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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 35 Recap

In order to appease Yan Xifan’s heart, Yan Qiu Ci informed him that Qin Sang, Lu Ping and Lu Shenfeng were placed in a safe place by him, but because of his own pains, he could not tell Yan Xifan all, and Yan Xifan did not doubt it any more.

Wen Rui Xunmi did n’t see Qin Sang overnight and asked Yan Xifan for help. Yan Xifan did n’t lie and wanted to tell the truth. Yan Qiu ’s speech happened to satiate Qin Sang. . After Yan Qiu finished his planting, he also proposed to make Qin Sang and Yan Xifan continue to be married. Wen Rui couldn’t stop Yan Qiu’s resignation, Ling Ziyan offered to marry Yan Xifan instead of Qin Sang, Yan Qiu’s permission was granted.

After learning of the situation, Yan Xifan felt wronged by Ling Ziyan, but Ling Ziyan expressed that she was willing to do so, which was considered to be what she wanted. Yan Xifan’s embrace of Ling Ziyan also said that Ling Ziyan was the only person willing to pay homage to the world.

Lv Shenfeng forgot many things, but he remembered his eldest brother and sister-in-law, and also specially created a sword for the sister-in-law. Some people kept blowing poisonous smoke into the dungeons. In order to take Qin Sang and Lao Bai out to Luping to force the four souls, when Lu Shenfeng was excited, he remembered that Lu Shenfeng had created a corner camp for cold talks. Lengxiu Tan proposed that let Lu Shenfeng create a sword for his sister-in-law called Dream Back, and this sword needs to be edged with blood. , And cooperation with Lu Pingtong already outside the cave opened the way.

Lu Ping came out with Lu Shenfeng and Qin Sang, but found that Qin Sang’s weak blade was black, and Lu Ping asked Lu Shenfeng if the sword he cast was poisonous? Lu Shenfeng just said in a confused sentence that the lake bottom is cold and iron, and Lu Ping held Qin Sang to seek relief.

Yan Xifan anxiously asked when Yan Qiu Ci would be able to encircle Shanhailou? Whether or not you can see Lu Ping after the encirclement and suppression, Yan Qiu’s remarks just makes Yan Xifan seriously hold the wedding, don’t think about it, Zhanshanhailou will also be his famous work.

Luping took Qin Sanglai to the Wuji Mountain Villa to meet Wenrui. Wenrui accused Luping of failing to protect even a girl, and Luping was left speechless. Fortunately, Qin Sang was only cold, Wen Rui told Lu Ping Yan Xifan to get married with Ling Ziyan. Lu Shenfeng, who was sitting beside him, heard the words Wuji Mountain Villa and remembered that a sharp sword had pierced into the body of the cold break. Lu Shenfeng shouted in fright, and Lu Ping stepped forward to appease.

Lv Shenfeng spit out blood, and it seems that people are sober, remembering why he has been here for 18 years, and remembering that Luping in front of him is not a cold talk, and the cold talk is dead. Lu Shenfeng claimed that only the master brothers could not martial arts, he would only build weapons. At that time, he thought he could protect himself for as long as he had a big brother. Although Lu Shenfeng didn’t know who Lu Ping was, he also regarded him as a trustworthy person.

Luping asked Wenrui about the recent situation of Wuji Villa, and immediately knew that Mingming was going to talk to Yanqiu. Su Tang ran day and night, wanted to find Lu Ping as soon as possible to bring it back to release the lock, and made Mo Lin tired and vomit. Morin stared at Su Tang’s eyes all the time and seemed to sense the danger from Lu Ping’s side.

Lu Ping negotiated with Wen Rui. Today Wen Rui attended Yan Xifan ’s wedding reception and arranged for Lu Ping and Lao Bai to mix in soldiers ’clothes. Although Lu Shenfeng had some memory recovery, he still trusted Lu Ping very much. He was called Big Brother from time to time. Lu Ping reminded Lu Shenfeng to recognize the enemy.

At Yan Xifan’s wedding, Yan Qiu made a generous speech about justice. Ling Ziyan helped everyone into the lobby with a red suit. Lu Ping complained and whispered and blamed Yan Xifan for not being waiting for him to drink wedding wine. Yan Qiuci passed on her sword to Yan Xifan at the wedding, which heralded her family business to Yan Xifan, hoping that all Jianghu people would recognize Yan Xifan’s status. Yan Xifan raised his heirloom sword high, and Lv Shenfeng stared at the treasure sword to remember that it was this sword that stabbed into the chest of the cold talk. Lao Bai was so excited that he couldn’t breathe, and he kept telling Lu Ping that the owner of the knife had killed him for a cold talk.

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