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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 39 Recap

Chu Min told Liu Song about the events of the year. She and Guo Youdao went down the mountain to practice. When the five souls were going through, they learned that Beidou had an accident. Chu Min and Guo Youdao hurried back one step later. Liu Song’s death reduced Chu Min from five souls to three souls. It was no longer the same as Chu Min. Chu Min has been drinking every day in these years, and it has been 19 years for him to get drunk every day. Chu Min held Liu Song’s hand, hoping to hear them return to the past and return to Beidou, but Liu Song asked Chu Min to stay and accompany him to watch Zhai Rong’s death, so he would not treat Chu Min badly. Chu Minba pulled out the hairpin and suddenly penetrated Liu Song’s chest. Chu Min thought he should wake up in nineteen years.

Subsequently, Chu Min rescued Su Tang and Morin, and also rescued Lu Ping to place them on the carriage. Chu Min explained that Lu Ping went to Wu You Gu, Wu You Gu had the truth he wanted. Lu Ping hoped that Chu Min would leave with them, but Chu Min beat the horse with a whip, and Lin Tianyi led others around him.

Chu Min and Lin Tianyi went through three battles and returned to the five souls. Chu Min thought that Liu Song was dead before he fell. Now Liu Song is alive but he is dead in Chu Min ’s heart. Chu Min ’s demon has been removed. Back to the five souls.

Lu Ping asked Mo Lin and Su Tang to take a carriage back to rescue Chu Min. The people in Shanhailou chased and surrounded Luping. The Yanxi Fan rushed to the people who stopped Shanhailou in time, and Ling Ziyan also came in time to help .

Yan Jin and Lin Tianyi jointly attacked Chu Min, Chu Min did not fall down, suddenly Liu Song appeared in a wheelchair behind him and grabbed Chu Min’s whip, Chu Min did not expect Liu Song to be Yan Jin when he was safe and undisturbed. He was injured by Lin Tianyi.

Luping knew that Yan Xifan was only willing to help the emperor in order to be able to lead troops, and only by bringing troops could Luping be rescued. Yan Xifan let Su Tang talk, if Lu Pingken sees him, he will meet here, if he refuses to see him, he can leave. Luping said nothing but just jumped off the carriage and sat there.

Yan Xifan met the Soul Eater, thanking the opponent’s strength of the Soul’s instability for Yan Xifan to control it. Ling Ziyan found that the Soul Eater was the gang leader of the Fengling Gang. When he saw him before, he still had three souls through. Now it is already five souls through.

Yan Xifan conjectured that this Soul Eater was only promoted with Lu Ping’s blood, worrying that Lu Ping would be guilty after he knew it. Therefore, Yan Xifan did not rush to meet with Lu Ping, and Lu Ping felt sad, thinking that Yan Xifan would not dare to come to see him after all. Mo Lin proposed to go to the Valley of Worry first, waiting for the brother to go there to reconcile.

Chu Min realized that Liu Song had dealt with him with the spirit of fineness, everything was deliberately arranged by Liu Song, that is, to let Chu Min save the walk, he wanted Lu Ping to recognize the identity of the awake person, and let Lu Ping arrive There can be no peace.

Lu Ping recalled the death of Guo Youdao and others, and recalled what Liu Song told him, which made Lu Ping almost crazy, and the six iron chains were all broken. Fortunately, he came to the valley of Wuyou Valley, and he did not leave a needle to pierce. Lu Ping brought him back to the Valley of Worry.

Mo Buli didn’t tell Lu Ping that the couple had taken a cold break to talk about how the couple saved his life, so he gave a promise to return the relationship for the rest of his life. Later, when the couple took a cold break, the couple brought Lu Ping, who was on the verge of death, to the Wuyou Valley. He would penetrate the soul every month, until Liu Ping Tongtong Ping would spur his whole body to death. He had to take a cold break and begged to keep Lu Ping locked up with Ecstasy, and at the same time exhausted the half-life practice of the couple. At present, there is only one chain left. If the chain breaks and Lu Ping dies, he will promise that as long as Lu Ping stays well, he can keep Lu Ping in his life.

Su Tang thinks that Mo Bu stayed because he didn’t want to save Lu Ping, and Mo Lin also felt that his father was a little abnormal. Mo Lin searched the classics to help Lu Ping, and accused his father of counseling.

Su Tang wanted Qin Sang to come to accompany Lu Ping. Mo Lin was worried that Qin Sang’s cold poison did not agree. Su Tang suspected that Mo Lin had something to ask Lu Ping from himself. Lu Ping worried that the leaker deliberately asked Su Tang if he would be with him Together, Su Tang shyly ran away.

Luping found a lot of herbs for cold poison in Wuyou Valley and ordered them to send to Qin Sang. He wanted to keep Qin Sang’s life temporarily so that he could save her in the future.

Zhai Rong learned that Shanhailou had anxiety in his heart, and Master Xia suggested that Lu Ping should be brought back for the court, and he must not be afraid of Shanhailou. The emperor took the life of Wuji Mountain Villa as a hostage, and ordered Wenrui and Yan Xifan to bring Lu Ping back. They must not let Lu Ping fall into the hands of Shanhailou. Yan Xifan had no choice but to take the order. Wen Rui gave Ling Ziyan another secret message, if Yan Xifan could n’t kill Lu Ping on the spot, if Yan Xifan could n’t bear to kill Lu Ping, let Ling Ziyan take the place. If he could n’t be the emperor, he would take Yan Xifan. Life. Lu Ping misses Qin Sang, and suddenly feels that he ca n’t undo the chain. It is good to stay here, so as not to cause more people to be unlucky because of the identity of the awake person.

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