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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 41 Recap

Mo Bu stayed to find Mo Lin, watching him sit down and meditating, blaming Mo Lin for the hasty order, and there were still many things that were too late to prepare. However, it is still very happy to stay at home, and thinks that Su Tang is also very good, he is very satisfied. Mo Wuli intends to wait for Mo Lin to be married and give Wuyou Valley to him. Moboan hopes that Mo Lin’an will spend the whole life guarding Wuyou Valley.

Molin also said that he has self-knowledge and thinks he cannot compare with people like Yanxi Fan Luping, but he also has his own things he wants to do. Mo Bu didn’t guess that Mo Lin must have stupid things to do, and he was stunned by Mo Lin’s medication as soon as he asked.

Lu Ping came to Yan Xifan to enter the valley, hoping that he could participate in the wedding of Mo Lin and Su Tang at night. Yan Xi Fan found that Mo Lin’s waist card was missing, and guessed that Ling Ziyan was taken away to find Mo Lin. At the same time, Mo Lin also went to meet Ling Ziyan, Ling Ziyan stayed at the door to guard the wind, also expressed guilt for Mo Lin. Mo Lin said that he did not do this because Ling Ziyan pleaded, because for his brother, Mo Lin believed that he would be able to go back and get married safely.

Lu Ping and Yan Xifan rushed over, Yan Xifan blamed Ling Ziyan for not coming to Mo Lin, Lu Ping also blamed Ling Ziyan for never thinking of Su Tang. Both of them rushed in together, but found that Mo Lin had urged the opening of the two flowers, and Mo Lin was happy to stand there with the flowers. Mo Buli also rushed over to check on Mo Lin’s body, but found that Mo Lin’s palm was not abnormal. Mo Lin was planning to tell Qin Sang’s story and suddenly vomited blood. Mo Bu stayed here and discovered that Lu Ping had been poisoned before. This time, the two poisons combined into the lungs.

Molin also told Qin Sang’s condition to Lu Ping. He wanted to help Qin Sang to open a flower after this, but now it is too late. Mo Lin thought it was worthwhile to marry Su Tang in this life. Lu Ping watched Mo Lin’s hand hang down and was very sad. Lu Ping stared fiercely at Ling Ziyan behind her.

Ling Ziyan ordered Wen Rui before she came in. As long as she did not go out, she would let Long Jiejun surround Wuyou Valley. Ling Ziyan thought that she could finally go back with Lu Ping now. Lu Ping blamed Yan Xifan for eventually becoming the eagle of the court. Without anger, he ordered his subordinate Mo Chuangu to drive Yan Xifan and others out.

Su Tang woke up in Osmanthus fragrans, remembering how Mo Lin took her here. Lu Ping came to persuade Su Tang not to wait any longer, but Su Tang had to wait for Mo Lin to come back. She worried that Mo Lin would not find her when she came back. Lu Ping had no choice but to stun Su Tang and took her away. He had a deep apology for Su Tang Mo Lin. Lu Ping asked Su Tang to leave Mo to care for him. He planned to leave here, maybe it was the best for Wu You Gu Return.

Ling Ziyan apologized to Yan Xifan, but also expressed that she just wanted to save Yan Xifan’s life. Yan Xifan asked when Ling Ziyan started working for the emperor? If she was an ordinary maid who could not command Long Jiejun at all, Yan Xifan suddenly felt that she was just a joke. Ling Ziyan explained that because the emperor said that only one person could live between Yan Xifan and Lu Ping, she could only keep the one who cares most. Yan Xifan told Ling Ziyan sharply that he would not do anything to hurt his brother in this life.

Yan Xifan re-entered the valley and asked Wenrui to take him back to Kaifeng, otherwise Wenrui will bear all the responsibilities if it fails. Yan Xifan stood outside to see that Mo Bu was not allowed to leave, but before that Yan Xifan handed Mo Lin a letter from Ling Ziyan.

This is a letter written by Mo Lin to Mo Buli, I hope Mo Bu does not blame Yan Xifan, Mo Lin just did what he thinks is right, he just hopes to get praise from his father, to be recognized by his brothers, can Make a little contribution to Fu Shanhai Tower. Mo Bu stayed for Yan Xifan to catch some pith washers for Mo Lin, and found the method of rescue from those people. Mo Buliu also told Yanxi Fan Luping had left, saying that he was looking for the person who wanted to seek revenge. Yanxi Fan worried that Lu Ping would go to Zhai Rong for revenge.

Shanhailou wanted to try the Jincheng people, Yanxi Fan asked Mo Qiu to send a letter to Yan Qiuci to stop Luping anyway, he rushed to Jincheng to help. Liu Song has been monitoring Lu Ping’s whereabouts and learned that he has gone to Kaifeng. He immediately ordered people to write letters to the major schools to expose the fact that Zhai Rong and Yan Qiu colluded and framed the cold talk. This is the beginning of Shanhailou’s official revenge plan. The purpose of Shanhailou is to make Yanqiu lose everyone’s trust and no one is available.

Jianghu sent various parties to find Yan Qiu Ci for accountability. Yan Qiu did not deny it, but he also said that he thought that what he had done for everyone in these years, making everyone live in peace and prosperity is not something that can be achieved by the cold talk. Yan Qiuci believes that no one can stand up to defend the enemy now that Shanhailou is attacking. If anyone can stand up, he immediately confessed his death. Yan Qiuci thought that it was worthwhile to get a calm talk for more than ten years of peace.

Yan Qiuci suddenly received Yan Xifan’s letter, and asked Yan Qiu to resign to intercept Lu Ping. Yan Qiuci knew that this was Liu Song’s first-hand plan. He couldn’t let Shuo Guo chaos, otherwise Jianghu would not be alone. Yan Qiuci went alone to intercept Lu Ping, because he knew that no one could stop Lu Ping, so he had to go alone. Yan Qiuci didn’t think he was wrong, but instead thought that if he had a cold talk and didn’t ask about the world, he wouldn’t be a hero. And Yan Qiu’s speech can make the people here live and work in peace and contentment. In his view, it is also worthwhile to talk about the couple’s sacrifice.

Lu Ping draws his swords to face each other, and makes Yan Qiuci keep these ghost words on Huangquan Road, talks with the couple on cold break, and Lu Shenfeng. Lu Ping vowed to kill Zhai Rong as long as he did n’t die today. No one could stop his way. Lu Ping and Yan Qiu Ci fought fiercely. Seeing Lu Ping ’s sword flying out, Yan Qiu Ci ’s knife was cut to Lu Ping ’s Neck.

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