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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 27 Recap

Lu Ping and Yan Xifan had a dispute, but Yan Xifan’s heart was not a taste. When he discussed with his father before, he remembered that when he assassinated Yan Jin, he saw a man with white hair in a wheelchair in the room. Since then, he woke up and was controlled by the spirit of spirit to serve the life of Shanhailou. Yan Qiuci doubted that the talent was behind the real Shanhailou, so he wanted to bring Yan Jin back for detailed interrogation.

At first, Yan Xifan wanted to tell Lu Ping to discuss the countermeasures together, but Yan Qiu said that Lu Ping had been tortured in Shanhai Tower for many years. It was thought that Shan Hai Lou had been destroyed. Yan Qiu hoped that Lu Ping would be happier for some time. And wait until the investigation is clear before telling Lu Ping. The reason why Yan Xifan did not explain all this was his father’s idea was also because after all he agreed to this matter, he had an inescapable responsibility.

Qin Sang has been unconscious, but fortunately his body is intact, Lu Ping took Qin Sang to Qin Qi to take care of, and he and Su Tang Molin hurried back to Beidou, Lu Ping worried that Chu Min was sad when he knew that.

Liu Song ’s true identity is that of the Liu clan of the Dan Kingdom. When he joined the Beidou Pavilion at that time, it was also incognito. Yan Xifan and Yan Qiu both told Li Yaotian of this matter. Li Yaotian wanted to hide from Chu Min, but unexpectedly Chu Min had heard the conversation in the room outside the door, and his mood was extremely low.

Chu Min sat under Liu Song ’s famous brand, repeatedly thinking about all the good things with Liu Song before, and thinking about Liu Song ’s identity now, which made Chu Min very sad. Lu Ping and Su Tang Mo Lin came back and saw Chu Min’s situation and immediately guessed that she already knew everything. Lu Ping simply sat down with Chu Min side by side, listening to Chu Min murmured, but did not expect more than a dozen Liu Song was still alive when she was young, and she actually felt sad for Liu Song in those years. For many years, she had been sad for him alone, and Chu Min suddenly felt that she was a joke.

Chu Min waved his whip to hit Liu Song ’s name hard, and Lu Ping stepped forward to stop Chu Min, hoping that Chu Min could see the way ahead and do n’t look back. The way before is not important anymore, Chu Min is crying with sadness and loss of voice.

Liu Song also looked at the direction of Beidouge. After nineteen years, he also seemed to have a dream. Liu Song cared about Yan Jin’s injury and went to see for himself. It was found that Yan Jin wanted to strangle himself, so that Liu Song scolded those who started off. Yan Jin always felt he was to blame, hoping that Liu Song could punish him, but Liu Song did not punish him, and bought a new piano for Yan Jin from his favorite. Yan Jin reminded Liu Song not to be weak, and weakness will only make people lose their fighting spirit, and he failed to keep things. Liu Song believes that anyone can be killed if they fail, but only Yan Jin cannot.

Because Liu Song returned from a serious injury, everyone thought he could give up on his own, but Yan Jin kept Liu Song looking at himself in the mirror and facing himself. Jin has been helping him stand up. Yan Jin is a mirror for him, according to all his hatred, all good, all failures and all successes, so he cannot lose Yan Jin.

Yan Jin burst into tears and called His Royal Highness Liu Song, but Liu Song admitted that since the Seventh Killing Hall was on fire, he was dead and no longer had His Royal Highness. Now Liu Song has given up everything, and his face is even more carefree . Liu Song hopes that Yan Jin can take care of the wounds and leave everything to him.

Beidou has begun to know that Liu Song is not known to the horse. Wei Tianqi is happy to be sent to Kaifeng to see Qin Sang, but Lu Ping proposed to go to Kaifeng. Li Yaotian handed this task to Lu Ping, and Wei Tianqi gritted his teeth.

Lu Ping proposed to Guo Wushu that he wanted the sword of Qishentang. Guo Wushu did not give it directly. Let Lu Ping get it himself. Wei Tianqi was even more angry, knowing that Lu Ping was going to give the sword to Qin Sang, because Qin Sang’s sword was severed by Yan Jin. Lu Ping asked Su Tang to take care of Guo Wushu. Guo Wushu actually agreed and also expressed concern for Chu Min.

Luping left and asked Chu Min to take care of Su Tang and Mo Lin. He knew that persuading Chu Min was useless. After all, he remembered people for more than ten years and wanted to forget how easy it was to talk. Lu Ping has always blamed Yan Xifan for not wanting to mention him, so Yan Xifan is also in a bad mood. Ling Ziyan persuaded Yan Xifan to relax, believing that Lu Ping could finally understand that he didn’t care anymore, Ling Ziyan also planned to leave Beidou to say goodbye to Yan Xifan, Yan Xifan offered to let Ling Ziyan live with him in Wuji Mountain, Ling Ziyan smiled happily.

Qin Sang’s injury improved and wanted to go out to find Lu Ping. Although Qin Qi thanked Lu Ping for what he did in Ezhou, he always felt that Lu Ping was not worthy of Qin Sang. Lu Ping should change Qin Sang into an official court for Qin Sang. Qin Sang believed that Lu Ping ’s longing for freedom would not refuse to enter the court as an official, but Qin Qi thought that he should take action if he liked Qin Sang. Reason.

Qin Sang was also angry when he was hiding in the room. He threw the skirt that Lu Ping sent himself to the door, and angry Lu Ping never looked at himself. But when she woke up and regretted that she wanted to get the clothes back, she found that the clothes were gone. She was so angry that Qin Sang scolded the clothes faster than Lu Ping and didn’t leave her any thoughts. As soon as the voice fell, Lu Ping appeared with his clothes on, and Qin Sang blamed Lu Ping for knowing that he never walked through the front door over the wall. As soon as Lu Ping took Qin Sang’s hand, Qin Qi came to the back garden. He also blamed Lu Ping as a Beidou disciple and knew to turn the wall.

Wen Rui always thought that Qin Sang would be good when he met Lu Ping, and wished to kill Lu Ping with a knife. Lu Ping did not mind this, but told Qin Qi about the current situation of the Shanhai Tower, hoping that Qin Qi would be well prepared. Then, Lu Ping suddenly knelt down and asked to ask Qin Qi for marriage, hoping that Qin Qi could distribute Qin Sangxu to him.

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