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Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 38 Recap

On the university campus, Luo Chen kept Xu Zhensheng out of the dormitory all night. Xu Zhensheng made the anti-wolf card that slander Luo Chen early in the morning and inserted it on the campus, attracting many students to watch. Upon seeing this, Xiaoxi couldn’t help but accuse Xu Zhensheng, Luo Chen also came over, and immediately had a conflict with Xu Zhensheng. Xiaoxi couldn’t persuade him, and soon the school security guards took the two.

Lin’s family, Nan Sheng is eating with his uncle. Mother Lin returned with a straight face. Nan Sheng is unclear. Therefore, Ms. Lin accused Nan Sheng of devoting herself to studying, not managing the affairs of the family, let alone being useless like peace. Nan Sheng agreed timidly.

Peace is back. The young uncle enthusiastically greeted peace and had two drinks. Mother Lin took the wine bottle immediately. The uncle was very dissatisfied. Mother Lin refused to let her face down, and Nan Sheng quickly hid the wine bottle. Peace is not taken for granted. Mother Lin thinks that Nansheng is good for peace and can’t help but count the peace. Upon seeing this, the young uncle saw that there was a conflict between peace and Nansheng. Mama Lin was taken aback. Nan Sheng was going back to school, and Ms. Lin asked for peace, and she refused, and Ms. Lin could not help scolding. Peace had to follow suit. After the two left, the young uncle was at ease, and Ms. Lin left the house angrily.

Professor Su called Luo Chen to hate iron and steel, Luo Chen did not take it for granted. Professor Su pointed out that Nansheng already had a boyfriend, but Luo Chen arrogantly thought that Nansheng had confused affection and love, and he would save Nansheng himself. Upon seeing this, Professor Su ordered Luo Chen to write a written examination and reflect on his past. Luo Chen insisted that it should not be the original intention. Professor Su was speechless.

Peace ride to Nansheng, the speed is fast. Get off halfway through Nansheng. Peace took the initiative to apologize to Nansheng. Nansheng cared about why peace frowned. He thought Nansheng couldn’t help and said about piracy. Nan Sheng proposed that Xu Zhensheng help design. Peace worrying about Xu Zhensheng’s technology, Nan Sheng considered Luo Chen, and peacefully saw Nan Sheng’s thoughts unhappy. Nansheng took the initiative to kiss peace and confessed to him in person. Peace happily confided. The two people who fell in love with each other finally came together hand in hand. After that, he sent Nansheng back to school peacefully, and the two young people were allowed to wander happily in the breeze …

He came to peace with Ali and told Nan Sheng about his confession, and Ali heard Mu Ran stunned. Peace is full of joy. Inexplicable melancholy rose in A Li’s heart. Peace talked about Nan Sheng’s suggestion. A-Li worried about Hazen’s technology, but He was willing to believe Hazel.

In the studio, Xu Zhensheng has had a headache for two days, and he hasn’t drawn the first draft yet. Nan Sheng hurriedly urged. At this time, Xiaoxi ran to tell Nansheng that the school’s notice to dispose of Luo Chen had come down. When Xu Zhensheng heard gloating and gloating, Xiao Xi glanced immediately. Nan Sheng hurriedly went to the bulletin board with Xiao Xi.

Nansheng saw the notice and understood that there was a peace in it. He was unfair to Luo Chen and decided to apologize to Luo Chen. Luo Chen happened to be here and disagreed with the announcement. Luo Chen knew that Nan Sheng was forcing Xu Zhensheng to design cartoon patterns, so he helped out the first draft, and Nan Sheng refused to agree. Luo Chen proposed to let Nan Sheng take away the feelings of paying off peace, Nan Sheng was even more reluctant to see this, and got up and left. Luo Chen refused to give up to Xiaoxi. Xiaoxi chased Nansheng to the studio, but Nansheng refused to agree. Xu Zhensheng couldn’t help but frown and smiled. Soon, he plagiarized Luo Chen’s first draft to bring the design drawings and gave it to peace. Hehe and A-Li couldn’t help but look at each other.

In the evening, Heping and Ali went to the night market with their goods and quickly attracted a large number of customers. In the dormitory, Nan Sheng called home. Ms. Lin complained that he was only concerned about earning money throughout the day, not mentioning things to learn. Nan Sheng quickly rushed to help peace.

Uncle found a job, but must take part in the training before taking the post, the training fee is 500 yuan. The young uncle had no money in his hand and went home to ask Lin to borrow money. Lin refused angrily. After buying ten boxes of goods, Heping returned home happily. Lin’s mother missed his future due to his lack of business. Peace did not take it for granted, and returned to the house and put the money in the drawer.

Peacefully and happily date Nansheng. Nan Sheng drew a cartoon wedding photo to Heping, and he was very happy when he saw it. The two young people had fun. At night, the little uncle counted the lottery ticket, and the money in his hand was already squandered by the lottery ticket. So he stared at the peace money, while sleeping peacefully, sneaked into the house and took the peace money.

Nansheng cared about peace and hurried back from school. Peace is happy and he has to show his money. How do you know that when you open the drawer, you find that your hard-earned money is missing. When he saw the peace, he was surprised and quickly called his mother to ask. Mother Lin thought for a moment and analyzed that the youngest uncle had the greatest chance. Nan Sheng listened unbelievably.

Heping and Nansheng looked around for his young uncle, who was long gone. A-li came to peace to check out with the craft factory. Nan Sheng said the money might have been taken away by his uncle. Seeing this, A Li couldn’t help but get angry at Nan Sheng, and urged Nan Sheng to find his little uncle. Seeing peace and blaming Ali, Ali disapproved. Nansheng hurried to find his little uncle.

Luo Chen wanted to know if his design draft was favored by Nan Sheng, so he went to Xiaoxi to find out. Xiaoxi told him that Xu Zhensheng had plagiarized his design draft, and Luo Chen immediately asked Xu Zhensheng for questioning. Xu Zhensheng knew that Nan Sheng could not accept Luo Chen’s design, so he straightened up and went back. Upon seeing this, Luo Chen asked Nansheng if he knew it, and Xu Zhensheng said that he had received Nansheng’s tacit consent. Upon seeing this, Luo Chen decided to release Xu Zhensheng.

After Xu Zhensheng left, Luo Chen opened the canvas, and Nan Sheng’s portrait came to life. Luo Chen fell in love with Nan Sheng at first sight.

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