. Qin Sang asked Su Tang to help her make another porridge.

Qin Sang called out Su Tang and proposed to save Lu Ping. Su Tang worried that Qin Sang would die. Qin Sang asked Su Tang if Liang Yi spent her blood, would she give Lu Ping? Su Tang knew that he would give Lu Ping, so he also knew that he could not persuade Qin Sang. Su Tang was reluctant to hold Qin Sang and worried that Lu Ping could not accept it. Qin Sang claimed that he knew that Lu Ping would not be able to stand, so he would be accompanied by Su Tang. In order for Su Tang Lu Ping to live well, Qin Sang hoped that Lu Ping would live well again.

Wei Tianqi heard the dialogue between the two and rushed out to try to stop Qin Sang. Qin Sang said that she would do the same for Shuo Guo. Only Lu Ping could pull the tide by herself. Qin Sang said good words and persuaded Wei Tianqi to help her, because she knew that Wei Tianqi had changed since Beidou, and would be more concerned about the overall situation, and would be more determined. Wei Tianqi would promise her anything, Wei Tianqi closed her eyes in pain, She could not refuse Qin Sang.

Wei Tianqi sent away the disciples of the vigil, and let Lu Ping sleep with a silver needle. Qin Sang stayed outside the door with tears. No one was allowed to disturb Qin Sang to save Lu Ping. Qin Sang gave Lu Ping the blood of his whole body, and Wei Tianqi applied Qin Sang to the needle. This medicine Guo Wushu taught him made him feel like he was asleep and felt no pain at all.

Qin Sang looked at Wei Tianqi’s back and said thank you. Wei Tianqi did not have the courage to look back at Qin Sang, worrying that this would stop Qin Sang from saving Luping.

Qin Sang and Lu Ping came to the Fengfeng Hall together and asked about Lu Ping’s feelings. Lu Ping felt that it was still full in the past, but now it is plain but empty. Qin Sang relied on Lu Ping’s shoulders, claiming that she would no longer go with Lu Ping in the future, and she was relieved to hear Lu Ping say this. Lu Ping held Qin Sang’s shoulder and asked where she would go? Qin Sang did not speak.

Lu Ping called Qin Sang’s name in a coma. Guo Wushu found the pulse of Lu Ping’s six souls full of energy, and his life and martial arts were picked up. Lu Ping asked Qin Sang where Wei Tianqi couldn’t help crying, and Su Tang told Lu Ping Qin Sang to save Lu Ping by exchanging all his blood.

Luping got up and went to find Qin Sang. At this time, Qin Sang was sitting in the place where the two people often sat, and his face was very pale. Lu Ping heartache is hard to understand Qin Sang into his arms, Qin Sang asked whether Lu Ping came to blame her unauthorized decision? Lu Ping tenderly stated that he wanted to blame, but now that she understands that the Qin girls are vigorous and cannot persuade them back, Qin Sang asks whether Lu Ping regrets marrying her? Lu Ping looked at Qin Sang affectionately and said he regretted not marrying Qin Sang earlier. Qin Sang hopes that Lu Ping can take her to see the highest place of Beidou. Lu Ping bends over to hug Qin Sangmo and takes her to the highest mountain of Beidou.

Qin Sang lay on Luping’s legs and looked up at the starry sky, telling her that she was still young when her parents died in battle. She didn’t understand why her brother wanted to inherit the Qin family, and she didn’t understand what the family was. Lu Ping prayed that Qin Sang would stay longer and teach him something more. Qin Sang hoped that Lu Ping would keep this place for her, and Lu Ping agreed.

Qin Sang Luping snuggled together, thinking about the two acquaintances from the past, from killing each other to falling in love, Qin Sang also lay in Lu Ping’s arms and closed his eyes peacefully, Lu Ping’s tears slipped down his cheeks, daring to look down at Qin Sang, afraid Qin Sang has gone away.

Wei Tianqi originally wanted to see Qin Sang was blocked by Su Tang, hoping to make Lu Ping get a moment of silence. Wei Tianqi cried and screamed Qin Sang’s name. Guo Wushu came to comfort his apprentices, thinking that everyone had his own life, and hoped that Wei Tianqi would not blame himself.

The Seven Stars of the Big Dipper in the sky are extremely shiny, which means that the stars have returned, and those who have awakened the sky have truly awakened. Lu Ping placed Qin Sang, and placed her in the place where the Beidou brothers practiced. Everyone practiced accompanied Qin Sang on weekdays. The stars were also very bright here at night to allow Qin Sang to appreciate. Lu Ping promised to come and accompany him when he was finished.

Guo Wushu came behind to “blame” Lu Ping for fouls, Beidou was not allowed to bury his bones casually, but Lu Ping did not care at all, because he knew that Guo Wushu had already allowed it, even if he was not allowed to penetrate the opponent with his six souls. Lu Ping had thought clearly at this time that the reason why Guo Youdao concealed the truth was that he was blinded by hatred and became the second Liu Song.

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