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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 36 Recap

Lv Shenfeng stood up and rushed to Yan Xifan, Yan Qiu’s words were clear and his hand quickly pulled out his knife to block it back. Lu Shenfeng was excited to ask Lu Ping to kill Qiu Yanqiu. Yan Qiu’s remarks framed Lu Shenfeng as the pedestrians who mixed in Shanhailou ordered everyone to hunt down. Lu Ping swore that the son of a cold talk would come back to avenge his revenge. Yan Xifan on the side was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t know what happened.

In the evening, Yan Xifan heard that his father had arranged for someone to chase down Lu Ping. Yan Xifan came out and asked Yan Qiu to give an explanation. Why should Lu Shenfeng be detained? And now it is actually sending people to chase down, Yan Xifan guessed that Yan Qiu’s speech must have killed the cold talk, Yan Qiu admitted. Yan Qiuci claimed that he had previously said that the couple was dead in the hands of Shanhailou, and this sentence is not wrong, because he founded Shanhailou.

Yan Qiuci told Yan Xifan that there was no Promise Mountain Villa 19 years ago, only the Master of the Seven Peaks of Beidouge. At that time, each of the Peak Masters was a place where he was good at, and his reputation was very famous. Liu Song was the latest to get started, only Lv Shenfeng was not mentally complete, but very talented. At that time, the Beidou Pavilion envied the envy of the rivers and lakes, especially during the cold break, the couple was generous in skill and deep in love.

Later Yan Qiu met Zhai Rong, and the two saw each other as they did. At that time, the men and women came together, and every boy wanted to accomplish something. However, the elder brother didn’t think so much after a cold talk. When Yan Qiuci proposed to cooperate with the imperial court to establish meritorious service, the cold break talks were flatly rejected. The cold break talks believed that no matter how many dynasties there were only one Beidou, Beidou Zuxun did not interfere in the North Korean government, and Beidou Pavilion did not participate in any war, nor could it participate Yan Qiu promised on the surface.

Lu Shenfeng held Lu Ping and came to find a cold break. The cold break offered to let Lu Shenfeng learn martial arts, but Lu Shenfeng said that he would build a weapon for the cold break talk in his life. In the future, he also hoped that his elder brother would protect him, and let Lu Ping protect him in the future. Talking helplessly had no choice but to let it go.

Yan Qiuci thinks that since Luping had taken Luping, he put all his thoughts on Luping. Without any fighting spirit, he knew to hide and study martial arts. So since then, Yan Qiuci has been looking for opportunities. In an accidental opportunity, Yan Qiuci discovered Liu Song’s secret. When Liu Song first came, no one knew his true identity, but he thought he looked elegant and valuable. Liu Song also forgave Liu Song until the cold break, and hope Liu Song also remembered that Beidou was not in politics. Therefore, the cold break gave Liu Song two ways to let him go back to continue to be a prince, or to stay only from the Beidou, and if he stayed, he would hand over his troop to express his determination to stop the war.

Yan Qiuci took the initiative to find Zhai Rong to cooperate after hearing a dialogue. After Yan Qiuci said that it was a success, he wanted a chance to start again. Later, in order to obtain the trophies, Yan Qiuci took advantage of the cold break to talk about the couple leading Lu Ping down the mountain. Yan Qiu resigned to Chu Min and Guo Youdao. Only Liu Song and Lu Shenfeng stayed in the mountains. And Yan Qiu Ci also excuses to see his wife leave Beidou, Zhai Rong took the opportunity to pretend to be a river and lake people and took someone to Bei Dou, so as not to make everyone suspicious Yan Qiu gave Zhai Rong a group of people called Shanhai. floor.

But the soldiers were sealed in the Seven Killing Halls, and they couldn’t get them at all. Yan Qiuci knew that the couple had to spend a lot of repairs to suppress Lu Ping’s six souls. Yan Qiu Ci deliberately appealed to the two for help, claiming that Lu Shenfeng was killed, and the two of them rushed back. Yan Qiu Ci and the two would be reconciled. The two never guarded against Yan Qiu Ci, so Yan Qiu Ci would kill smoothly. Two people. But this scene was seen by Lv Shenfeng. Yan Qiu killed the Lengxiu Husband and wife with his own hand, and he did n’t want to take care of the younger brother. Therefore, he took Lv Shenfeng back to the prison and took him medicine. Let him lose his memory.

Unexpectedly, although Yan Qiu has spared no effort, he did not expect that the weapon was actually hidden within the Qiansong ruler. He also underestimated Liu Song ’s ability, and actually avoided his search with a blind eye. From the beginning, Yan Qiu said that Liu Song must be behind the Shanhai Tower. Yan Xifan couldn’t accept that all this was done by his father. Yan Xifan knelt and begged his father to let Lu Ping, but Yan Qiu sternly warned Yan Xifan that he was not qualified to be soft-hearted, because he was the heir to the martial leader of the future.

Ling Ziyan persuaded Yan Xifan to persuade him that he had no time to be sad. The key now is not to let Shanhailou and Yanxi Fan succeed. Yanxi Fan hopes that Ling Ziyan can help herself and Ling Ziyan nods.

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