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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 38 Recap

Lu Ping remembered everything he had experienced in Shanhailou over the years, and asked Liu Song why he had treated him like this since he saved him. Liu Song took off his mask and exposed it in front of the road surface with a burned face. Liu Song told Lu Ping that if the couple were not on a cold break to save him or protect Liu Song, he would not die, and he was not to save Lu Ping nor disfigured his disability and could only sit in a wheelchair. Liu Song told Lu Ping Guo Youdao that those people did not know the truth, but no one was willing to tell the truth, all to protect Yan Qiu’s speech.

Lu Ping was again imprisoned in the cell, but this time Liu Song did not let him shackle him, because he knew that Lu Ping had nowhere to go now.

Chu Min came to the cell to see Lu Ping, and encouraged Lu Ping to live without giving up. Lu Ping instead asked if Chu Min really didn’t know the truth about his parents’ death? Chu Min was speechless, and Lu Ping was already reluctant to cheer up.

Yan Jin saw the scars on Liu Song ’s face and wanted to get someone to remove it, so he could return to the right position in the future, but Liu Song claimed that he had wanted to avenge the cold break over the years, but when he talked to Lu Ping just now I can’t remember the cold talk, maybe the scars on my face these years are the motivation to live.

Liu Song ordered Yan Jin to inform Lin Tianyi to move faster, and now Lu Ping has returned. The day when the Soul Eater returns is when he went south to wave his army. Looking at the spiritual position of the cold break, Liu Song claimed to himself, that was because of the cold break when talking about being kind to talents and the couple would have no bones. Although he also wanted Lu Ping to live a good life, he could not be soft-hearted, otherwise he would Towards the old road of cold talk.

Yan Qiuci thinks that this time he lost his soldiers and made people kill Emperor Lu Shenfeng. He must not tolerate him. Yan Qiuci only hoped that Qin Sang could take him back to meet his majesty later, hoping he could do the last thing right. Qin Sang did not intend to catch Yan Qiu’s resignation, but expressed that he would plead with His Majesty Yan Qiu’s resignation in Kaifeng. He just hoped that Yan Qiu’s words could lead his men to protect the city.

Qin Sang knew that Su Tang had been hunger strike since Lu Ping was arrested, so Mo Lin made some delicious food for Su Tang, and then told Su Tang how to rescue Lu Ping. In Qin Sang’s view, Liu Song will definitely contact Dan Guo after joining the troop, and Qin Sang will quietly mix in and rescue Luping while the mission is meeting. Qin Sang Handu seriously intends to go back to Kaifeng, to do something for his brother and not to personally rescue Luping, Su Tang promised to rescue Luping and went to see Qin Sang.

Qin Sang turned back to find Yan Xifan who had never closed his door, hoping that Yan Xifan could be the one the emperor wanted, connecting the court and the rivers and lakes, and doing something for the country ’s brothers in the future, hoping that Yan Xifan could Take Long Jiejun to rescue Luping. Yan Xifan was persuaded to freshen up and walk out of the house to see Yan Qiu’s speech.

Yan Xifan thinks that Lu Ping came to kill Yan Qiu Ci at that time, and he already has a great deal of enthusiasm. He would n’t come alive if he really wanted to kill Yan Qiu Ci. Yan Xi Fan thought that Lu Ping had his own righteousness, Yan Xi. Anyone who hopes to rescue Lu Ping can make up for the mistakes made by his father. Yan Xifan gave Yan Qiu a kneel and kowtowed, then left, Yan Qiu could not stop Yan Xifan.

Yan Xifan planned to leave before seeing Yan Qiu leave, telling Yan Xifan to rely on himself for everything from now on, and Yan Xifan nodded and left.

Qin Sang knelt in front of Zhai Rong and asked Yan Xifan to lead his army. Qin Sang was willing to use his life to guarantee Yan Xifan to return to the dynasty to serve Zhai Rong. The emperor reprimanded Qin Sang and Yan Xifan for rescission of marriage, and lifted all positions in his body from being banned in the house.

Long Jiejun pretended to be a mountain bandit and attacked the prince of Dan Yan, Liu Yange, Mo Lin and Su Tang took advantage of the chaos and killed two soldiers. After hearing this, Yan Jin believed that someone was coming in and asked Lin Tianyi to check it out. At the same time, Yan Jin gave a lesson to this arrogant Liu Yange.

Lin Tianyi inspected the whereabouts of Su Tang and Mo Lin, but met Chu Min who was provoking trouble. Chu Min deliberately broke the wine jar and stabbed his hand. He also wiped Lin Tianyi’s blood. Lin Tianyi was ordered by Liu Song not to hurt Chu Min. Therefore, they dare to leave without anger. Chu Min did this just to protect Su Tang and Mo Lin. After Lin Tianyi left, Chu Min asked Mo Lin and Su Tang to rush to save Lu Ping.

Liu Song used the blood of the Sky Awakener to create a Soul Eater that can compete with the Five Souls, and this Soul Eater is only one of them. Liu Song also wants to make Soul Eaters in large numbers. The ability of the Soul Eater deterred Liu Yange, and Liu Yange immediately demanded to take the Soul Eater back to show it. Liu Song agreed and claimed how many such soul-eaters would be.

Chu Min just took Mo Lin and Su Tang to the cell and was surrounded by Lin Tianyi. Lin Tianyi was more proud of this, that is, to save Chu Min’s life and let him watch his apprentice die one by one. Lin Tianyi shut Su Tang and Mo Lin in the cell to release poisonous smoke, which is to slowly torture Su Tang and Mo Lin until they die.

Chu Min repeatedly thought about the goodness of the children, thinking about the beautiful past he had with Liu Song. Liu Song gave her a hairpin when Chu Min went down the mountain to practice. Chu Min knew what Liu Song wanted to say, and promised to wait for her to come back and let Liu Song say what she wanted to say. Chu Min pinned the hairpin on her head and asked someone to ask Liu Song to come and meet.

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