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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 29 Recap

Lu Ping came to Li Yaotian and asked Beidou to cooperate with the imperial court. In Lu Ping’s view, the enemy does not need to distinguish between Chaotang and Jianghu. Li Yaotian was reluctant, thinking that with them and Wuji Villa, the mountain and sea towers could be destroyed. If cooperation with Chaotang was bound to be restricted everywhere, Lu Ping hoped that Li Yaotian would consider it carefully. Pingxiashan reported the situation to the emperor and let Li Yaotian think about it.

Yan Xifan was waiting for Lu Ping halfway, apologizing to Lu Ping for his previous behavior, and said that he should ask Lu Ping to drink and explain clearly the misunderstanding. Lu Ping did not take care of Yan Xifan. He said that he did not have time to go, and he did not lack alcoholics. Ling Ziyan sees that Lu Ping is actually not that angry any more, because from the last time Yan Shaoxia has become the current master brother, Yan Xifan listened to Ling Ziyan’s explanation and showed a smile.

Mo Lin took Su Tang to the river. Before this was the place where Xu Weifeng committed suicide. Mo Lin knew that Su Tang was sad. Before that, he secretly followed Mo Lin to come here. He wanted to burn Xu Weifeng with paper money, but was afraid that Su Tang would see it. The paper money aside to let the rain get wet. Mo Lin persuades Su Tang to forget the previous mistakes and forget Xu Weifeng to come back to life. Su Tang agreed and yelled Xu Weifeng at the river, hoping he would feel at ease to reincarnate.

Morin suddenly smelled the familiar smell and followed the way to find Xu Weifeng who climbed ashore. Su Tang furiously scolded Xu Weifeng to die or not but instead came back to torture Su Tang. Xu Weifeng said that his life was to stay for Su Tang. Su Tang was now standing behind Mo Lin and looking at Xu Weifeng.

Su Tang and Mo Lin brought Xu Weifeng back. Su Tang couldn’t bear to look at Xu Weifeng *** and went out to find Langzhong. Mo Lin could not bear to make Su Tang uncomfortable and finally rescued Xu Weifeng.

The emperor could understand Li Yaotian’s thoughts, but only worried that Liu Song did not know any ideas and conspiracies. At this time, Li Yaotian sent someone to meet the emperor and asked the emperor to go up the mountain without taking troops. Qin Qi was relieved, but the emperor thought that this matter had been brought up by him and should abide by Li Yaotian’s rules. Qin Sang also offered to escort the emperor up, and the emperor assured himself to Luping and Qin Qi.

On the way up the mountain, the people sent by Li Yaotian suddenly attacked the emperor, Qin Qi killed him with a sword, and Lu Ping worried that Beidou had an accident. Liu Song led the emperor around him, and Liu Song was proud, claiming that he had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and his voice had not fallen. I saw that Chu Min suddenly shot back everyone and tied Liu Song above the wheelchair with a whip. . Chu Min grabbed Liu Song and forced the man from Shanhailou to let Luping escort the emperor away.

Liu Song turned to the wheelchair and stared at Chu Min. It was such a scene that he didn’t see the first meeting after many years. Luping took the emperor to the path of Beidou Caibu. Luping knew that they could not go back to the camp. Liu Song must have attacked the camp. Now he can only choose this path. The emperor also took the opportunity to make a firm decision to go to Ezhou. On the other hand, Liu Song ordered Zhou Youlong to chase down Lu Pingren. At the same time, he also shot a flying needle from the wheelchair to stab Chu Min. Chu Min fainted in Liu Song’s arms and Liu Song got up and rushed to Beidou.

All the heroes asked why Beidou Li Yaotian called everyone to come. Li Yaotian claimed that Chu Min sent Beidou Ling to ask everyone to be summoned. The result is that this Beidou Ling is actually Liu Song’s Beidou Ling. Liu Song was pushed into the hall by the wheelchair as soon as the voice fell. Yan Qiu couldn’t help but take the lead to catch Liu Song, but the candle in the hall was already poisoned. Everyone was poisoned and weak. Huo Ying and other disciples in the fifth court failed to recruit because of the late arrival. Several people discussed secretly staring at Liu Song ’s direction and waited for Lu Ping to come back to negotiate a countermeasure.

In order to seek Xu Yanling’s help, Lu Ping and Qin Sang threw off the Shanhailou people they followed and secretly sneaked into the Xu Yanling carriage. Xu Yanling guessed that the person who could protect Lu Ping himself must have another important person. He believed that with Lu Ping and Qin Sang’s It is not difficult for Kung Fu to leave Ezhou. However, in order to protect the emperor, Lu Ping did not tell Xu Yanling the truth, but hoped that Xu Yanling would send troops to help Beidou fight against the Shanhai Tower together, so as not to lose their teeth. Xu Yanling agreed and agreed to meet at the gate of the city for insurance purposes. Xu Weifeng woke up to express his gratitude and love to Su Tang. Su Tang took care of Xu Weifeng and made Mo Lin angry. Su Tang was anxious to look for Mo Lin, which made Xu Weifeng very uncomfortable.

Zhou Youlong lost Luping here. Just when Zhou Youlong was angry, Xu Weifeng suddenly appeared to find Zhou Youlong. Xu Weifeng knew that only Lu Yanling could find help, and Xu Yanling’s son was not difficult to find out. Xu Weifeng caught Luping Shanhailou after he made the case and must ensure the safety of him and Su Tang. Mo Lin has always suspected that Xu Weifeng quietly followed the conversation. Zhou Youlong discovered that Mo Lin-Iron Chain hit the middle Mo Lin’s back, Mo Lin escaped with injuries

Su Tang was looking for Mo Lin everywhere, and suddenly saw Mo Lin running under the bridge, Su Tang shouted Mo Lin’s name, but Mo Lin did not hear. Xu Weifeng pretended to have an asthma attack and came to Su Tang, lied that Mo Lin had just seen Mo Lin, and Mo Lin was going back to Beidou. Su Tang had to take care of Xu Weifeng who was ill first, and waited for Xu Weifeng’s condition to improve before she went to find Mo Lin. Xu Weifeng wanted to give Su Tang the happiness she wanted after everything was over.

Liu Song sat silently in front of Chu Min’s bed and looked at her quietly. Chu Min woke up and stared at Liu Song, and gently called “Little Six Sons”.

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