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Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 Episode 35 Recap

Alishing hurriedly told Peace that Hansen was about to marry Joman, but Peace was indifferent. Ah Li Shuping peace can no longer intervene in Joeman’s feelings, teasing face to face.

Peace can’t help but show a face-to-face show with Ali, saying that he can’t like Ali. As soon as he saw it, he took hold of the peace, and he did not hesitate to threaten it with death. When he saw the peace, he took the wine bottle on the table and slammed it on his head. There was blood flowing immediately above his head, and he begged him to move away.

Peace and Ari quarreled in the house. As small as the other side heard clearly. She hurriedly told Joeman that Joeman disagreed and thought it normal for the couple to quarrel. As small as remembering that Peace did not get married, I felt that Qiaoman valued Ali’s sense of existence too much, and Qiaoman thought about Ari’s abortion for peace. It was so small that he was taken aback. Qiaoman wanted to move away from this place as soon as possible, as small as taking into account the financial benefits, and immediately disagree with Qiaoman.

In the early morning, Heping was wrapped in gauze to go to work. The downstairs happened to meet Joman. Joeman was surprised when he saw it. Peace saw Joeman stop and walk away. Afterwards, Joeman met Ali, and Ali pointed out that Heping heard that Joeman was getting married and intentionally self-harmed. Joeman was taken aback. Ali hoped that Joeman would stay away from peace from now on, and leave the rest to himself.

Peace came to the company, Mo Hui quickly told him that Yan Dong had been waiting for a long time. At this time, Professor Su called to terminate the contract with Li Pingge and apologize to Heping. Peace means understanding.

Qiaoman returned home and was relieved, so he comforted him by sending a message to Heping. Heping expressed that he would proceed according to the contract, and Qiaoman was very angry. Xiao Zhi met Qiao Fang on the way to work. Qiao Fang heard that Xiao Zhi was holding Hansen to see his parents. He was afraid that Xiaosen would snatch Hansen, so he stopped Xiaozhi to understand the situation. Feelings, Qiao Fang felt relieved immediately.

Hansen was going to work, An Kailun stopped him, and asked Joman and Hansen to make a prenuptial property agreement. Zhu Fan thought that An Kailun was going to give Hansen a family property, so he called his sister Zhu Di to sit in the town. When Zhu Di met, she blamed An Kailun for being biased and pressing step by step. An Kailun was confused. Hansen quickly defended An Kailun, and Zhu Di accused Hansen again.

Hansen saw that he left Ans Group with Yipin culture. An Kailun quickly blocked. Hansen was reluctant to go to work and left. Zhu Di is not reluctant. An Kailun pointed out that the future trump card of the Ans Group is the Yipin culture. At this time, Qiaoman made pre-marital property agreement for the benefit of the company. Zhu Di suddenly realized that Zhu Fan was going to chase Hansen back.

Zhu Fan chased Hansen downstairs, and Hansen ignored it. Zhu Fan helped his sister round the field, but Hansen blamed Zhu Fan for having trouble with himself. Zhu Fan was puzzled. Hansen questioned Zhu Fan’s suspicion that An Kailun asked Joman to make a pre-marriage agreement. Zhu Fan denied that he thought he could use the pre-marriage agreement to test Joman’s feelings for Hansen. Hanson refused immediately after hearing that he would not let anyone bully Qiaoman. Anyone who wanted to stop his marriage with Qiaoman was his own permanent enemy.

Xiaoxi took a look at Joeman’s novel “Meeting with Basel”, and discussed with the company to buy the copyright. Xiaoxi and Ben have known each other for many years. The two met to discuss business. They thought the price was not high. Xiaoxi felt that Joe Man’s reputation was not obvious. At most, he was an online writer. Ben hesitated again and again finally agreed. Xiaoxi offered to meet Joeman, but Ben was very cunning.

Peace proposed to expand the company’s new business with the theme of the other shore flower, which was unanimously praised by Yan Dong and others. As soon as Li saw it, he immediately opposed it. Yan Dong and others felt that the prospects were very promising and expressed their support.

The company plans to go public next month. Yan Dong and others put all their hopes on peace, and peace is under great pressure. Upon seeing this, Ali immediately indicated that he would withdraw from the project. Yan Dong hoped that peace could persuade Ali to refrain from doing anything. Peaceful use contract requires Qiaoman to come back to work, and orders Zhuo Yang to call. Zhuo Yang didn’t want to go and talked about things he planned to compound with Yang Lan. Peace was taken aback and teased Zhuoyang. Zhuo Yang instead advised peaceful acceptance of Ali. Peace insists on not accepting Ali. Unexpectedly, Ali heard these words.

Qiaoman went to meet the big director Jin Ke. Jin could buy Qiaoman’s novel at a price of half a million yuan. Qiaoman had forgotten Ben’s instructions and signed the agreement readily. Qiaoman told Qiao Fang happily, and the two came out to meet and share their happiness. Jin Ke soon called Qiaoman the money, and Qiaoman happily rejoiced. She immediately gave Qiao Fang a sum of money to pay off the mortgage. Qiao Fang said that she had borrowed money from Hansen. Qiao Fang was very anxious when she heard it, but Qiao Fang did not take it seriously. Qiaoman refused to give up, Qiao Fang had to promise to return the money to Hansen as soon as possible., Ben also received Xiaoxi’s million cheques, and Ben was very happy. Xiaoxi asked him for Qiaoman’s phone, but Ben was very cunning.

Heping intends to develop the lighthouse on the other shore, but none of the company’s designers can come as scheduled. Peace and anxiety reunite. At this time, Zhuo Yang anxiously took a note and came over. It turned out that Ali went away in search of peace, and went to seek death. Seeing peace in the streets looking for Ali. He returned home peacefully and found that Ali’s clothes were gone, and quickly called Yang Lan. He instructed Yang Lan to go back to Ali’s house and look at it. Yang Lan had already helped Ali to rent out the house. Peace told Yang Lan to quickly ask friends and family. A group of people was so busy that they turned around.

Xiaoxi helped Luo Chen take the copyright of Joe Man’s novel. Luo Chen didn’t take it for granted, and told Xiaoxi to find the next house and sell it as soon as possible. Qiaoman stayed at home, so small to remind her that it is time to try the wedding dress. Qiaoman was at a loss. As small as uncharacteristically encouraging Joeman to go forward bravely, Joeman was surprised when he saw it.

Xiaozhi accompanied Joe Man to the bridal shop, Hansen congratulated him on his promotion to writer. Qiaoman was very happy. Qiao Fang has returned the money to Hansen, and Hansen feels that Qiao Fang is too out of sight. Qiaoman hurried to the round. As small as not wanting to be a light bulb, Joman invited her to stay and help her staff. So, the two chose the wedding dress together. Joeman put on the top wedding dress of the bridal shop and looked at himself in the mirror, but Joeman remembered the words of peace. An Kailun once again urged Hansen to take Joman to make a pre-marital property agreement, Hansen refused.

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