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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 26 Recap

Su Tang lost his soul and came alone to Xu Weifeng’s home in the Qingfeng Bieyuan. Now that the door has been sealed, Su Tang looks at the porridge shed at the door and remembers the various things he had with Xu Weifeng before. Memories.

Lu Ping came to see that Su Tang had some self-blame for Xu Weifeng. Su Tang didn’t blame Lu Ping, but thought that as long as Lu Ping was unfavorable, she should dispose of it, but she just blamed herself and should not easily believe that Xu Weifeng was almost It hurts Lu Ping. Lu Ping felt distressed and put Su Tang in his arms. Lu Ping knew that Su Tang needed to be quiet and left alone. Mo Lin had been hiding outside and dared not go in. He knew that Su Tang was in a bad mood and did not dare to disturb.

Qin Sang and others surprised Lu Ping by setting off fireworks, and let Lu Ping feel this kind of feeling. Not only can he surprise others, everyone can surprise each other. Yan Xifan hopes that Lu Ping can start from the beginning with this feeling of happiness and warmth. Lu Ping hugged Qin Sangla and held Yan Xifan’s hand. At this moment, he felt very happy.

Qin Qi was ordered by the emperor to negotiate with Master Xia to expel Yan Jin, the landlord of Shanhai Lou, as soon as possible. Qin Qi told Master Xia that he had plans, but Master Xia had no opinion on this, but he hoped that there would be no problems with the business as soon as possible. At this time, Lu Ping came to propose that Yan Jin was directly rejected by Master Xia. Yan Xifan believed that Lu Ping was tortured by Shanhailou for ten years. He could only continue to live a good life by solving the knot. Qin Qi promised to take Lu Ping to go Seeing Yan Jin, and persuading Master Xia to agree with Lu Ping to see Yan Jin may be able to figure out what they want earlier, and Master Xia will not say more.

Lu Ping came to Yan Jin to ask two questions. The first is how his parents were killed, and the second why he was detained and tortured? Yan Jin told Lu Ping Shan Hailou that his torture had been used on his parents, and the reason for all this was just to be interesting. Yan Jin satirized the cold break and talked like a dog lying in front of him and prayed to forgive him. The second question, Yan Jin did not say it directly, but thought Lu Ping knew it already, he just reminded Lu Ping to think about it. Why was the Fengfeng Hall destroyed, and why did Guo Youdao die?

Yan Jin told Lu Ping that the power of Tian Qing was not something a mortal could bear. The first sacrifice to save Lu Ping was Lu Ping ’s parents, followed by Guo Youdao, and then came down to Yan Xifan and Su Tang, Morin, and even Qin Sang. Luping furiously raised his corner and was about to hit the landlord and was stopped by Yan Xifan. Yan Xifan reminded Lu Ping to be calm. Yan Jin wanted to irritate him intentionally, and Lu Ping forced his anger to turn around and leave.

Qin Qi and Qin Sang came to see Lu Ping. Qin Sang worried that Qin Qi would reprimand Lu Ping, but he did not expect Qin Qi to show an understanding of Lu Ping. Qin Qi seems that if Lu Ping experienced so much in Shanhailou, it is difficult not to be irritated, but fortunately, he finally controlled his temper. Qin Qi invited Lu Ping to work in Kaifeng together, but Lu Ping refused, and claimed to have informed the Fifth Court to clean up the room to Mo Lin and Su Tang, and he was going to take them to Bei Dou. Qin Qi had planned to take Qin Sang back with him, but Qin Sang secretly chased Lu Ping away before leaving.

Yan Qiuci asked Yan Xifan how he saw Yan Jin recently. Yan Xifan remembered that Yan Jin was deliberately irritating Lu Ping to seek death. Later, Lu Ping left him and was disappointed, so he suspected that there was a mastermind behind his eyes. Yan Qiu’s speech blocked Qin Qi’s request for Yan Jin, and both sides were controlled by the sudden spirits to kill each other.

Luping noticed that Yan Jin’s problem was wrong and immediately took it to chase Qin Qi. Qin Qi has been hijacked by the real Shanhai landlord, and the behind-the-scenes landlord is Beisong Liu Song, and Yan Qiuci is not an opponent at all. Liu Song ordered people to rescue Yan Jin, and his attitude towards Yan Jin is extremely high. respect. Yan Jin also respected Liu Song with an anxious explanation, and Liu Song did not let him explain. At this time, Lu Ping brought people over, Qin Sang lost to Yan Jin and was defeated and injured in a coma. Lu Ping repelled Yan Jin and Liu Song did not want to continue to fight and lead people to retreat.

Yan Xifan wanted to see Qin Sang’s injury, and was asked by Lu Ping why he did not say goodbye but intercepted Qin Qi halfway. Yan Xifan explained that he was too anxious to say that he had the responsibility to bear. Lu Ping asked Yan Xifan if he had long lost sight of this brotherhood. Yan Xifan explained that he was only thinking about Lu Ping’s safety. Lu Ping did not buy it and thought that Yan Xifan’s brothers who said good were concentric, but as long as something happened He pushed him outside, and he didn’t take this brother in his heart.

He thought he was just the waste that needed protection everywhere, and he didn’t worry about delivering it to his brother. Lu Ping was angry and warned that Yanxi Fan’s mountains and seas were his enemies. He wouldn’t need Yan Xifan to help him in the future. Yan Xifan didn’t know how to explain and could only watch Lu Ping leave. Ling Ziyan explained for her that Luping was just in a hurry, and hoped that Yan Xifan would n’t care. Yan Xifan rebuked Ling Ziyan that she should n’t care about things between their brothers. Ling Ziyan felt sad and embarrassed.

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