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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 28 Recap

Qin Sang hid outside the door to eavesdrop and heard Lu Ping asking Qin Sang to laugh. Qin Qi blamed Lu Ping for his lack of sincerity in both hands. Lu Ping introduced himself as a child and died with two parents. He didn’t understand this at all, and Qin Qi couldn’t look down on whatever gifts he sent.

Lu Ping confessed to Qin Sang, hoping that Qin Sang could live a happy life freely. Before that, he was glad to have the company in the bedroom. Later, he hoped that Qin Sang could be with him. Qin Qi asked whether Lu Ping planned to enter the DPRK as an official, but Lu Ping refused on the spot. Qin Qi was furious, thinking that Lu Ping couldn’t take Qin Sang to live a wandering life. Qin Sang rushed in and held Lu Ping’s hand, expressing his unwillingness to be a wife. Just want to be a pair of free cloud wild cranes. Qin Qi pretended to be angry and disagreed, but actually left on the grounds of reporting to the palace, and hinted that Lu Ping could take Qin Sang out for a turn.

Qin Qi reported to the emperor about the Shanhailou. He felt that the current Shanhailou was in the Dan Kingdom, and it was a gang of rivers and lakes. The emperor thought that the rivers and lakes were in trouble and asked about the incident in Ezhou. Since his return, Lord Xia has participated in Qin Qi many times.

Qin Qi told Lu Ping all things, hoping that the emperor would not care about Lu Ping and not let down Lu Ping’s heart. Qin Qi also said that he had been turned away from Luping many times and was rejected. The emperor suddenly smiled, thinking that Qin Qi was a good player in the war, but there was a lack of it in this respect. Qin Qi seemed to understand when he looked at the emperor’s meaningful smile. Luping gave the sword obtained from Qishentang to Qin Sang, and also specifically searched for a bodhi fruit to make the sword spike, hoping that Qin Sang would be safe and happy forever.

In the evening, Lu Ping brought Qin Sang to the river lantern. Qin Sang wished that his brother would agree with him and Lu Ping. Lu Ping also assured Qin Sang that he would ask Qin Qi for permission if he could be swayed and thrashed. Jin Ruyu suddenly interrupted the two when they looked affectionately and wanted to kiss.

Qin Sang asked Lu Ping what he planned for Qin Qi ’s invitation to enter the government. Lu Ping said that he only hoped that the world would be peaceful, and he did not think of entering the court as an official, but he was worried that he would lose the only one. It ’s just a matter of getting down, please, because the real one is the emperor. As soon as the words fell, the emperor ordered someone to send Ruyutang a plaque for justice and fortune, and instructed Lu Ping to meet at Fengfengtang.

The emperor changed a plaque to the Fengfeng Church again and wrote an inscription. The Qin Qi in the room was fined to kneel there, blaming Qin Qi for distracting him. The emperor intends to incorporate the Fengfengtang into an official martial arts academy, and will also retrieve all the students of the Fengfengtang. The emperor hoped that Luping, as a bridge linking rivers and lakes with the court, would jointly eradicate the Shanhai Tower.

The emperor also punishes Qin Qi with a hundred sticks, and let Lu Ping personally execute it. Lu Ping accused the emperor of doing so deliberately, that is, the old fox. He knew that he would not do anything to Brother Qin Sang but gave him this right. But in the end, Lu Ping agreed to the Emperor’s request. When Qin Sang heard the Emperor’s words outside, he immediately threatened Lu Ping to dare to hit Qin Qi and hang him. As soon as the words fell, Qin Qi came out of it, let Lu Ping quickly pack up things and set off for Beidouge.

Su Tang cooks for Guo Wushu. Guo Wushu reminds Su Tang that he is not Guo Youdao. Su Tang claimed that he had no chance to wait for Guo Youdao before, and now it is even compensated. Guo Wushu sees that Su Tang is concerned, and intends to do more to disturb his disturbed mood. Guo Wushu asked Su Tang and Wei Tianqi to practice together. When tired, they went back to sleep, lest Su Tang finally showed a smile. Mo Lin came to find Su Tang and wanted to take her to play, but Su Tang said that he wanted to learn Wuwu. To go, in short, he always refused Mo Lin, and Guo Wushu simply drove Mo Lin out of Su Tang.

Su Tang told Guo Wushu that Mo Lin was a very good friend, only because another person offended Mo Lin and hurt Mo Lin, so he felt that he could not stand Mo Lin’s good, Guo Wushu seemed to understand Su Tang’s thoughts.

Mo Lin ran to Yan Xifan for help, hoping Yan Xifan could help him find a way to make Su Tang happy. Mo Lin was worried that Su Tang was angry with him because of Xu Weifeng’s things, so he ignored him. Yan Xifan believes that Su Tang has only been avoiding now, and can actually see that their relationship is extraordinary. As long as Su Tang is happy, he will naturally return to the past.

Moline came to Su Tang again, but was bound by a trap set by Huo Ying and others to catch his rabbit. Moline screamed in the yard, everyone laughed Moline like a big mouse. Su Tang couldn’t help but smile when he saw Mo Lin. Mo Lin took the opportunity to take Su Tang down the mountain to buy some gifts for Chu Min to make Chu Min happy. People from all schools of the rivers and lakes gathered in Beidou. Yan Qiu resigned to introduce his son everywhere. This made the people in the five courtyards uncomfortable and felt that Yan Qiu regarded this as Wuji Mountain Villa. At this time, Lu Ping led the horse, and Yan Xifan was about to meet him and was stopped by Yan Qiu Ci, and ordered Yan Qiu Ci to lead you seniors.

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