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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 33 Recap

Su Tang found that the bird on the branch was planning to follow the bird to find a smoky place and ask for directions, but he broke into the forbidden ground by mistake. When Morin got the news, he used chili powder and saltpeter powder to spread towards the forbidden area. Because he knew that his father was using Shunzhi to retreat and refining medicine, so he would definitely alarm his father, but Mo Lin was to alarm his father, so as to save Su Tang.

Su Tang entered a forbidden area and saw the old man sitting in front of the alchemy furnace. Su Tang asked for directions to Mo Lin. The old man laughed to make Mo Lin go away without going back and plan to go out, but Su Tang thinks that Mo Lin is the owner of Shaogu and no one can stop him if he wants to leave. The old man blamed the outsider interference of Su Tang for making Morin want to be the first assassin in the day. The smoke in the room caused by the powder of Morinza, and the reason why the old man used the pivotal spirit was almost unable to move Smoked to death, fortunately, Su Tang came out with an old man and a parrot to save his life.

The old man is the owner of the valley. Mo heard that Mo Lin said that he had a big brother with ecstasy, and he knew that the other party was named Ping’er, and claimed that the ecstasy was the one she put on the child. Luping saved his life. As for the ability to unlock, I am not sure if I can unlock it, but I promise to try it. Mo Lin and Su Tang Da Xi intend to get up immediately and bring Lu Ping back. Su Tang was moved by Mo Lin and promised to only feed him sugar afterwards, but the communication had to wait until Lu Ping nodded.

Lu Ping asked Yan Qiu to ask what Wu Youdao used to come to him for? And want to know what happened before, Yan Qiuci did not tell Lu Pingfang, but persuaded Lu Ping to forget the hatred, and be a brother with Yan Xifan, and treat this as their own home. It is most important to live happily. Lu Ping is very grateful for Yan Qiu’s speech. He also promised to visit Yan Qiu frequently when things are done.

Yan Xifan just promised to finish waiting for the sweeping of Shanhailou, and will surely give Ling Ziyan an explanation. The emperor decided to go to Yan Mansion and gave Yan Xifan and the governor Yan. Both Yanxi Fan and Yan Qiu expressed their opposition. When they learned that the master of the county was Qin Sang, Lu Ping broke into the hall and “missed” it. The eunuch, accidentally accidentally burned the imperial edict to the lit candlestick. Lu Ping pretended to be arguing with Yan Xifan for fighting for the wind. The two came to the yard, and the father-in-law shouted in anger.

Both Yanxi Fan and Lu Ping knew that this was not an ordinary gift of marriage, but an alliance between the imperial court and the rivers and lakes. Lu Ping believed that Qin Sang was forced. Now he must be tied to the flower sedan, but Yan Xifan thinks that no one can force Qin Sang. . Lu Ping pretended to have run away with Yan Xifan, who was in a dispute with his rival. Yan Xifan placed his father-in-law to rest in Zhuang, and he will give an explanation when the time comes.

Yan Xifan told Yan Qiu to resign that Lu Ping had already gone to Qin Sang. Yan Qiu resigned Yan Xifan to prepare in advance. Promise Villa could not procrastinate for a lifetime. Even if he opposed it now, he would not be able to fight against the imperial power even after all. When you have to marry the lord.

The reason why Yan Qiu made Lu Ping and Yan Xifan mischievous, also knew that the emperor was persecuting him. Afterwards, Yan Qiu made Aze tell the news that Lv Shenfeng had already come to Wuji Mountain Villa as a guest. On the other hand, he had also arranged people to prepare to regain Qiansong Chi.

Wenrui escorted the county master along the way to get married, and Lu Ping came alone to send the relatives here. He flew on Qin Sang ’s carriage, and Qin Sangfei came out and stabbed Lu Ping. But Luping was not afraid of death at all. Qin Sang had to withdraw his sword. Lu Ping gently smiled and praised Qin Sang’s appearance today. Lu Ping also knew that Qin Sang had him in his heart, otherwise the sword would have been stabbed for a long time. Lu Ping confessed that he did not want Qin Sang to marry Yan Xifan, and he could not bear Qin Sang. What Qin Sang said on his lips for the glory of the Qin family Lu Ping did not believe at all, nor did he believe that Qin Sang gave himself up. He did not believe that Qin Sang would be willing to break up Ling Ziyan and Yan Xifan. Lu Ping gently embraced Qin Sang, hoping she could come back. Qin Sang touched Lu Ping’s cheek with sad eyes and said sorry, Lu Ping accidentally fell to the ground by Qin Sang. Qin Sang ordered Wen Rui to personally escort Lu Ping to Beidou. On the way, he saw that Lu Ping was awake and gave him continued medication. Qin Sang hoped that he and Yan Qiu would resign to face Shanhailou, and hope that Lu Ping would wake up and everything would be over. In order to be safe, Lu Ping also used a robber lock, and Qin Sang ordered Lu Ping to leave Lu Ping before the Hairui building was destroyed.

Qin Sanglai came to see Yan Qiuci and proposed to meet Lu Shenfeng, but Yanqiu lied that the situation was surrounded by people from Shanhailou. He had placed Lu Shenfeng in a secret place and no one was allowed to see him. Assistance from the side. Qin Sang was inconvenient to ask, but also secretly guessed where Lu Shenfeng was.

Ling Ziyan learned that Her Majesty gave her a sad heart, and secretly decided to fight for her own happiness. On the other hand, Lu Ping gradually woke up and yelled Qin Sang’s name. Wen Rui, who was not far away, came over and looked at Lu Ping angrily. Lu Ping was very proud when he saw Wen Rui. He deliberately angry that Wen Sang claimed that Qin Sang must care about him, otherwise he would not send Wen Rui to personally escort.

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