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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 42 Recap

At the last moment, Yan Qiuci remembered what Yan Xifan said. Yan Xifan took Luping as his dead brother. It was this hesitation that made Yan Qiu soft, and Lu Ping pierced Yan Qiu’s chest with a sword. Yan Qiuci hopes that Lu Ping will stop, but Lu Ping thinks that Zhai Rong will not stop, Yan Qiu Ci pulls Lu Ping to remind him not to go more and more crooked, not to become the same person as Liu Song, Lu Ping but People who claim to be crawling out of hell don’t care about crookedness at all. Lu Ping drove away, Yan Qiu yelled Lu Ping’s name at the back, and Lu Ping ignored it.

Yan Jin and others appeared beside Yan Qiu’s speech, which is a good show by Liu Song’s first-hand director, and it is time for Wuji Villa to disappear. When Yan Xifan arrived, he saw Yan Qiu Ci sitting there motionless, and the scar on Yan Qiu Ci’s body was the Qian Song ruler Lu Ping took away. Yan Qiuci claimed that he had to face Lu Ping alone, and did not want Yan Xifan to embarrass, Yan Xifan wanted to help his father to heal, but Yan Qiuci asked Yan Xifan whether he still thought he had done something wrong and looked down on him ? Yan Xifan thinks that those are not important anymore. What matters is that Yan Qiu has resigned to Jincheng for more than ten years and is his most respectful father. Yan Qiuci handed over the Yan family knife to Yan Xifan, hoping he would do what he should do quickly, and believed that Yan Xifan must be better than what he did.

Yan Qiu Ci asked Yan Xifan to support himself and stood there. Yan Qiu Ci passed away forever. His merits and demerits can only be judged by future generations, but Yan Qiu Ci himself ca n’t be a ***, even if he is dead. To stand.

Shanhailou sent a spy to instigate martial arts people to pick things up in Wuji Mountain Villa, Wuji Mountain Villa hits hard, and will never return to its former glory. Yan Xifan felt sorrow in her heart, and Ling Ziyan comforted her. She hoped that Yan Xifan could cry out in her heart, but Yan Xifan forbeared the tears and thought he could not cry, otherwise Wuji Mountain Villa really collapsed. Yan Xifan recalled that when he was a child, his father often didn’t go home, and his words were all about carrying forward the Promise Mountain Villa. As long as Wuji Mountain Villa is still at home, now looking at the devastated Wuji Mountain Villa Yan Xifan feels his home is gone. Ling Ziyan hugged Yan Xifan from the back and hoped that Yan Xifan could feel her existence as long as people were at home.

Liu Song came to Chu Min to drink, and told Chu Min that victory is in sight now, and Lu Ping killed Yan Qiu. Chu Min was furious and rebuked Liu Song for being a evil spirit, using his only son to avenge him in the name of revenge for his elder brother. The real purpose of Liu Song is to make the rivers and lakes chaotic, the Jincheng chaos and the chaos of the country, and even the world chaotic. Liu Song did not shy away from his ambitions, and also told Chu Min that Luping was a sharp knife in his hand. Now Yan Qiuci is only for him. The next real goal is the emperor Zhai Rong.

Yan Xifan knew that no one could dissuade Lu Ping, but he could only listen to Qin Sang’s words. Qin Sanghan’s poison is more serious, and he hopes that Lu Ping will appear to see her last. Lu Ping threw Liangyi flowers into the yard, and left a note for Qin Sang’s treatment, hoping that Qin Sang could cure the cold. Qin Sang chased out but no trace of Lu Ping. Qin Sang suspected that he might have guessed wrong. Lu Ping should be unable to return at this time.

Qin Sang walked back with his letters. Lu Ping looked at Qin Sang’s mouth and smiled, as long as Qin Sang was good, he would be fine. Ling Ziyan ran to Qin Sang. Qin Sang screamed that Ling Ziyan killed Mo Lin after understanding the situation, leading to the current situation of Yan Xifan and Lu Ping. Yan Xifan knelt down and asked for guilt, hoping that Qin Sang could tell His Majesty about the loss of Wuji Mountain Villa. Yan Xifan did not blame Lu Ping for killing Yan Qiu, but hoped that Qin Sang would come forward to prevent Lu Ping from going wrong. Qin Sang promised to enter the Palace Face Saint early tomorrow morning.

Zhai Rong intends to personally recruit, also know that Qin Sang came here for Lu Ping, and asked Qin Sang what she would do if Lu Ping really came? Qin Sang didn’t know how to answer. Zhai Rong claimed to go to the military to reward him tomorrow and take Qin Sang with him. Maybe Qin Sang would find the answer by then.

After Qin Sang came out, Wen Rui quickly found Lu Ping’s whereabouts. At the same time, Qin Sang also took Liangyihua to find Lu Ping. I hope that Lu Ping will not go further and further away and go wrong.

Jin Ruyu came to worship Guo Youdao, and muttered Guo Youdao didn’t even give her a dream. Lu Ping came here, Jin Ruyu wanted to ask what happened to Lu Ping. Lu Ping did not answer Jin Ruyu but proposed to say two words with the master separately, and Jin Ruyu left with interest. Luping was drinking and looking at Guo Youdao ’s tombstone. At this time he already understood why Guo Youdao ’s account book could not be recorded because he already knew the truth of the matter. Guo Youdao was willing to protect Lu Ping with his life, but he refused to tell the truth. Lu Ping was very angry about this, and asked Guo Youdao whether to protect him or not to trust him. At this time, Lu Ping was tangled in pain, knowing who was killed by his parents, but he could n’t avenge himself. If he could n’t avenge himself, he would represent filial piety. Bring misfortune to those around you.

Luping fell to the ground in agony, lying there with his whole body powerless, as if seeing his parents appear in front of him, Luping stumbled to chase his parents. From small to large, the experience is vivid, and now Lu Ping has left an iron chain. Lu Ping knows that after the iron chain breaks free, it is death. But he would rather take the initiative to make his own decisions, but also to break free of the iron chain. Arriving at the Lingshui Lake, Lu Ping calmly broke the last iron chain and drove away.

Yan Xifan is also indifferent here. In the past, he used to be crowded, but now Yan Qiu dies and no one mourns. Yanxi Fan asked the housekeeper to divide the money for everyone, and then disbanded the Promise Villa. Now that the war has risen, all the people Yanxi wants to protect are not only the Promise Villa, but the people of the world. His world is no longer the Promise Villa and the rivers and lakes, but the battlefield.

.Watching the plaque of Wuji Mountain Villa was taken off, the taste that Yan Xifan couldn’t say, what a glorious glory it used to be, is the world’s largest village. Yan Xifan remembered that Yan Qiuci had said before that he could not be soft-hearted because he was not Zhao Xifan, but Yan Xifan. But Yan Xifan thought that some things could not be done by Yan Xifan, but Zhao Xifan could. Then, Yan Xifan took a step forward to leave firmly and went to the army to report.

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