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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 31 Recap

Qin Qi died of poisoning and entrusted Qin Sang and the emperor to Lu Ping before he died. Lu Ping Qin Sang vowed to complete Qin Qi’s unfinished mission.

Yan Xifan and Emperor Zhai Rong were speaking in the courtyard. Zhai Rong praised Yan Xifan for his bravery and divine ability to run out of Beidou alone to escort. Yan Xifan also said that he would help the emperor get out of trouble as soon as possible and rush back to help everyone. At this time, Qin Sang’s heartbroken cry came suddenly from the room. The emperor and Yan Xifan hurried over, and Lu Ping delivered Qin Qi’s order The card was presented to the emperor, guaranteeing that the previous plan to leave the city remained unchanged. Lu Ping vowed to protect the emperor’s safety as long as he was there, and Yan Xifan also expressed his position to protect the emperor together with Lu Ping. After the emperor promised something, he promised both of them an opportunity, an opportunity for the emperor to do anything.

Later, Lu Ping arranged for Qin Sang and Su Tang Mo Lin to guard the emperor out of the city to meet with Wen Rui. Lu Ping and Yan Xifan stopped Zhou Youlong’s pursuit. Qin Sang and Lu Ping agreed not to leave the city.

Qin Sang and others successfully went out of town to meet Wenrui at the gate, and Lu Ping joined Qin Sang, to save Yan Xifan, and finally succeeded in defeating the three souls. They defeated Zhou Youlong and revenge for Guo Youdao and Qin Qi. Qin outside the city gate Sang and Emperor and others also saw Lu Ping and Yan Xifan coming out at the last moment when the city gate was closed.

In the evening, Lu Ping and the emperor and other people camped. Lu Ping and Yan Xifan went to Beidou to rescue the people, let Su Tang accompany Mo Lin to go back to Wuyou Valley to recuperate, and let Qin Sang escort the emperor back to Kaifeng. Brother’s unfinished business. Lu Ping held the hands of Su Tang and Qin Sang and assured them that they would meet again soon.

Chu Min wanted to be trapped together with Liu Song in the Seven Killing Hall, but did not expect that Liu Song now is not the same as former Liu Song. I saw that Liu Song ’s eyes shone with purple light, and used the spirit of spirit to control Chu Sensitive consciousness.

Lu Ping and Yan Xifan broke into Beidou and successfully rescued everyone. The Shanhailou people retreated. When Lu Ping and Yan Xifan brought Guo Wushu and Yan Qiu to Qiqitang, Chu Min and Liu Song had already left. There was a secret in Qiqitang that even Guo Wushu didn’t know. Lu Ping saw the words left by Liu Song on the walls of the Seven Killing Halls, claiming that it was the Zhai surname who destroyed his home and Shimen. If Beidou and Zhai surname cooperated, they would no longer be Shimen, and he also vowed to work with Zhai surname. There is no antagonism, Lu Ping’s brows are closed for a moment, and I can’t figure out why Liu Song wants to say this, and this has nothing to do with the emperor Zhai Rong.

Although Zhou Youlong was killed, Liu Song thought it was worthwhile to get back the Qiansong ruler, and Chu Min, whose consciousness was controlled, was also taken back to Shanhai Tower by Liu Song.

The emperor came to Beidou again, and asked Liu Song to cooperate with Li Yaotian again on the grounds that Liu Song planned to rebel against the court and the rivers and lakes. Li Yaotian agreed to the overall situation. The emperor knew that this time Liu Song got the Qiansong ruler because there was a soldier’s talisman in the Dan Kingdom. When he got the soldier’s talisman, he could mobilize his soldiers and enemies against them. Li Yaotian claimed that he had known Liu Song ’s identity before the cold break, and he also let Master Lu Feng blockade Liu Song ’s Qiansong ruler. No one can open it unless Master Lu Feng was found. In fact, Master Lu Feng has been away for many years and no one knows his whereabouts. .

Yan Qiu said goodbye when the emperor left. The emperor reprimanded Yan Qiu for being a martial arts leader over the years. It was not the same as Yan Qiu’s speech that year, otherwise Liu Song would not enter Beidou. Yan Qiu reassured the emperor that he would use his existing staff to control the Shanhai Tower after returning, and would not let this happen again. Yan Xifan saw that his father and the emperor seemed to know each other well, so he had doubts. Yan Qiuci explained that he was in the rivers and lakes, but the stationing party had much dealings with the emperor’s court, and there was no way to know him. Yan Xifan believed his father.

Yan Xifan hoped that Yan Qiu’s speech would contain Ling Ziyan, and Yan Qiu agreed. After learning the situation, the emperor suspected that Yan Xifan loved Ling Ziyan, and asked Ling Ziyan to stare at Yan Fu’s movements at any time. The emperor promised to give Ling Ziyan a suitable identity in the future so that she could match Yan Xifan.

After Liu Song returned, he ordered Yan Jin to place Chu Min, and returned to Shanhai Lou as the landlord again, and Yan Jin naturally announced his false identity to assist Liu Song. After getting off the main hall, Liu Song came to the inner hall, where the elder brother’s spirit of cold talk was placed.

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