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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 43 Recap

Liu Song learned that Yan Xifan went to Jincheng to report. Liu Song thought that although Yan Xifan was a ruined family, but his ability was extraordinary. If he is to be reused in the Dan Kingdom, it is a pity that he must not be easily bypassed this time for the Shuo Kingdom.

Liu Song arranged to go to Jincheng with Yan Jin, while Lin Tianyi stayed at the base camp and continued to create the Soul Eater. At the same time, Wen Rui also asked Long Jiejun to protect Zhai Rong up and down together, and he did not know that Lu Ping had mixed into the barracks without knowing it.

When Wen Rui discovered Lu Ping mixed in the military camp, Lu Ping was used by Jing Ping, so Wen Rui misidentified him as Qin Sang and set out the big camp where Emperor Zhai Rong was.

Lu Ping had been posing as a soldier and was in the army, Zhai Rong also replaced the guard. But he did not expect that when the army rushed to the road, the fog was thick, and Lu Ping suddenly shot at Zhai Rong’s carriage. Qin Sang came out of it when the carriage was broken. Qin Sang blamed Lu Ping for not being fooled by Liu Song. Zhai Rong also believed that the cold talks were heroes, and they were willing to sacrifice for the bigger picture if they were alive. However, Lu Ping believes that his parents have never been indisputable, but has become the victim of their struggle, and Mo Lin also died in this battle. Lu Pingjian pointed out that Zhai Rong wanted to make a break with him, and Qin Sang came out and stopped Lu Ping.

Luping attacked Zhai Rong several times and was blocked by Qin Sang in the front. At the same time, Wei Tianqi and Guo Wushu also rushed to Kaifeng. Wei Tianqi was exhausted, which made Guo Wushu very angry. When he came outside the city, Guo Wushu found that the army was mobilized, and Wei Tianqi thought that Lu Ping was inside.

Qin Sang told Lu Ping that Liu Dong in Hedong was incompetent and Zhai Rong was replaced by the will of the day. And Lu Ping was bewitched by Liu Song to make the world chaos, so it is injustice. Qin Sang also knew that Lu Ping was suffering, and was willing to die instead of Zhai Rong. Lu Ping snatched Qin Sang’s sword, and was sad Qin Sang stood on the opposite side. Qin Sang embraced Lu Ping’s claim to be willing to live a secluded ordinary life with Lu Ping. This is also Lu Ping’s long-cherished wish. It is difficult to achieve. Lu Ping pushed away Qin Sang, claiming that he was never eligible for ordinary life, and did not plan to go back alive. After finishing his speech, Luping threw away the weapon in his hand and backed away a few steps, breaking his heart and falling to the ground. Guo Wushu and Wei Tianqi arrived and took Lu Ping away. Zhai Rong did not make people chase, but continued to march. Qin Sang followed Lu Ping.

Learned that Lu Ping’s heart was weak and could not live too long. Qin Sang decided not to be cured. To let Lu Ping live the last quiet day, she also accompanied Lu Ping to all the places she wanted to go. Guo Wushu let bring back Beidou, if he really has something, he can take care at any time.

Qin Sang came to Zhai Rong for resignation. Zhai Rong was angry at Qin Sang’s resignation at this time. Qin Sang thought that Long Jiejun was well-trained and commanded by Wen Rui. Her role at this time was no longer significant. Qin Sang claimed that it was because he remembered Qin Qi’s explanation that he would block Lu Ping regardless of everything, but after her brother left, Lu Ping was the only person she cared about. Lu Ping’s life was bumpy because of Dashuo. I hope that Zhai Rong will be compassionate about Lu Ping and let her take care of Lu Ping. Zhai Rong was angry and drove Qin Sang away from you, and did not want to see her again. Qin Sang knew that this was Zhai Rong’s permission.

Ling Ziyan was named General Long Jiejun, and Qin Sanglai saw her off. Ling Ziyan also said that she would never compare with Qin Sang. Everyone had his life. Qin Sang asked Ling Ziyan to persuade Wen Rui more, and hoped that Ling Ziyan and Yan Xifan could take Long Jiejun well, and Wen Rui could accept it slowly. Qin Sang intends to take Lu Ping to a quiet place to enjoy the remaining days. Ling Ziyan hopes that Qin Sang and Lu Ping will be able to guard each other in the future.

Luping diagnosed the blood ejected from his heart at that time and was found by Liu Song’s people. Lin Tianyi used it as a medicine guide, intending to create a true six souls through the soul eater. Lin Tianyi tried various methods before and failed to open the last iron chain, unable to exert the maximum energy of the blood of the awake person. Now Liu Song is forcing Lu Ping to open the sixth iron chain by himself, never thinking that he can really Kill Zhai Rong.

After the experiment, Lin Tianyi finally created the Soul Eater. Liu Song was happy to tell the news about the cold break talk. As long as the army of the Soul Eater can be made, Pingshuo Kingdom can be set up. Liu Song thought that the cold break talk was the head of the Beidou, but he was killed because of goodness, so He will never be soft-hearted. At this time, Lin Tianyi came to tell Liu Song Chumin to take the blood snake with his life.

Liu Song hurried over and blamed Chu Min for betraying him again and again for outsiders. Chu Min thought everything here made her sick, and Chu Min would rather die than stay. Liu Song was a little sad and asked if Chu Min had no nostalgia for her. Chu Min forced Liu Song to let himself go, otherwise he would let the blood snake bit her. After all, Liu Song couldn’t bear to let Chu Min leave, Liu Song said he couldn’t bear Chu Min ***, hope Chu Min will come back one day.

Liu Song thinks that Chu Min hasn’t changed. Although he has said that his mouth has changed, it is actually the former Chu Min. Liu Song knew that Chu Min wanted to take the blood snake to Wuyou Valley to find a way to crack the Soul Eater, and the existence of Wuyou Valley has always been a hidden danger for the Soul Eater Army. I intend to use Chu Min to find Wuyou Valley, so as to eliminate Wuyou Valley. Lin Tianyi wanted to ask whether Liu Song ’s feelings for Chu Min were true or not, and Liu Song denounced Lin Tianyi for not being qualified to ask.

Chu Min rushed to Wuyou Valley day and night, came to Wuyou Valley and fell down. The horse back fainted and fell to the ground. The blood snake crawled out of the bag and bit Chu Min’s hand. Chu Min woke up to support his body and caught the blood snake. At this time, in the Wuyou Valley, Su Tang has been accompanying Mo Wuliu to study the methods of bearing the power of the Six Souls and the antidote to crack the Soul Eater.

Mo Buli persuaded Su Tang not to leave here because of this crime. After all, she and Mo Lin were not married. However, Su Tang thought that Mo Lin had married her and she would be Mo Lin’s wife for the rest of her life, and she would also stay for Mo Bu. Send off. Su Tang said that the surface was light and windy, but when he walked out of the room, his brain was full of Mo Lin. Su Tang’s heart hurt, and he could not bear the tears. Chu Min stumbled in and Su Tang hurried up to support Chu Min, Chu Min fainted on Su Tang’s shoulder.

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