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Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 Episode 25 Recap

Xu Weifeng heard that Beidou dared to go to prison for Lu Ping, worried that someone would hijack it on the way back to beheaded. At this time, the Shanhai landlord spread the word to see Xu Weifeng to meet him.

Qin Qi came to the cell to see Lu Ping. In Qin Qi’s view, he hurt Lu Ping three or four times. Lu Ping should hate him very much, but why did he save him. Lu Ping claimed that for the people he cares about, and to be conscientious, he will make such a choice if he comes again. Qin Qi claimed that if he could see Lu Ping earlier, he would earn money at all costs, but now he can only live up to Lu Ping in this life, and hope that the afterlife can make up for it, Lu Ping smiled.

The landlord played the piano and tortured Xu Weifeng. Xu Weifeng was prompted by the piano tone to vomit blood. Yan Xifan proposed to kill Xu Weifeng to avoid future troubles. Xu Weifeng immediately promised to bring Lu Ping back, and he would take it back when Lu Ping cuts off tomorrow. The landlord said that when he waited for the ferry, if Xu Weifeng still failed, he could only kill him.

Qin Sang and Ling Ziyan came to the outside of Xu House to investigate Su Tang, but met Mo Lin who had been wandering outside. Mo Lin stayed outside Xu House for many days. Xu Weifeng released various spices to cover up the taste of Su Tang, leading to Morin could not find it. But Morin can be sure that Su Tang has not been sent away.

Morin had not eaten well and had no rest to rescue Su Tang for a long time. Qin Sang was distressed when he looked at Mo Lin’s haggardness. Ling Ziyan offered to stare at Mo Lin and let Mo Lin go to rest. However, Mo Lin refused to leave and insisted on saving Su Tang, because she was not only a master, he was Su Tang, and Mo Lin could sacrifice everything for Su Tang.

Xu Weifeng comes to the secret room to visit Su Tang every day, and seals Su Tang’s acupuncture points to prevent her smell from escaping. Su Tang was very anxious to learn that Xu Weifeng was about to kill Luping. While Xu Weifeng was going out, he broke the bowl and scratched his hands with fragments, making the odor smell. It was from this that Morin found Su Tang to take her away.

Xu Weifeng brought Lu Ping to see the landlord, but he never thought that all this was a strategy set by Qin Qi, Lu Ping and Yan Xifan, and took the opportunity to take down the landlord and control Xu Weifeng. Xu Shangshu subsequently arrived, rebuking Xu Weifeng for his depravity. Xu Weifeng suddenly grabbed a sword frame around his neck and forced everyone to let himself go, otherwise they would never see Su Tang again. As soon as the words fell, Su Tang and Qin Sang stood in front of Xu Weifeng. Lu Ping also told Xu Weifeng that he thought he was just wishful thinking to help the people, and the people didn’t need to stop the war at all. Xu Shangshu promised that abandoning his official uniform would also keep his son safe. Xu Weifeng admitted that he had ambitions, but he did nothing wrong. He believed that it was not wrong to stop the war, and he would not admit his fate.

Since Yan Xifan was washed in the mountain and sea tower, and forced to break through the spirit of essence, he is now in convalescence. Qin Sang was indifferent to Qin Qi’s words, but only when she heard that she would see Lu Ping soon, Qin Sang couldn’t help but smile.

Mo Lin has been pleasing Su Tang, but Su Tang has always been unhappy, which makes Mo Lin helpless. At the same time, Yan Xifan fell into a deep sleep, but her hand kept holding Ling Ziyan’s hand and refused to spread it until she woke up from her dream. Lu Ping came in at this time and thought that only Ling Ziyan could take care of Yan Xifan. Ling Ziyan was also curious when Lu Ping and Yan Xifan started acting. Lu Ping remembered that when he left Qin Qi to fight against Yan Xifan before, Lu Ping kept Yan Xifan to wake up consciousness with super willpower and took What Yan Xifan said before kept awakening him, and finally helped Yan Xifan break through the essence.

It was the beginning of the day when Yan Xifan and Lu Ping set up a plan to cooperate with each other, and Lu Ping left alone to bear all the charges. Yan Xifan is glad that he is finally awake now. Lu Ping pretends that he is not in good health and cannot take care of Yan Xifan. Please take care of Ling Ziyan. Ling Ziyan immediately agreed. Luping asked Qin Qi to take Qin Sang with him. Qin Qi agreed. Qin Sang happily hugged Qin Qi and praised him as having the best brother.

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