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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 30 Recap

Chu Min woke up and called Xiaoliu, and suddenly woke up to realize that the person in front of him was no longer the former Xiaoliu. Liu Song knew that Chu Min had set up a burial mound for himself, and he sighed that the only person who could remember Noda Beidou was Chu Min. Liu Song gave Chu Min a bowl of porridge. Chu Min remembered that Liu Song said that he missed the taste of his hometown most, this is the crab porridge. At that time, in fact, she should have guessed that Liu Song was from the Liu family of Hedong.

Chu Min couldn’t imagine Liu Song respecting the cold talk so much, and he was absolutely unwilling to believe that he would treat the cold talk like that. Chu Min hopes that Liu Song can tell what happened. Liu Song, however, was reluctant to mention the past, but only claimed to want to take back his saber. Chu Min proposed that as long as Liu Song agreed not to harm those people, she would tell the whereabouts of Qian Songzhi. Liu Song promised that as long as Beidou did not hinder him, he would not hurt anyone.

Chu Min told Liu Song that the Qiansong ruler was kept in the secret room of the Seven Killing Hall. That was the Seven Killing Hall that Guo Wuzhu personally built. It is not something anyone can take out. Chu Min thinks that Liu Song killed Guo Youdao and went to Beidou, so even if Guo Wushu died, he would not take out a thousand loose feet. Therefore, Chu Min believed that Yan Qiu’s remarks on the wind would not disobey Liu Song. He hoped that Liu Song could also get Yan Qiu’s words together to persuade Guo Wushu, and Liu Song agreed.

Yan Xifan has regained his strength, Yan Qiuci signaled Yanxi Fan to wait for the opportunity to go down the mountain to rescue his majesty, otherwise they will lose all, then he went to see Liu Song with Guo Wushu.

Guo Wushu really refused to give out the government plan. Chu Min implied Yan Qiu to persuade Guo Wushu. Yan Qiu said that “seeing the wind makes the rudder” persuaded Guo Wushu to think for the sake of the overall situation. The people in the fifth courtyard sneaked in from the hole in the broken wall that Lu Ping led into the life and asked to exchange clothes with Yan Xifan to escape. Lin Ziyi, a subordinate of Liu Song, just happened to come in. Yan Xifan immediately deceived and controlled the opponent with his spirit, and Wei Tianqi deliberately made troubles to cover Yan Xifan, and Yan Xifan took the opportunity to slip away.

Ling Ziyan and Yan Xifan came out to meet with Huo Ying, but Ling Ziyan suddenly did not leave. She was worried that Lin Ziyi was confused for a while. If the time is long, she will find that Yan Xifan has been replaced. She only stays there. Fake Yan Xifan will not be seen through. Ling Ziyan believes that Yan Xifan will also come back to rescue her. Yan Xifan holds Ling Ziyan tightly and promises to come back to save her. Ling Ziyan is very happy.

Yan Xifan, Huo Ying and others quickly found Wen Rui. Wen Rui claimed that the camp was attacked by Shanhailou at that time. He took people into hiding and waited for Lu Ping and Qin Qi to return. Yan Xifan suddenly thought of a place where Shanhailou had some fears, and then took people to Ezhou. Yan Xifan believed that he could rescue His Majesty Lu Ping and His Majesty.

Qin Qi met someone on the street who had been inquiring about their whereabouts, so she planned to move the place. Yan Xifan asked a child to read the slogan of Fengfengtang on the main street. Lu Ping was happy, knowing that Yanxi Fan was here, Qin Qi Go to the station with Qin Sang and escort him, just wait for the dark and Xu Yanling’s entrance to the city to leave Ezhou. Lu Ping came to meet Yanxi Fan Huoying and others.

Morin also came to Lu Ping and told him that Xu Weifeng was not dead yet and Shanhailou had collusion. Xu Yanling was guessing who Luping escorted. Xu Weifeng came back suddenly and asked his father to kill Luping and the emperor, otherwise the people in Shanhailou would not let him go. Xu Yanling thought that Lu Ping was right, his son had done something wrong, he had to bear the needs of his father, Xu Yanling planned to go out to save people, but Xu Weifeng was caught and killed by mistake. Qin Qi happened to come over, and Qin Qi rebuked Xu Weifeng for killing his biological father, just like beasts.

Xu Yanling handed his token to Qin Qi, urging Qin Qi to save people quickly. The Shanhailou people led by Zhou Youlong had already arrived. Qin Qi arrived in time to block Zhou Youlong and let Qin Sang lead His Majesty to leave first. During the battle between Zhou Youlong and Qin Qi, Mo Lin shot a smoke bomb with a crossbow, and Qin Qi and Qin Sang took the emperor in chaos.

Xu Weifeng stumbled back, taking advantage of Su Tang’s failure to pay attention to a dagger on Su Tang’s neck, and begged Su Tang to help himself for the last time. Lu Ping and Mo Lin Qin Qi and others happened to come to stop Xu Weifeng, who proposed to replace Su Tang with Emperor Zhai Rong’s life. In fact, Xu Weifeng did not want him to change, but wanted to take the opportunity to leave.

Lu Ping kidnapped Zhai Rong in exchange for Su Tang, which surprised everyone. Lu Ping claimed that ten emperors in his heart could not compare with one Su Tang. Xu Weifeng finally decided to launch Su Tang for the emperor to fulfill his lifelong wish to stop the war, but when he launched Su Tang, Lu Ping guarded the emperor behind him, and at the same time Su Tang shot Xu Weifeng with a sword.

The emperor asked whether Lu Ping had included his fortune-telling in the beginning? Qin Qi also blamed Lu Ping for not taking his majesty as a bargaining chip. Although he knew that Lu Ping had plans to deal with Xu Weifeng, but in case he hurt the emperor and regretted it too late, Lu Ping did not think he was wrong. After all, he won by betting, Qin When Qi was excited, she spit blood and fainted to the ground. At this time, everyone found out that Qin Qi was seriously injured.

Chu Min stood in the yard, thinking that Liu Song had tried to compare swordsmanship here. Liu Song suddenly appeared behind him and Chu Min whip and caught Liu Song. At this time, Yan Qiu resigned Guo Wushu’s government plan, Chu Min asked Liu Song to retire all the people in Shanhailou, Liu Song agreed, but only asked Chu Min to accompany him.

In fact, this is Guo Wushu and Yan Qiu’s remarks to Chu Min. Guo Wushu has already stated on the organization map that as long as Liu Song went in and took the Qiansong ruler, the organization would fall. Liu Song can be trapped by leaving. Even if Liu Song was so talented, he would never be able to go out again.

But at the last moment, Liu Song did not pick up the Qiansong ruler. Instead, he told Chu Min that he had already seen through the plans of the three Chu Min. He just wanted to see what method Chu Min would use to deal with him. Chu Min stepped forward and picked up the Qiansong ruler. The stone door was closed. Chu Min claimed that she could do everything at all costs to keep Beidou. Qin Qi has been poisoned long ago, just to keep the Emperor from forcibly exercising, resulting in a toxic attack. Now Qin Qi was unable to support him, handed the soldier symbol to Lu Ping, and entrusted both Qin Sang and the emperor to Lu Ping, and Qin Sang wept.

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